Saturday, June 22, 2013

Economic recovery leaves many behind

Economic recovery leaves Bay Area families behind - " . . . Even as Wall Street surges, with major stock indexes hitting all-time highs week after week, the good times seem more like a mirage to many on Main Street. Here in the red-hot Bay Area, where job growth has been faster than what has been experienced in California and across the nation, thousands of people jobless for more than a year have seen their federal unemployment benefits slashed while the working poor scramble to stitch together two and three paychecks to keep their families afloat. . . ."

Chaotic And Dangerous Is The New Normal
Strategy Page
June 13, 2013: A growing number of Somalis are returning, often from sanctuary they found in Western countries. About 4,000 a month are returning from refugee camps in Kenya, but those from Western nations bring cash (sometimes a lot) and new skills.

World Bank cuts outlook as world enters 'new normal'
The World Bank cut its outlook for global growth, saying the economy should expand more slowly this year than last as it cited a deeper-than-expected recession in Europe and a recent slowdown in some emerging markets. In its twice-yearly Global ...

How Congress can define the new 'normal' for Missourians
Since the onslaught of the Great Recession, the unemployment rate has been dismally high. Now that Congress is moving to reform tax laws for pass-through businesses that can hire in Missouri, it must raise its standards, reduce unemployment, and stop ...

Is 'Inclusion' About Parents' Need For Normalcy, An Israeli Asks
The Jewish Week (blog)
Editor's note: The author of this post is the cousin of Jennifer Lazslo Mizrahi, a valuable supporter of and contributor to The New Normal. I recently got together with my cousin Jennifer. Even though we live on two sides of the Atlantic (I live in ...

5 Things You Can Say To The Parent Of A Child With Special Needs
The Jewish Week (blog)
Fellow New Normal blogger Rabbi Rebecca Schorr says, "I would love for a friend or family member to say this." And, please, don't keep your distance. Anna Fargo welcomes invitations for her family to join in “a birthday party, barbecue, a play date, a ...

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