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World IPv6 Day ushers in 'the new normal'

World IPv6 Day ushers in 'the new normal'
"IPv6 is the new normal." Daigle said more than 3000 Web sites worldwide, more than 60 access providers and five major home router vendors participated the event. She acknowledged that the event marks just the beginning of a broader transition, ...

Banking industry gradually finding a new 'normal' (blog)
By Wendell Cochran, Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University Bank profits are rising and lending is growing as the battered industry struggles to regain a semblance of normality, new government figures show. Profits are up.

Creating Your New Normal
Corning Leader (blog)
The "normal" family life with my children that I imagined as a young girl was no longer an option, so as a family, we created a NEW NORMAL. This included hours of therapy - Speech therapy. Occupational therapy. Special Education therapy. Music therapy.

Is obese the new normal?
Clinical Advisor
This happens so often, that I find myself asking, “Is obese the new normal?” And I'm not the only one. The Institute of Medicine has proposed that the obesity epidemic is eroding the general impression of what healthy looks like, Reuters reports.

The New Normal: Strong skills often trump a degree in job market
Spokane Journal of Business
By Treva Lind Regional economists who monitor the Inland Northwest job market say landing positions amid lingering high unemployment has become more about marketable skills that transfer into higher-demand jobs than about the academic degree you might ...

Spokane Journal of Business

How panic is becoming the new normal
LA Observed
By Mark Lacter | June 6, 2012 10:44 AM FT columnist Martin Wolf is worried - not only by the legitimate questions that have been raised about European debt, but by all the "what ifs" that no one has good answers for. In a panic, fear has its own power.

WFUV Honored with Multiple News and Sports Awards
All Access Music Group
One was Best News Series for "The New Normal," a 10 part series by the WFUV news department, including professional staff and FORDHAM UNIVERSITY students under the direction of GEORGE BODARKY, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Daniel Gardner: Logic has nothing to do with "it"
Cleburne News
Just Google the term 'new normal.' Scratch that. Add “economy” to your Google search or you'll wind up weeding through a lot of sites about the latest glorification of gay marriage on TV, something the current resident of the White House fully endorses ...

What advisers are saying- reacting to global markets
Money Marketing
As Europe's daily soap opera unfolds with twists and turns a'plenty, the one thing we are consistently hearing is that it is time to get used to the new normal. Central bank intervention, on-the-hoof Government regulation, austerity, unemployment, ...

Money Marketing

Earth's biosphere is edging toward planet-wide systems collapse, academics say
Vancouver Sun (blog)
Such a shift would create a new normal condition for the entire planet with a new range of temperatures, new ocean levels and widespread species extinctions resulting in an entirely new web of life. It would not necessarily by a comfortable place for ...

Vancouver Sun (blog)

ABA Journal Online Contributor Is Named GC of Pall Corp.
ABA Journal
Roya Behnia, who writes a New Normal column for, will begin her new position on June 20, according to a press release. She will replace Robert Kuhbach, who is retiring at the end of June. Most recently, Behnia was general counsel for ...

Heads in the cloud: 'Next big thing' in tech innovation
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
It's all part of the “new normal.” Has tech helped soften the blow? Probably, but tech definitely is creating new opportunities, for both established firms and startups/entrepreneurs who are transforming markets and creating new ones.

E3 2012: RIFT 1.9, Storm Legion, and beyond
Rifts, naturally, will be part of the new content; Not just new normal rifts, but invasions, raids, and pvp rifts. Artifacts? Yup, lots of new artifacts. One of our presenters specifically mentioned artifacts by name and his love of exploration before ...

A Superhero's Story: Meet Jackson
ChicagoNow (blog)
It was a new normal and a curve in our son's spine that would come to take over his being and his body and our lives. I need to go back a bit and share how we came to the diagnosis. I feel leaving out these kinds of details is potentially harmful to ...

ChicagoNow (blog)

Barack Obama Attends LGBT Fundraising Event
ATV Today
Following the fundraiser the President travelled to the home of Glee & The New Normal creator Ryan Murphy for a fundraising dinner which 70 people attended and reportedly each donated $25000 to dine with Obama. Amongst those at the dinner, according to ...

Dividend, Bund yield gap hits record high
"The turbulence will last for much longer than what most people anticipate. The problems faced by Europe are structural, and it will take time to fix them. Simply injecting massive liquidity won't do the job. This might just be the 'new normal'," he ...

Book of Mormon Stars Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells "Turn It Off."
In addition to playing Lena Dunham's gay ex-boyfriend on HBO's Girls, Rannells will be starring in Ryan Murphy's new sitcom The New Normal as one-half of a gay couple (the other half being Justin Bartha) who are having a child through a surrogate.


NeNe Leakes of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' To Earn $1Mil Next Season
According to RadarOnline, NeNe Leakes could make a nice $1 million. We would consider that a nice bonus of $250000 because the viewers demand who… NeNe. Meanwhile, NeNe will be making her way to the new NBC sitcom “The New Normal” as Rocky which is ...

COLUMN — NYC's 'soda ban' doesn't go far enough
But turning back the clock to serving sizes that were common in the 1950s would get people closer to shaking off the portion distortion that has made super-size hamburgers and soft drinks — and a raging obesity epidemic — our new normal.

Travel Marketers Increase Social Media Push
Business 2 Community
Social is being called “the new normal” in a study published by eMarketer, as the whole of travel marketers have committed to generating content and conversation with their fans and followers. Instead of just offering coupons, social media marketers in ...

Business 2 Community

Take These Four Steps if You Want to Lead Big Change
Rapid change is the new normal. All leaders must keep track of trends that affect both their industries and business in general. As those trends accelerate, so does the pace of change. To adapt quickly, you must constantly look ahead.


Cisco Rolls Out 'Elastic' Mobile Platform
Sci-Tech Today
Ahuja said the ASR 5500 will help clients keep up with the surging demand for what she calls the "new normal." The ASR 5500 works to address three Cisco-identified challenges: dramatic growth of mobile lifestyle devices, increased usage of ...

Sci-Tech Today

The journey to inconceivable yields
Financial Post (blog)
In the space of a few years, yields that would have once been viewed as inconceivably low are now widely accepted as the “new normal.” Yet, current yields are arguably inadequate compensation for the risks of government bonds. Inflation is running just ...

Financial Post (blog)

WAMU 88.5 News and 88.3 Ocean City win awards from Chesapeake Associated Press ...
Coastal Connection also received the award for Outstanding Public Affairs for “The New Normal: The Local Impact of the National Economic Downturn” and the Outstanding Feature Human Interest Story award for “Preserving a Culture with Jazz.

Take Five: Including Standstill, Where the Home Is and Lady Gaga
New Zealand Listener
The effect is eerily surreal, although it's just Zusters's way of “expressing 'the new normal' here in Christchurch”. For those who can't make the exhibition, there is a limited edition book of the same name (Hoe Press, $80).

New Zealand Listener

A Balanced Approach: Tax like Bush, Spend like Clinton
American Thinker
The new normal is a "stimulus" every single year. George W. Bush added $5 trillion to the debt in eight years? Obama did that in three years. Bush gave us Medicare Part D? Obama gave us ObamaCare. Bush signed Sarbanes-Oxley? Obama signed Dodd-Frank.

American Thinker

A Politics for the 99 Percent
The Nation.
A turn to austerity would essentially be a declaration that chronic, widespread joblessness—with the declining wages and rising insecurity that accompany it—is the new normal, to which Americans must adjust. The mantra of shared sacrifice ignores the ...

Limit Soda for Kids' Sake
New York Times (blog)
We've created a new normal in which eating the average amount of the average American foods all too often leads to the average case of obesity or Type 2 diabetes. The real promise of the Bloomberg plan is not in immediately changing the habits of our...

New York Times (blog)

Homesteaders are giving way to renters in Twin Cities
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The shift away from homesteading "may be the new normal," says Cecile Bedor, St. Paul's director of planning and economic development. "I don't think what you see in Minneapolis and St. Paul differs from major cities across the United States," she says...

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Ideologically Polarized Parties Are the Old Normal and the New ...
By Jon Geeting
It's time to concede, he argued, that ideologically distinct parties are “the new normal,” which is really the old normal. The period when parties were undisciplined collections of disagreeable members was brief, in the middle part of the 20th ...
Jon Geeting

M-unition » Blog Archive » The “New Normal”: Taking a Proactive ...
By Helena Brito
It's no secret that we depend on technology to house our most valued intellectual property. It's also no secret that every organization can be a target for advanced attackers. This is the “new normal”. Security breaches are inevitable; however, ...

Generation Flux – Pressure To Learn New Things. « Cannon Design ...
By Christian Long
The truth is that this “constant pressure” is the new normal pace in every legit “learning” organization these days. And, it seems that it will be more and more true over time. We need to take this into consideration and ask ourselves how can we ...
Cannon Design Blog

Accelrys CEO: Scientific Innovation Hindered by Productivity Gap ...
By RichB
More stringent government regulations and increasing cost pressures are the new normal for everyone involved in scientific innovation. These trends are forcing businesses to make their innovation cycles more predictable and cost effective.

Brad DeLong: Slides from Janet Yellen: The Economic Situation ...
By J. Bradford DeLong
Simple extrapolation would then suggest that the new normal for the economy will be a situation in which jobs are not as difficult to find as they were in late 2009, but only halfway back to what the old normal was. That is an index of the ...
Brad DeLong

Bank Watch: Survey: Mortgage troubles, regulatory pressure still ...
By Kirsten
"Banks are still in recovery mode after the financial crisis and coming to grips with the new regulatory environment," said Brian Stephens, who leads KPMG's banking and capital markets practice. "... Thenew normal for the industry seems to be ...
Bank Watch

A Rainbow and a Convenant | Creation Today
By Paul Taylor
On emergence from the prism, the light bends away from the new normal, but, because they are set at a triangle shape, this merely increases the bending, such that there is an actual observable difference between this bending (or refraction) ...
Creation Today

Surreal again - Forums
By mshell230
Of course now we have to figure out our "new normal." We had close to 20 people at the airport when we got there and then had visitors all night has been waiting a long time to meet him . It is surreal all over again. I have pictured ... Community Forums

Disney Park Denies Admission to Girl Dressed as Tinker Bell (Video ...
By Paul Bond
It wasn't a complete waste of time, as one park let the couple in but another bought them new, normal-looking clothes (sandals, shorts and shirts) and insisted they wear them instead. Disney said they asked the guests to change clothes ...
Hollywood Reporter

Four Tet – 128 Harps « All Things Go
By Eric
Quickly enough this off-kilter groove becomes the new normal, melting together with the rhythm section and pressing forward. Until :27 when, almost imperceptibly, everything falls away except quick cymbal tapping, a respite that almost lasts ...
All Things Go

Speaker Spotlight: Chief Justice Shepard | Indiana Continuing Legal ...
By kevin-vonkamecke
... guidance even further, we asked for his vision for the future of CLE in Indiana. He is optimistic. As always, he had insightful thoughts on the “new normal” and on how he believes that “impulse and necessity will line up in the same direction.” ...
Indiana Continuing Legal Education...

Gov't — Worng, Again… – Knowledge Is Power
By Claire: pink pig barbarian, etc
Is it Summer Silly Season already? …or just “The New Normal”? Remember the Summer of 2001? Shark Attack!!! Welcome to the Summer of 2012: Zombie Attack!!! Girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, 'Miami cannibal,' hires lawyer Gloria Allred*sound ...
Knowledge Is Power

'The New Normal' TV family - Yahoo!
Watch the video ''The New Normal' TV family' on Yahoo!.

NEA Adjusting to New Normal Amid Membership Losses | Education ...
The National Education Association is restructuring in light of the loss of over 150000 members of unions nationwide.

On My Mind: The New Normal in Banking - Businessweek
June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Tom Keene discusses the new normal in banking, even though it is not yet determined. He speaks on Bloomberg ...

New normal | Stacey Thureen
A two way street. I've now adjusted to my new normal. Life consists of taking daily thyroid medication and routine blood tests to monitor thyroid hormone levels.

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