Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slow growth as America's new normal

Is slow growth America's new normal?
Washington Post (blog)
Is slow growth America's new normal? Good economists are great storytellers. They sculpt narratives with squiggly graphs and crowded charts. Like a novel, a good economic ...

Extreme weather makeover: Has abnormal become the new normal?
Kansas City Star
Extreme weather makeover: Has abnormal become the new normal? Like everything else about the 21st century, Midwest weather in the coming age could be set on sensory overload. Crispier summers. Fewer but heavier snowfalls. Thunderstorms more...

Kansas City Star

The new normal: Don't get mad, get a product endorsement
Suffer a heartbreak, then sign on the dotted line. That seems to be the new normalthese days. So it shouldn't have shocked those who saw the new Olay TVC—the first in a series of “webisodes”—with socialite and newspaper columnist Mons Romulo ...

India's new normal growth rate is 6-7%
Note also that the average GDP growth rate during 2000-10 was 7.2%, higher than thenew normal rate of growth, so the assumption of employment growing at the same rate as in the previous decade may not hold good. The study finds that India's ...


The New Normal in Baghdad - International Crisis Group
The US invasion ten years ago broke up the old Iraq; but now its worst elements and aspects have rejoined in different formations, and a frustrating, ...

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