Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hilton No Room Service The New Normal

Has Hilton Created a 'New Normal' in the Hospitality Industry? | By Pam Danziger
Hospitality Net
This week Hilton Worldwide's chief executive Christopher Nassetta announced the company was doing away with room service in its New York Hilton Midtown hotel. Turns out, this is the second Hilton to end room service, following the Hilton Hawaiian ...

Small May Job Gains: The New Normal
RealShare APARTMENTS 2013 will tackle all of the major multifamily issues facing the nation. Join the industry's leaders who will gather for discussions on leasing, development, acquisitions, investment, financing issues & sourcing capital and the ...

Jamie Dimon: 'As We Go Back To Normal, It's Going To Be Scary'
Seeking Alpha
My guess is that to achieve this "new normal" a period of two or three years will pass. The Fed will then need to "teach" a whole new generation of traders the new rules of the game. In fact, a whole new generation of central bankers will need to learn ...

Why Serial Asset Bubbles Are Now The New Normal | Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
The problem is central banks have created a vast pool of credit-money that is far larger than the pool of sound investment opportunities. Why are asset bubbles constantly popping up around the globe? The answer is actually quite simple.

Evidence Of A Bubble Economy: The 'New Normal' For The ...
The dilemma I faced as I sat down to write my blog post was whether I should concentrate my effort on the New York Times article "Behind the Rise in House ...

Rash of Kentucky lawyer suicides concerns colleagues | The Courier-Journal | courier-journal.com: "Kentucky doesn’t track suicides by occupation. But citing his recollection from 38 years of practice — and amid studies that show lawyers are six times more likely to kill themselves than the general population — Kentucky Bar Association President Doug Myers said the number of suicides among the state’s 17,500 lawyers is “disproportionate” and “disconcerting.”"

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