Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Weird" the New Normal?

Harvey Mackay: How weird are we?
Call it what you want, but Seth Godin makes being "weird" the new normal. Mackay's Moral: If you can't be all things to all people, aim to be all things to some people. Harvey Mackay is the author of The New York Times No. 1 bestseller "Swim With the...


Mike Green's absence is new normal for Capitals
Washington Post
Over the past two seasons, Green's absence from the lineup has become a new normal for Washington and a trying time for the two-time Norris Trophy finalist. Dating from Feb. 8 of last season, Green has missed 52 of the past 62 regular season contests ...

Begbie's the transformer as Standard Life looks to the future
And while the big shake up is over – for now – Begbie admits change at Standard Life is the “new normal” as the senior leadership of the group battles to make sense of the most uncertain economic landscape in recent history. “As part of that delivery ...


Boulder and Broomfield counties' top 10 business stories of 2011
Daily Camera
The road up to the "new normal" was rocky for most of 2011 as Europe's turbulence further confounded the economic woes felt across the United States. Locally, the effects of the sustained economic downturn continued to be widespread. ...

Letters: Rest in peace
Longview Daily News
We in the Enyeart and Kamp families are glad this part of our lives is over and we can assume anew normal. We will miss both Dana and Bruce, but we will never forget their smiling happy faces or the memories they gave us. Rest in peace, kids. ...

10 issues to watch 12 months later
Iowa City Press Citizen
What we say now: UI officials seem to be adjusting to having larger freshman classes as the new normal. We see great possibilities in UI's aggressive efforts to increase the international student population on campus, but UI officials also need to ...

Christmas after the storm
Business Mirror
Given the preponderance of this crisis mode, our leaders should act as if this were the new normalinstead of being caught flat-footed every time. What exactly is the mandate of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)? ...

The Molotov Party
New York Magazine
Extramarital behavior that Republicans decried as an apocalyptic stain on the national moral fabric in the Clinton era is the new normal on the right. Just look at Iowa, long an epicenter of the family-values brigade, and the plight of Rick Santorum, ...

New York Magazine

Retiring Raverta to stay connected at BCC
Berkshire Eagle
"Entrepreneurship [at colleges] is the new normal. Success requires not only partnerships but patience, too," Raverta said. Back in November, a fiscal 2012 operating budget of $24 million was announced, with about $8 million of the operating budget ...

Who had worst year? Congress
Albany Times Union
The worst part of its inability to cut a deal was that no one — not the public, not the media and not the members themselves — was the least bit surprised by it. What 2011 proved is that failure has become the new normal on Capitol Hill. ...

2011 – The New Normal | Real Science
By Steven Goddard
The new normal for climate alarmists is to lie about everything. Things have gotten so desperate for them, that they don't even make any attempt to back up.
Real-Science.com Feed

Will Canadian Tech M&A Be Hot in 2012? | Mark Evans Tech
By Mark Evans
An Anomaly or the New Normal? A key question is whether 2011 was an anomaly or an indication the Canadian high-tech landscape has evolved. In 2011, there were several established and fast-growing companies purchased such as ...
Mark Evans Tech

Monday Caps Clips: Caps @ Sabres Game Day - Japers' Rink
By EmilyB
[WashTimes]; Meet the new normal, not the same as the old normal. An update on Mike Green's continuing efforts to rehab his injury and return to the ice. [WaPo]; Speaking of rehab & training, Pavel Lysenkov interviewed Alex Ovechkin 's ...
Japers' Rink

Tom Nelson
By Tom
The new normal for climate alarmists is to lie about everything. Things have gotten so desperate for them, that they don't even make any attempt to back up their claims with facts. Many recent alarmist claims have been the exact opposite of ...
Tom Nelson

Relaxing Christmas
By Vegan Epicurean
I want to assure any of you who are considering a dramatic dietary change that while it is difficult in the beginning it does get much easier and in the end it will become your new normal but you won't want to go back to your old way of eating. ...
Vegan Epicurean

The new "normal" - The Brain Aneurysm Foundation Support ...
I've noted that a lot of us here sometimes feel alone in our personal tragedies; myself included. I actually 'do' have a wonderful support system in that I ha…

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