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TV's new normal

TV's new normal: the best and worst of the coming fall season
Weirdest pairing this side of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman: CTV's decision to pair Anger Management, starring a certain Charlie Sheen - perhaps you've heard of him - with a new comedy called The New Normal, about a gal who volunteers to become a ...

Volatility is now normal, Canadian investors say
A survey released on Tuesday showed 72 percent of respondents see market volatility as the "new normal", with see-sawing global markets, uncertainty about the European debt crisis and tepid economic growth driving many investors to the sidelines.

Investors believe market volatility is 'new normal,' study
BMO Financial Group says 72 per cent of investors surveyed in their latest study believe this volatile investment environment is the new normal. And 84 per cent of respondents said they have changed their investing behaviour to adapt to the new ...

A Rejoinder to the 'New Normal'
Your reader “JM” offers a counsel of despair, one that very honestly I rather expect from Democrats (especially the most liberal Democrats) during times of political adversity. I expect Democrats to be unreflective about their own failures, ...

The New Normal?
I feel compelled to write in part to put together many things that all of you already know and have been reporting on your website for the past couple years. But with the release of the May unemployment numbers—and the strangely widespread consensus ...

Ronald McDonald House Provides "New Normal" For Ohio Family
Providing that sense of home for families while they go through the process of becoming accustomed to their “new normal” is the mission behind the Ronald McDonald House, which will be the beneficiary of Saturday's Spring Swing Extravaganza fundraiser ...


Cisco Delivers Foundation for Next-Generation Mobile Internet
MarketWatch (press release)
These design characteristics address three multi-dimensional challenges known as the "new normal," which are: -- Dramatic growth of mobile lifestyle devices - consumers are buying sophisticated and powerful Internet-enabled devices for use at home, ...

The Coin Analyst: Is “Mint to Demand” the New Normal?
CoinWeek (blog)
By Louis Golino on June 3, 2012 11:30 PM by Louis Golino for CoinWeek….. Some US Mint products have always been essentially made to demand, that is produced to whatever level buyers order, rather than set to a specific mintage level.

Social Is the New Normal for Travel Marketers
The FINANCIAL -- Social media provides an unprecedented platform to collect meaningful customer feedback on a mass scale. According to eMarketer, it also provides a space where marketers can humanize business-to-consumer relationships.

New weatherbug program will help students cope with tornado aftermath
More than three months since a tornado tore apart the Salyersville Grade School, teachers are still working to create a new normal for the students. The "do not enter" sign on the old Salyersville Grade School serves as a somber reminder of the ...

Fear And Voting In Wisconsin (The Note)
ABC News (blog)
In today's virtual political roundtable, ABC News Political Director Amy Walter notes why Wisconsin signals that “wave” elections are over and the “new normal” of campaign 2012 is upon us and Rick Klein remembers how the recall came to be.

End of the Commodity Boom Is No Disaster
The recent hype surrounding commodity economies from Australia to Brazil has been stoked by outlandish rationales for why the spike in commodity prices over the last decade represented a permanent upward shift—a high-speed edition of the “new normal.

Cisco scales its mobile core to meet the smartphone boom
Called the ASR5500, the core gateway is designed to handle what Cisco called the “new normal” of the mobile data network: millions of devices, each with dozens of applications in constant communication with the network. According to Murali Nemani,...


Canadian Investors See an Upside to Global Market Volatility: BMO Study
SYS-CON Media (press release)
The study, conducted by Pollara, also revealed that three-quarters of Canadian investors (72 per cent) believe that market volatility is here to stay and consider this investment environment to be the "new normal." Rajiv Silgardo, Co-CEO, ...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012: The Glee Project
Television Without Pity
by Samantha Rullo June 5, 2012 6:00 AM Somehow, between working on the second season of American Horror Story, the upcoming The New Normal and, of course, the third season of Glee, Ryan Murphy has found the time to judge another group of hopefuls for ...

Television Without Pity

Wisconsin mired in great divide
Chippewa Herald
Is this the “new normal” for state politics? Passionate debates are nothing new in Wisconsin, a purple state with a long history of activism. But the winner of Tuesday's historic recall election between Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett ...

Fall TV is a laughing matter
The fall's new filmed comedies include The New Normal, from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, about a young woman who agrees to be a surrogate mother so a gay couple can start a family, and Go On, starring Friends' Matthew Perry as a prominent sportscaster who ...

New Research in Support of Delayed Adolescence: If Only I Believed It
Slate Magazine (blog)
The writers cite the familiar new-normal: grown kids texting Mom and Dad daily, accepting a monthly allowance, and—horrors—living at home. But instead of entering apocalyptic mode, they suggest it's time to rethink traditional American “ideals of ...

Spending and Demographics
Canada Free Press
The current administration established a “new normal” for Americans: fewer jobs, higher unemployment, more spending, higher prices, and bigger deficits. The White House official blog calls this status quo the “Great Recession.

A few things at stake.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)
Recall as the new normal. Politicians can learn. If the Democrats successfully accelerate the election cycle, we can expect to see it again. From both sides. This isn't to say that we'll have all recalls all the time but whenever a politician is seen ...

E-Publishing May Be Doing Everything Right, But We Can't Ignore The Spectre Of ...
Their war is lost and that sum, however paltry it looks, is pretty much the new normal. The e-book industry, on the other hand, has been quick to embrace all things digital, creating a number of great distribution channels thanks to strong partnerships ...

The Power of Collaboration
RIS News (blog)
One of the consequences of this new normal is a feeling among retailers that the balance of power has shifted in the shoppers' direction, and therefore the revolution (or evolution) is forcing retailers to play a catch-up game to fast-moving ...

RIS News (blog)

A New Normal for Corporate Governance
Compliance Week (subscription)
Welcome to the new normal. Consider three examples: Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Chesapeake Energy. Shareowners voted down Citigroup's compensation report, but Chairman Richard Parsons did not rail against special interests or proxy-voting services.

Cisco Unveils ASR 5500 Mobile Platform
“Through the leading technology and services of the ASR 5000 Series and its newest member, the ASR 5500, Cisco uniquely offers service providers the opportunity to not only keep up with this surging demands from their customers in the 'new normal,' but ...

Employers plan sub-3pc pay rises
The sooner we can adapt business practices to meet the requirements of this, the 'new normal', rather than waiting for a dramatic reversal to the global market to set us on a more secure road, the more effective we'll all be," he said.

Guest MINDSETTER™ Tom Kenney: The New Way of Negotating Contracts
After all, it seems that the new “normal” is for employers (whether government entities or private sector) to simply throw out contracts that don't seem to work for them anymore. It used to be that only professional athletes could demand a ...


Controversial Army policy makes it difficult for soldiers to get service dogs
"They are trying to achieve a new normal." The policy means Thorowgood and Kandoll, who are not affiliated with ADI, can no longer provide their services to active-duty soldiers. Neither charges soldiers for thorough training programs or for matching ...

Mockingbird Lane: Jerry O'Connell is Herman Munster
You can check out their 2012 fall schedule here, which has two new dramas (Revolution, Chicago Fire) and four new comedies (Go On, The New Normal, Animal Practice, Guys with Kids). What do you think about the idea of Jerry O'Connell as Herman Munster?

Tips on Being Raw Vegan in an Omnivore World
One Green Planet (blog)
But eventually, it becomes the new “normal.” Eventually their questions and comments stop coming up when it's no longer new and different. It also helps that the food we bring is gorgeous. It's so self-evidently healthier, without lacking substance or ...

Defiling The Past At NOAA: 'The new normal in climate science is to ...
'After recalculating data from last year, the nation's climatologists are declaring that Oklahoma suffered through the hottest summer ever recorded in the U.S. last year, not Texas' But NCDC's data shows that the Oklahoma City summer of 1934 ...
Climate Depot

Illusion of Prosperity: The New and Improved New Normal
By Stagflationary Mark
The chart above shows Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods as a fraction of Wage and Salary Disbursements. If 2002 to 2007 was the new normal, then I have this uneasy feeling that there will soon be a new and improved new normal.
Illusion of Prosperity

The new normal in health insurance: High deductibles | Wall-Street ...
Two years ago, the company put white-collar workers on a high-deductible plan similar to those typically bought by small businesses and individuals. The Wengers' out-of-pocket medical costs, mainly for treating daughter Emma's juvenile ... | Wall Street...

The New Normal | OutInPerth
By admin
In the USA it's pilot season when networks look at new program ideas. One new queer show has just gone into production. NBC has picked up The New Normal, the new show from Glee creator Ryan Murphy. The shows about a loving gay ...

Market volatility 'new normal': BMO survey | iPolitics
By Canadian Press
TORONTO – A new bank study suggests that nearly three-quarters of Canadian investors believe big swings on stock markets are here to stay. BMO Financial Group says 72 per cent ... Please Register or Log in to view the complete article.

paperback theology: Are We Headed to the Era of the New Robber ...
By Tim Suttle
This is probably a glimpse at the new normal. After Citizen's United, Republicans will continue to enjoy an incredible fundraising edge over Democrats, as corporations and billionaires are allowed to contribute unlimited amounts of money to ...
paperback theology

DeansTalk - business management education: Europe's new normal ...
By (Santiago Iniguez)
International Relations blog, May 18, 2012 By R. Daniel Kelemen in Professor of Political Science, Jean Monnet Chair and Director of the Center for European Studies at Rutgers University. His research interests ...
DeansTalk - business management...

Will Yahoo and Facebook end their battle - MSN Money by ...
By pilipphokop
... has been stoked by outlandish rationales for why the spike in commodity prices over the last decade represented a permanent upward shifta high-speed edition of the new normal. ...
My Blog by pilipphokop | English,...

Can we do a China? Hah! 5% is 'new normal' for GDP growth ...
By hidden
India should be lucky to average more than a 5 percent growth in the current decade. And this is an optimistic estimate.
Firstpost - Volatility is now normal, Canadian investors say
A survey released on Tuesday showed 72 percent of respondents see market volatility as the 'new normal', with see-sawing global markets, uncertainty about the European debt crisis and tepid economic growth driving many investors to the ...
XE Forex News

Webcast Summit: Driving IT Innovation | Service Assurance Daily
By Jason Meserve
Optimizing Your Cisco Environment: Driving Innovation in IT's Era of the New Normal. A panel discussion featuring Peter Waterhouse from CA Technologies, Mark Balch from Cisco, and Jim Frey from Enterprise Management Associates ...
Service Assurance Daily

Three Years Later: More of the Same?
By Jodi
... I have no doubt that these events are not only related to each other, but to the current political climate, where the preponderence of anti-abortion legislation has effectively made very restrictive views about abortion into a new normal.
Feminists for Choice

Report Demonstrates Need for Intraday Risk Measurement
By admin
The report demonstrates that financial institutions need risk management tools for the new normal, including the proper technology to analyze the payout structure, financing costs and liquidity risks of complex instruments under various ...
FINCAD Derivative News

Joseph A. Palermo: Welcome to the New Normal
The measly 69000 private-sector jobs added last month and the shrinking job count over the past few months illustrate our "new normal." At this snail's pace it ...

A Peek at the Peeks: The New Normal
The New Normal. This post is for all of you who are saying to yourself, "Ya know, I don't really care about your hormones & mood swings. Show me pictures of ...

Sunday Dinner: The New Normal
Taste of Home Field Editor, Carol Gage, shares with us her new Sunday Dinner traditions.

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