Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finding a new normal after the Boston bombing

After bombing, couple works to find 'new normal'
Boston Globe
The couple knows that their lives have changed, that, as she puts it: “We're finding the new normal.” But they feel their relationships — marriage, family, and friends — have created a solid foundation for healing. “Just spending more time with the ...

US Fed reduction of monetary stimulus would be premature, Stiglitz says
Irish Times
“Clearly the economy is not back to normal, and to accept this as the new normal would be really wrong.” US stocks dropped and treasuries fell for a fourth week, the longest slide since August, after Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed may cut the ...

US Coastguard visit up to superpower: McCully
New Zealand Herald
Mr McCully told TVNZ's Q+A programme this morning that the visit underlined the "new normal" relationship with the US. "We have managed to, I think, get into a place where the relationship is out of political contention. We're not moving around on the ...

White is the new normal
The News-Press
But remember that white is the new normal. Some of the trends that caught our eye will be coming to Clive Daniel Home in the months ahead. Kris Kolar is the VP of Merchandising & Design for Clive Daniel Home in Naples, recently named the nation's top ...

Finding 'the new normal'
Sanford Herald (registration)
Although his name has become synonymous with Sanford's April 2011 tornado, experience can't help Mike Hollowell grasp the grief of those affected by Monday's natural disaster in Moore, Okla. "I just can't imagine what's going through their minds right ...

Treasury terms of trade projections assume a new normal
The Australian Financial Review
A new Treasury working paper helpfully sheds light on how exposed the federal budget is to the terms of trade, and just why Treasury has made its particular set of terms of trade assumptions. For the first time in recollection, the paper explains the ...

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