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New Normal: high unemployment and weak economy

The Jobs Juke
Akron Beacon Journal (blog)
As Speaker Of The House, John Boehner said, "high unemployment and a weak economy [are] the sad new normal for families and small businesses." Boehner blames it on Obama's "failed policies", but regardless of who we blame, the sad new normal is hard to ...

The New Normal In Health Insurance: High Deductibles
Kaiser Health News
By Jay Hancock Angela Wenger calls herself a self-reliant “German Midwesterner” who hates to complain. But the Wisconsin mom was dismayed when husband Dan's employer switched to an insurance plan that increased the family's medical expenses tenfold.

Albert R. Hunt: Bush's terror overreach is 'new normal' under Obama
Capital Times
2012-06-03T04:30:00Z 2012-06-01T16:17:09Z Albert R. Hunt: Bush's terror overreach is 'new normal' under ObamaALBERT R. HUNT |Washington editor at Bloomberg News madison.comWASHINGTON — Critics of President George W. Bush's anti-terrorism efforts, ...

The Time of the Message
Fox News (blog)
That helps tee up this line from House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH): "The American people don't have to accept the president's new normal of fewer jobs and higher prices." The message here is clear: President Obama's "failures" have lowered the bar for ...

For new law school grads, the job outlook is still bleak
Philadelphia Inquirer
There were similarly large increases in respondents who said they expected that outsourcing of legal work, hiring of more contract lawyers, and lower law-firm profits all were part of the new normal. "The prerecession associate-hiring binge is over, ...

CHAMBER NEWS: Working together
Vernon Morning Star
One of the first concepts that came home was, this is the new normal. Whatever happened before 2009 is gone. We are in a contracted period of economic instability. It is not going to change anytime soon so we need to deal with the new reality.

Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association announces contest winners
Washington Post
... Outstanding Public Affairs NMR The New Normal: The Local Impacts of the National Economic Downturn” WRAU Outstanding Documentary/ In-depth Reporting NMR “The Plight of the Watermen” WMDT-47 Outstanding Enterprise Reporting NMT Untouchables WMDT-47 ...

Trimming a Fat City
New York Times
You have a new normal, a context in which each obese person is less likely to recognize and appreciate the magnitude of his or her health problem because it's entirely unexceptional. “Our eyes have adjusted over time,” said Thomas A. Farley, ...

After recall, who will heal state's wounds?
Fond du Lac Reporter
But gradually the new status quo becomes the new normal and things die back down." Lee said he imagines the same will be true this time around, though it will take time, and a strong leader. But Joe Heim, UW-La Crosse political science professor, ...

Obama calls on Congress to 'get to work' after grim economic news
Alaska Dispatch
Republicans: “Obama's failed policies have made high unemployment and a weak economy the sadnew normal for families and small businesses,” as House Speaker John Boehner put it Friday when May's dismal employment figures came out.

Is our world kaput?
Is devouring each other going to be the new normal? And what about the muffled roar in our cities of crash after crash of our financial institutions imploding? What's to become of all of us money-dependents and worshipers if our temples cease to exist?

Democrats' spin
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
All this is supposed to convince us that Barack Obama is blameless, now and in the future, and that we're experiencing a "new normal" (permanent structural change) -- the fallback excuse for all of Obama's and the Dems' policy failures.

Former Pat-Med hurler Stroman likely first-round pick
The new normal: Stroman couldn't get through a workout at his old high school without being asked to autograph baseballs. Told that Marcus soon can charge for his signature, his father said: "I told him to never charge for kids. Never.

Low doc loans: a how-to guide
Broker News Australia
I'd say that level is the 'new normal'.” Loan Market's Paul Smith agrees, citing that low docs account for around 5–10% of enquiries across the group. A more conservative attitude to risk following the GFC, coupled with the advent of NCCP, ...

6 Reasons Stocks Have Likely Entered A Bear Market
Seeking Alpha
If investors are willing to believe (without the use of off-label hallucinogens) that current profit margins are the new normal, and will be sustained indefinitely, then Wall Street's valuations based on current and forward earnings estimates can be ...

America hasn't made hard right turn
Another anti-abortion Web Site said "More Americans have labeled themselves pro-life than pro-choice, a situation Gallup calls "the new normal'." Because if you take a look at the real numbers in the poll, the nation does not favor getting rid of ...

Brits obsessed with sex and divorce - bishop
"This is a crippling debt economy and it cannot go on. A jubilee re ection tells us that the new normal must see us living within our means and not borrowing from tomorrow in the way we have been doing in the past," he said.

Sirius offerings June 4, 2012- June 10, 2012 - LISTSERV 15.5 ...
By Robert White
Friends, I don't detect anything new this week (the new normal for Sirius), but the performance selection has a number of interesting outstanding performances. The over-rotation of the 1992 Elisir and the 3 outings only of the 1975 Ehrling ...

Defiling The Past At NOAA | Real Science
By stevengoddard
The new normal in climate science is to distort climate records from the 1930s. After recalculating data from last year, the nation's climatologists are declaring that Oklahoma suffered through the hottest summer ever recorded in the U.S. last ...
Real Science

Written Inc.: Life in the big city
By Carmi Levy
... 15, got caught in between rival gang members taking shots at each other on a crowded Yonge Street. It never ends, and it makes you wonder when and where the next one will occur. Because, cynically, we all know this is our new normal.
Written Inc.

The New Normal in Obamaville: College Grads on the - Free Republic
The headline says it all: "New Normal: Majority of Unemployed Attended College -- 57% of those who are unemployed attended college. "For the first time in ...

Realistic strategies for a successful cloud
"There is a 'new normal' taking hold within IT organisations today, where CIOs are being pushed to go beyond managing infrastructure, maintenance and operations to optimising the delivery of business services for innovation and growth," said KB Png, ...

News: Cautious hiring and low pay awards the "new normal"
A cautious approach to hiring and low pay awards are the “new normal”, with median wage rises across the economy expected to continue at around 2.8% over the coming quarter. Hello! I'm a great believer in the power of stories, whether they be folk ...

Omnibus budget bill a bad idea
Ottawa Citizen
He calls it "the new normal." I consider that MacDonald fails to appreciate the distinction between the ability to do something and the appropriateness of an action. To pack a single omnibus bill with provisions seriously impacting a wide range of laws ...

Making a living in art
San Antonio Express
More than 700 arts professionals and artists from all 50 states will gather to address issues associated with what the nonprofit arts advocacy organization's president is calling “The New Normal.” In a variety of sessions, they will share strategies ...

Parker on Politics: Fort Myers attorney recalls high school classmate Mitt Romney
The News-Press
“This is the new normal,” he said of the current slowdown from past boom periods. “Holding on to the status quo is no way to govern. … We need a serious attitude adjustment.” But when too many people hold county posts for too long, he said, ...

The Daily Grind: Do you like bonus experience systems?
Double exp becomes the new normal, and old normal feels slow. I can't stand feeling like I'm taking the sucker's bet to play now at half the speed rather than wait. And that always makes me create and turn to a stable of alts to maximize my rested exp, ...

A fresh approach
The Asset
Operating in a tough financial environment has become more the rule than the exception and companies have been forced to adapt to the new normal. There have been numerous examples in recent times of large multinationals (MNCs) setting up RTCs in their ...

The Asset

Obama Addresses Poor Jobs Report
Piling on was House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who released a statement saying Obama's "failed policies have made high unemployment and a weak economy the sad new normal for families and small businesses." Obama mentioned the jobs report in his ...

Under GOP attack, Obama talks jobs and raises money
Piling on was House Speaker John Boehner, who said in a statement that Obama's "failed policies have made high unemployment and a weak economy the sad new normal for families and small businesses." However, Alan Krueger, chairman of the president's ...

Jobs report dulls recovery hopes
Longview News-Journal
“The American people don't have to accept President Obama's new normal of fewer jobs and higher prices,” said House Speaker John A. Boehner in a statement. The May jobs report showed gains in health care, transportation and warehousing, and wholesale ...

US Consumer Spending Holds Higher for Third Straight Month
The current three-month streak of elevated US consumer spending suggests that Americans may be breaking out of the "new normal" spending range triggered by the global economic collapse, in which daily spending typically hovered around $65.

Obama: "No excuse" Congress hasn't done more to create jobs
CBS News
He said they have made "high unemployment and a weak economy the sad new normal for families and small businesses." Romney: Jobs report "devastating" Mr. Obama returned fire from Honeywell saying "we've got responsibilities that are bigger than an ...

CBS News

Disappointing jobs report
you know, we talk about these in policy terms, this being a political year, certainly that will be the conversation, but is there any talk that maybe we are seeing a new normal, that unemployment rate is going to be in the 7% to 8% range for the ...

6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Deploy IPv6 Now
With top global websites turning on IPv6 permanently and almost 50 access networks turning it up as a regular service, IPv6 will be “the new normal”. This means that now more than ever, every company – even those not directly involved in the Internet ...


Telecom companies back to tariff-cutting as competition hots up
Daily News & Analysis
We believe that the industry has moved on to a new normal on tariffs – half a paise per second (or 1 paisa per 2 seconds). Our study shows that starting April, most leading operators have introduced discount vouchers with low enough monthly fixed costs ...

On Obama's 'worst day,' an opening for Romney
Boston Globe
The news caused a split screen of different interpretations, with Democrats pointing to job growth, however small, and Republicans calling the news “devastating,'' “pathetic,'' and “a sad new normal.'' Several hours after the jobs numbers were released ...

Dismal jobs report steps on Obama's vet message
Washington Times
President Obama's “failed policies have made high unemployment and a weak economy the sad new normal for families and small businesses,” GOP House Speaker John A. Boehner said in a statement. While acknowledging that “significant headwinds” and the ...

Washington Times

Laurie Penny: Shame has become our stick for beating the poor
The Independent
This is the new normal wherever enforced austerity meets public dissent. Rinse off the blood and repeat. There is, however, another kind of political violence, and it's much more insidious. It's shame. When single mother Shanene Thorpe was interviewed ...

Recession hits small businesses
The Nelson Mail
AR Page principal dealer Ken Page said he believed car dealers were trying to work out what the "new normal" was with many dealers maybe selling half the volume of cars they were five to six years ago. Mr Page has decided to close his business in ...

The Nelson Mail

Bleak job numbers bad news for Obama, ammo for Romney, 6 months before election
Winnipeg Free Press
"Republicans have a plan for America's job creators designed to remove the government barriers holding back economic growth and hurting job creation," he told a Capitol Hill news conference, in which he dubbed the new jobs report as "the sad new normal ...

Businesses fear red tape choking recovery
While the GFC had tempered profit expectations, Turley said businesses had adapted to "the new normal" with sustainable, more realistic expectations. The Barometer also found big problems affecting private businesses included finding skilled staff, ...

Low healthcare spending growth rate trend expected to continue in 2013
Healthcare Finance News
“If what we are seeing really is the new normal in healthcare, it means that doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, health insurers and even employers are all going to need to reevaluate their strategies and look for ...

Cycling: Big C opens door to living a full life
New Zealand Herald
The past three years have been about getting used to her "new normal" and getting back into life in a positive way. Many cancer sufferers say that when they overcome the Big C it is like getting a second chance and Steel shares that point of view.

Chantal H├ębert: PQ putting referendum cart before election horse
Toronto Star
Inasmuch as a politically splintered sovereignist coalition is the new normal, it might be harder for the PQ to do well in future provincial elections than in a referendum. And of course, the latter can only take place once the former is taken care off ...

Toronto Star

Dial M for Murdoch: How the media baron's minions built a 'shadow state'
The National
What it uncovers is corruption as an emergent phenomena, spreading outwards in a moral vacuum from outright criminality through layers of ethical squalor, power worship and endemic complacency until it eventually becomes established as a new normal – a ...

The National

Eschaton: The New Normal
By Atrios
Saturday, June 02, 2012. The New Normal. It's good to have to move back in with your parents!! by Atrios.

New normal? « SOA, Cloud, Identity & Security Blog
By Andy Thurai
Why can't they be normal like I was when I was 15?, Pimply faced and chasing girls. All jokes aside, these kids are amazing. Just imagine, if they can do this now what will they do when they grow up?. Congratulations to all the winners and ...
SOA, Cloud, Identity & Security Blog

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going | Recessionista
By recessionadmin
It's time to change, to adjust to this new normal. Close to 40% of people are entertaining starting a business. We hear from chicks all the time who have taken the recession into their own hands and are following their passions to fulfilling and ...

The Silence of the Reformers « Diane Ravitch's blog
By dianerav
Second, the message is amplified by public figures like Bill Gates, even Arne Duncan (remember his claim at the conservative American Enterprise Institute that reduced budgets are “the new normal”?). Third, public schools feel the ...
Diane Ravitch's blog

The Flexibility Blog: In for the long haul, not just a double dip
By Andy Lake
But we are less familiar with the idea that running a business from home could in ten years' time be the new normal. Perhaps, like getting over a painful illness, the recovery begins at home. And the new kinds of technology-enabled working ...
The Flexibility Blog

U.S. health cost may be growing more slowly, study finds — Health ...
By UnBylined
“Four years of historically low growth is noteworthy and we may be at the start of a new normal,” said Ceci Connolly, managing director of the company's Health Research Institute, in a phone interview. The Health Research Institute projected 9 ...
Bangor Daily News

By Stephen Karlson
"Obama took what was supposed to be a one-time emergency expenditure and made it part of the new normal." That's based on a different post from Daniel Mitchell, who also provides a lighter look at the fiscal policy, with links to the more ...

In search of the new normal -- radio series The Conversation; Jan ...
Play the show at Reporter and commentator Aengus Anderson is motorcycling around the U.S. this summer with microphones and a ...

Local school budget cuts are the new normal | Georgia Budget and ...
ATLANTA — The new normal in Georgia's public schools is doing more with less. The budget cuts that metro school boards must make these days are here to ...

Virtual Teams are the New Normal
Virtual teams are the new normal, but new territory for many. Read on for ideas on how to make them successful.

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