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Texting and relationships: The New Normal

Texting and relationships: The new normal
USA Today
No matter what, it seems that texting is the new normal. —"If I were ever to give a guy my number after meeting after a night out or through friends, he would text me. I could not imagine a man calling me to chat. It seems awkward and unnatural to me. ...
USA Today

Substance and Spectacle
New York Times
Artworks seem only to get bigger and shinier, and spectacle — participatory or not — is becoming the new normal at museum exhibitions of contemporary art. Note the record crowds lining up to gawk at Maurizio Cattelan's career immolation at the ...

Editorial: Part of the new normal
Regrettably, not getting pay raises is the new normal. By choosing the three-year pay freeze, the county firefighters did the right thing for themselves and for the community. Not only did they go a long way toward preserving their own jobs long term, ...

Help For Military Kids: New Programs, Outreach
New Haven Independent
People interested in attending the sessions, “Living in the New Normal” should go to the coalition's website, www. The 2011 sessions are scheduled for Jan. 21 in Windsor, April 26 and 27 in Shelton, and May 22 and 23 in Newport, ...

U.S. Weather Extremes Are Charted
IEEE Spectrum
It's been a year in the United States in which weather excesses have turned into thenew normal: a record number of temperature extremes and record amounts of snowfall and rainfall, not to mention drought, flooding, and wildfire. ...
IEEE Spectrum

Welsh economy has reached a new low, warns academic and former MP Adam Price
But in Wales we seem to casually accept the signs of our economic decline as the “new normal”. In other countries governments would have fallen and people taken to the streets. Yet the second poorest country in western Europe (after Portugal) has the ...

A Harvard Doctor's Startup Trains Hospitals to Rehab Cancer Survivors
“People are told this is your new normal, accept this,” Silver says, “when in fact that may not be their new normal if they had appropriate rehabilitation services.” Institutions pay $10000 to $44000 for certification. (Individuals, such as solo ...

Rethinking asset allocation: PIMCO's strategy for a changing world
Business Intelligence Middle East (press release)
So, at that time, we launched a number of initiatives to address the question: How do we help our clients navigate a potentially bumpy journey to a new equilibrium, what we call a New Normal? Our conclusions about how best to manage risk and generate ...
Business Intelligence Middle East (press release)

SELR Has Ridden A 900% Wave And The Gold Keeps Flowing!
Beacon Equity Research
The “new normal” for SELR lately has taken the floor from barely $0.01 to around $0.12. Traders started grabbing every share of SELR they could find in early October — check out that accumulation line! MACD just crossed signal again. ...

A Post-Divorce Christmas In Miami (And How It Helped Loosen My Grip On Tradition)
Huffington Post (blog)
Because even though life has since settled into a new normal, it's clear that a stubborn determination to make traditions happen will only cause more grief during a time of year that stirs up enough sadness on its own. Change, after all, is the great ...

In 2011, a Record Number of Americans Filed for Divorce Without an Attorney ... (press release)
Simply stated, in 2011, do-it-yourself divorce emerged as the new "normal." According to founder Marc Rapaport, the explosive growth of do it yourself divorce is the result of two factors: the wider availability of do it yourself ...

Miners: Five key themes for 2012
Commodities Now Online
(2) The 'new normal', where weaker demand coupled with perseverant supply will lead commodity prices through a protracted progression to marginal cost. (3) A strong sector, with robust margins and powerful balance sheets yet surprisingly low FCF yields ...

Holiday Season Delivers A Mixed Bag of Holiday Cheer and A Tepid Job Market to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"Organizations and employees have come to grips with the 'new normal' business environment," said Mike Distefano, Korn/Ferry senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "In the midst of this prolonged tenuous economic environment, companies are ...

Home prices could take 4 years to stabilize
“Buyers and sellers have come to grips with the 'new normal.' … Buyers understand that they can afford much more home with interest rates under 4%. That, combined with increasing rental prices, has made several of our “fence-sitting” buyers move ...

School reaps TV bounty
On Thursday, she was welcomed to her new normal. In a "big reveal" moment after a raucous pep rally, the Novogratzes escorted Hallauer and 20 students into a classroom that barely resembled the one Hallauer had left in the designers' care. ...

Worst year: Congress
Washington Post
... not the media and not even the members themselves — was the least bit surprised by it. What 2011 proved is that failure has become the new normal on Capitol Hill. And for that, Congress, you had the worst year in Washington. Congrats, or something.

FedEx's CEO Discusses Q2 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
Is this higher average the new normal or was there something going on this quarter? Well, we had more, heavier deferred traffic, heavier box deferred traffics into our mix, and of course, IP and IPFS. IPFS has higher weight and it helps our overall ...

Project Milwaukee: Conservative Think Tank says Walker has Positioned the ...
89.7 WUWM - Milwaukee Public Radio
Bob asked if he believes this year's volatile political climate in Wisconsin -- featuring protests and recalls -- represents the “new normal.” Project Milwaukee : Conservative Think Tank says Walker has Positioned the State Well for Growth.

89.7 WUWM - Milwaukee Public Radio

Industrial Production Grew 3.7% YoY in November 2011
Global Economic Intersection
This is the best of the bad options available to determine month-over-month trends – as the preferred methodology would be to use multi-year data (but the New Normaleffects and the Great Recession distort historical data).
Global Economic Intersection

The Chinese “Good Life”
Harvard Magazine
... sustain a good life: a life filled with simple pleasures; a life that is relatively and modestly secure in a dangerous and unpredictable world; a life that offers better chances for children and grandchildren; a good life that represents a new normal.

Stanchart forecasts rosy 2012 for Botswana
Mmegi Online
Under its "new normal" policy, the country's main diamond producer, Debswana, will mine according to market demand. Since the recession, the mine has kept below 24 million carats of production, a far cry from the average 30 million carats it was ...
Mmegi Online

2012 Mini Countryman Cooper S All4 John Cooper Works
Autoblog (blog)
At this point, Mini (along with its mass of customers) has wholly embraced kitsch as the new normal, so we'll spare you the reiteration of our various ergonomic quibbles. The cargo range of 16.5 cubic feet up to 41.3 cubic feet remains strictly ...

Merrill Lynch Report Outlines Global Risks and Opportunities
Mr. Inhouse: Local investors are directly and indirectly affected by these global issues, and are seeking to hedge risk in the “new normal” and to position themselves for the opportunities ahead. To do so, they must think more globally. ...

Fasten your seatbelt for 2012
Chinadaily USA
Is a Western crisis the "new normal", and is the US next? It's important to understand that the fundamental reason for the financial crisis is simply - too much debt. Since 1980, debt in the Western financial system has built up and up, ...

Homeland Security & Defense Business Council Honors US Senator Joe Lieberman ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Recognizing the budget situation, the 'new normal' of the political landscape, and the need to begin to look seriously and strategically at our homeland security mission needs in the future, Mayer told the attendees, "Congress needs to create such a ...

Don McKee: Readers suggest how to enforce ban on drivers using cellphones
Marietta Daily Journal
Over time it will become the “new normal” that you don't talk (even hands free) or text while driving. You'll change your voice mail message to “I'm on the road and I'll call you back when I stop.” Change begins with the first step. ...

Census: Half of America is Poor in Obama's “New Normal” | Impeach ...
By Ben
If your family is struggling with poverty, cannot put food on its table, or sees its income slowly shrinking away, you're running about average in Barack.
Impeach Obama Campaign – The personal blog of Futurist Thomas Frey ...
By admin
The “new normal” is quickly becoming the “nothing normal,” and our daily routines, the things we use to maintain our own sanity, will need to morph and change if we hope to stay competitive in the emerging job market and even stay current in ... - The personal...

Lindsay Lohan Full Throttle Saloon The New Normal |
By Bert
Lindsay Lohan, Full Throttle and Lil Wayne are the kings of this site when it comes to people's interest and when I say that, I mean it. I guess it's safe to.

Politics as Usual | Jared Bernstein | On the Economy
By Jared Bernstein
I can't bear to take you through the details of the current Congressional scrum. It's another case of the new normal for this group, futzing around until the last minute, then jamming through some sort of patch that will hold things together until the ...
Jared Bernstein | On the Economy

Sacred Space: The Church and Sexual Sin | Christ and Pop Culture
By Brad Williams
It feels normal to indulge in our particular transgressions because sin is the new “normal” ever since Adam and Eve transgressed the law of God. Our culture is correct about the impulse to lust being inborn and pervasive, but it is wrong in ...
Christ and Pop Culture

Crazy is the new normal... | Lou Bortone
Crazy is the new normal. Things are crazy, and they're going to stay that way. We' re overscheduled, overburdened, overworked and overwhelmed. We're up to ...

Editorial on Dec. 16, 2011: Part of the new normal |
Fair or not, public employees have been taking their share of ridicule from taxpayers across the country who perceive that pay and benefit packages for the ...

Our new normal is not easy | Cancer Survivors Network
Just needed somewhere to vent and any good ideas on how to help my hubby in this new normalfor us, as difficult as it may be. ‹ Just got rug pulled UPDATE..... ...

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