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Welcome to the “new normal”-- lacklustre growth for years

Expect lacklustre growth for years to come
Irish Times
... have failed to ignite an economic recovery that is sufficiently robust to allow for a fall in aggregate debt levels to more sustainable levels. Lacklustre economic growth should be expected for several years to come. Welcome to the “new normal”. 

Experts: Deploy IPv6 If You Haven't, and Prepare for the New Normal
"We're comfortable saying IPv6 is the new normal," said Leslie Daigle, chief technology officer at ISOC. "Individuals need to investigate their own IPv6 status, and for organizations, it's time to accelerate IPv6 plans." Mark Townsley, a fellow at ...

"The 'New Normal'"
Knoxville News Sentinel (blog)
Season tickets, once seen as precious commodities and often fought over fearlessly in divorces and wills, are now being offered in plentiful quantities. Is a paid attendance of 90000 (or below) for (selected) Tennessee games now the "new normal"?

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Nene Leakes Inks Fashion Line Deal
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Pilot Season: NeNe Leakes cast in Ryan Murphy's New Normal The reality star, who is rumored to be the highest-paid housewife on Atlanta's upcoming season, has inked a deal with the global brand licensing agency Beanstalk. The agency plans to "leverage ...

'Real Housewives of Atlanta's' NeNe Leakes to Create Fashion Line (Exclusive)
Hollywood Reporter
She will reportedly be the highest-paid performer on the upcoming fifth season of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta; she has a recurring role on Fox's Glee as Coach Roz Washington and a role in Ryan Murphy's upcoming NBC sitcom TheNew Normal; ...

Hollywood Reporter

“End of the digital beginning” for world's entertainment & media companies
By Jamie Beach June 12th, 2012 A major new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) states that the world's entertainment and media (E&M) companies must reshape and retool as the industry enters a “new normal”, with digital embedded in ...

NeNe Leakes Is Joining The World Of Fashion
Gather Celebs News Channel
She makes regular appearances on Glee, landed a starring role on the new NBC sitcom, TheNew Normal, and appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Now, she's adding one more thing to her resume -- fashion designer! The Hollywood Reporter has announced that ...

Marshall Wace co-founder takes aim at industry
Financial News
He said: “You'd expect me to be pro-market, [but] if you think we are close to thenew normal, you are making a big mistake. The response to the crisis has been inadequate. Politicians have not adequately challenged the size or power of the banking ...

Financial News

India slips to 46th rank in logistics performance index
Business Line
Business Line On improving logistics system: Mr GK Vasan, Union Minister of Shipping, releasing a McKinsey report 'Supply chain evolution: Managing the new normal', at the inaugural session of Logistics 2012, in Chennai on Tuesday.

PwC: Digital To Account For Two-Thirds Of Media Industry Growth
MediaPost Communications
In fact, advertising in the “new normal” will look like anything but normal, as the ad industry struggles to reinvent itself “in the image of the consumer.” “The rise of unpaid or earned media reflects an innovative new mix of advertising, ...

For these women, a new path after breast cancer
For Blair, life after breast cancer is a "new normal." "I pretty much dropped everything else except for my children," she said. She now spends her time meeting with doctors and researchers, to find out how her charity can benefit them.

Where the Jobs of the Future Are
This may be the new normal. The unemployment rate generally rises and falls with the overall business cycle, but for a number of reasons, some economists believe that full employment may not return with a healthy economy. One trend they've spotted in ...

Digital Now Embedded in 'Business-as-Usual' for Entertainment & Media Industry ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Developing organizational models to harness new behaviors and grow revenues in the 'new normal' - To date, many E&M businesses have developed digital as an adjacent operating group, with separate infrastructure, solutions and staff. In the 'new normal ...

Media firms need to implement strategies at 'end of the digital beginning'
Rapid tv news
But with digital now at the core of business-as- usual, PwC believes that experimentation and execution are no longer sequential but will proceed in parallel, enabling E&M companies to press ahead into the 'new normal' with confidence.

After Facebook, a Rebirth of Fundamentals
Wall Street Journal (blog)
... to justify their valuations, and may just have to accept a world in which they can't reach those lofty, and hype-inflated, levels that existed before Facebook's IPO. Rolfe Winkler stopped by the Markets Hub to discuss the new normal in the Valley.

UK online ads set to spike
Developing models to understand and harness new behaviours inside and outside organisations in order to grow revenues and/or margins in the 'new normal'. “The new world is hugely more complicated than the old world and companies have to work harder and ...

Construction Will Snarl Traffic At Fort Worth Intersection For Months
CBS Local
The new normal for the intersection will include construction crews, detours and traffic snags. Fort Worth will use $2 million in grant funds to rebuild the intersection and change Berry Street from six lanes with turn lanes to four lanes divided by ...

CBS Local

LA Pride Parade brings many thousands to West Hollywood
Gay Star News
... Ringwald who blew kisses from a Greek-themed float; Person of the Year honoree Chaz Bono who road atop a convertible; and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes who is starring in the new gay-themed NBC sitcom TheNew Normal this fall.

Gay Star News

NeNe Leakes Inks Deal for Own Fashion Line
... she has a recurring role on Fox's “Glee” as Coach Roz Washington and a role in Ryan Murphy's upcoming NBC sitcom “The New Normal”; she is an author and TV magazine correspondent; and she was a contestant on NBC's “The Celebrity Apprentice.

Global advertising to increase by 6.4% annually from 2011 to 2016, PwC suggests
The Drum
Consumers are demanding digital content that meets their needs – which are increasingly for on-demand entertainment, education and information on mobile devices – and companies have moved past initial experimentation and into a new normal.

The Drum

Coal Carnage: Stocks And ETFs
Forex Pros
In a news release issued today, Alpha Natural Chairman and CEO Kevin Crutchfield said, "The US coal industry is confronting a new normal..." Indeed, and this new normal doesn't appear attractive at all.

City Manager: Hold tight rein on city finances
The new normal may be a complete rethinking of how and what services we provide,” Kiser said, summarizing his recommendations. “That is why we are recommending a conservative, yet reasonable budget for the coming year,” he added.

Normandy's Lessons for Obama -- and All of Us
Chaos has become our new normal. When faced with such difficulties, be they in war or life in general, there are two directions we can take: give up or hold on tight and grind it out. We have a lot of grinding to do, but the question is whether we have...


Big Sis In Burgundy: Thankful For A Quiet Month
The Myeloma Beacon
These last 30 days, we have been in touch via email just about every day, but there have been times where we haven't spoken for a week – evidence of how our lives are settling in to the new normal. Grateful. Thankful. As I sit down to write this column ...

Will Apple UNPLUG Garmin???
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Shares of Garmin dropped 8.5 percent on Monday. Since hitting an all-time high near $120 in 2007, shares of the company have plunged more than 60 percent as mobile devices by companies such as Apple and Samsung become the new normal across the globe.

Grieving life's losses and finding your new normal « Journeying ...
By Editor
Grief is a natural response to loss and although we normally associate grief with the death of a loved one, the fact is that any loss can cause grief, including serious illness.I have… Read More →
Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Guest Blog: The New Normal for Today's Transportation Executive
By Bob Heaney
Over 88 percent of all companies are sourcing products from overseas and 85 percent are selling them to customers overseas. Transportation professionals now support worldwide freight movements (both inbound supply and outbound ...

The PJ Tatler » Carville Memo: Life is Such a Struggle that Obama ...
By Bryan Preston
The memo says “[Voters] know we are in a new normal where life is a struggle — and convincing them that things are good enough for those who have found jobs is a fool's errand. They want to know the plans for making things better in a ...
The PJ Tatler

PwC: Implementing digital strategies new challenge |
By Rob Starr,
The industry: Development of the right organisational and operational models to understand and harness new behaviours inside and outside organisations in order to grow their revenues and/or margins in the 'new normal'. “The new world is ...

New Democrat Memo: The Economy Stinks and Everybody Knows it ...
By Lonely Conservative
The voters are very sophisticated about the character of the economy; they know who is mainly responsible for what went wrong and they are hungry to hear the President talk about the future. They know we are in a new normal where life is a ...
The Lonely Conservative

Ostomy | Ostomy Surgery | The Colon Club | Colon Cancer Support ...
By Belle
Things would never be “normal” again; rather I was finding what we refer to as our “new normal”. Not great, but it was kind of nice to not have a bag. My frequency was still around 10 times a day, but it was manageable. I was learning about ...
The Colon Club | Colon Cancer...

Currently Reading - and another thing ...
Unfortunately, many see the post-Citizens United landscape as the new normal and believe the left merely needs to adapt. “I've long said that Republicans didn't beat Democrats in 2010, Karl Rove and [the] Koch brothers did after the Citizens ...
and another thing ...

The Return of the Real Don Draper
By Matt Toder
The presumptive answer was that order, as they knew it, would never be restored—that the characters would instead have to adapt to a new normal as everything changed around them. Season five's thematic through-line was that adaptation.

China's Demographic Crisis (Asian Chemical Connections)
By John
But, as we shall discuss in several blog posts over the next few weeks, nothing is guaranteed as the New Normal evolves. Chemicals and other companies that fail to build the downside risks into their planning processes are failing in their ...
Asian Chemical Connections

Fall TV Poll: What Will You Watch on Tuesdays? - TVLine
By Matt Webb Mitovich
DVR: New Girl (unfortunately, as much as I love it, Happy Endings takes precedence), Ben & Kate, Hart of Dixie, Emily Owens MD, Don't Trust The B—- In Apartment 23, The New Normal. Comment by PCT – June 12, 2012 07:30 AM PDT ...

People talkin' #8
By Gareth
... High and dry - 11:59:35 PM June 08, 2012 ReplyRetweetFavorite; RT @MichaelEMann: @hottopicnz @wunderground I commented on whether or not this warm constitutes a "new normal" yesterday @WeatherChannel .
Hot Topic

Regents approve Kaler's 2013 budget | Twin Cities Daily Planet
By Emma Marie Nelson
Get Connected! is part of the Twin Cities Media Alliance's New Normal 2012 Project, and you are invited to join us for community conversations in this series. Click on story links (below) to see more story information, and then email ...
Twin Cities Daily Planet | Latest...

The BEST Way To Stop a 'Beer Belly' by Joseph Mercola
But huge has become the new normal. The fact that such a ban is even being proposed shows you how out of whack our sense of proportion has become. When I was a kid, Coca-Cola came in 6-ounce glass bottles, and that seemed like ...

Reclaiming Wife: Letting Go of What Was « A Practical Wedding ...
By meg
As we begin to shut the door on yesterday, and become acclimated to our new “normal,” I have to believe the best is yet to come in our marriage. Because it is something real, something strong. Something we nearly lost, making it worth ...
A Practical Wedding: Ideas for...

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Welcome to the New Normal
The 2012 Olympics are just weeks away and has pledged to live stream every event and sport for the first time ever -- more than 3500 total.

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