Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The New Normal Is Morphing

PIMCO | - New Normal ... Morphing: " . . . . Back in 2006, PIMCO rejected the consensus view of a “great moderation” (and “goldilocks”) in favor of the concept of a “stable disequilibrium.” Specifically, we argued that stability on the surface was accompanied by weakening and increasingly unstable underpinnings. Our concept of a stable disequilibrium is back. Whether it is due to a lack of timely understanding, an insufficiently agile political system or imperfect policy tools, the collective response to the unusual multi-speed dynamics of the last few years has added this concept to the dynamic characterization of the New Normal. . . ."

Extreme weather: The new normal?
On Monday, when a devastating tornado touched down in Moore, Okla., the mile-wide twister traveled for 20 miles with wind speeds up to 200 mph and was on the ground for 40 minutes. Officials say the latest death toll now stands at 24 people and rescue ...

The New Normal: Where Gay Couples Are Really Raising Kids
If you thought that San Francisco, New York City or Portland (Oregon or Maine) was where the highest percentage of same-sex couples are raising children, you thought wrong. While the liberal cities might be known for their strong gay culture, gay ...

It's all good, just don't mention the nukes
OPINION: The "new normal" is how people are describing the United States-New Zealand relationship around the traps in Washington these days. That is not to be confused with the "old normal" - the state of relations during the decades-long standoff over ...

Survey: Law firm leaders recognize new reality
Philadelphia Business Journal
The new normal really is permanent and not just some temporary residue form the recession. That's what law firm managers told consulting firm Altman Weil in its fifth annual “Law firms in Transition” survey. But are they making the necessary changes to ...

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