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Different is the new normal

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'Different is the new normal' | Field News | New Tribes Mission
Jon and Jen Quast face challenges as they learn the culture and language of the Paraguayan people.

Swan can't ignore the 'new normal'
Business Spectator
Pimco investment guru Bill Gross warned at the outset of the G20 stimulus program that when it was over we'd be stuck with the 'new normal' – he wrote in June 2009 that "any [US] recovery is likely to reflect 'new normal' GDP growth rates of 1 per cent ...
Economic uncertainty feels like the new normal
“When you're just pummeled with, really, body blows of bad news over and over again, you do, I think, tend to see that as like the new normal,” said Kit Yarrow, a professor of psychology and marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and an ...
It's Time to Unleash the Largest Economy in the World
Town Hall
WASHINGTON -- Job creation remains unacceptably weak in the Obama economy, which some Democrats are calling the "new normal." Friday's labor report for July showed there weren't even enough new jobs to keep up with population growth, let alone make a ...
Talking [Ratings] Heads: Burning Down the House
Resource Investor
In the classic sense of the expression, “all bets are off” might be the new “normal” in coming trading sessions. As CPM Group's analysts put it overnight, this could be the “storm before the calm.” And that “calm” may not be all that tranquil, either. ...
Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conferences in Southern California Announce ...
Business Wire (press release)
Mr. Anderson is slated to present a luncheon Keynote entitled, “The New Normal for Consumer User Interfaces.” His talk goes to the heart of today's users wanting a rich, touch-enabled UI with connectivity and “apps” to feel they are getting their ...
Harsher the second time around
BusinessWorld Online
The US may or may not suffer from a double-dip recession, but it will surely undergo a new "normal," slower economic growth. With Europe deep in mess with its own debt and unemployment problems, with Japan confronting recession and costly ...
Global economy's impact on public finances
If, as all evidence is showing us, the increasingly inter-connected, inter-dependent global economy is going through a second phase of post-2008 corrections, what will the new 'normal' look like for the nation's public finances? ...
Old Money Rules That No Longer Apply (and Two That Still Do)
Whether this is an unusual financial circumstance or the "new normal," the uncertain economy and crappy job market means, for most people, "three to six months of expenses" is a good place to start, but not a smart place to stop (as one commenter noted ...
Helping military families in need
It takes on average 5-7 years for people to reach a new normal following the traumatic death of a close loved one. Bereavement support can be vital in the months and years to come as families work toward this new normal. Donate or volunteer with TAPS ...
[Viewpoint] Remain calm as stocks adjust
JoongAng Daily
If an anomalous climate becomes frequent, it transitions into the new normal climate. Financial crises are becoming a routine now. The new normal condition may be a more frequent cycle of crisis and recovery. At this point, we need to be calm and ...
Providing post deployment support
... and get back into a normal routine at home," says Smith, who notes that both the soldier and family members will have changed during the soldier's absence, and there will be challenges on both sides as the whole family adjusts to a new normal...
A new National Day for me
The Temasek Review
Presidential hopeful, Dr Tony Tan has said that Singapore's politics has entered a new normal, a strong party in government matched by an effective opposition. Parliament will sit again on 10 October. We will see how this 'new normal' will shape up. ...
Could the current economic problems actually make us happier in the end?
Business Insider
Many retailing professionals think this is not a fad, but rather “the new normal.” “I think many of these changes are permanent changes,” says Jennifer Black, president of the retailing research company Jennifer Black & Associates and a member of the ...
FOMC Call: Low Rates & Weak Economy to Mid-2013
24/7 Wall St. (blog)
The new belief is that this weak economy is now another two years. The DJIA originally popped, but the stock market briefly went into the red and now shares are up about 50 points. Don't you just love the new normal?
Floating the way to go, says bank chief
New Zealand Herald
The new 'normal' is here," he said. America faces huge fiscal problems, parts of Europe are suffering from sovereign debt issues, but Thorburn stopped short of suggesting the world is on the cusp of another global financial crisis. ...
The Elusive Abyss
Gold Seek
This slows growth and Pimco now calls this the “new normal”. Therefore it is a mistake to assume that flattening growth is the old “stall speed”. No it isn't the old “stall speed” it is the new normal. Low growth rates will become very acceptable once ..
El-Erian: Recession Is Possible but Not Predestined
Looking beyond the rest of the year, the US is still on what we labeled a couple of years ago the bumpy journey to the new normal. This characterization will remain valid until either the system safely delevers, which will take a number of years, ...
A grim economic reality
CNN (blog)
This market sell-off could be seen as the market's acceptance that stagnation is the new normal. This is a shame, since America can do far better. The views expressed in this article are solely those of Neil Shenai.
In a Down Economy, Heightened Scrutiny of Hiring Practices
Corporate Counsel
... to suspend pre-employment screening tools like drug testing because they were worried about losing applicants. By contrast, he posits, heightened government scrutiny of screening might constitute one more facet of the "new normal" in this economy.
The Shape of Things to Come
Baltimore City Paper
If it were one of the Court's conservative majority, or, heaven forfend, swing justice Anthony Kennedy, just think of the hostage-taking potential. This is the new normal. Elections may have consequences—but now they're only the beginning.
Proposed county budget: spending cuts and tax increase
Shoreview Press
“Even when the economy turns around, the aging of our population will keep a damper on revenue growth and put further demand on services,” Kleinschmidt said. “This is not a short-term problem. This is a permanent challenge. It is the new normal...
Brudereck: Shrinking force can't answer call
Reading Eagle
... there are many officials around Reading who think thousands in the city weren't counted in the census, perhaps we should have many more officers. But given this economy and Reading's finances, a lack of steady police jobs seems like the new normal.
Budgeting process hides lack of cuts
Yuma Sun
There is no need for “emergency spending measures,” as they are now the new “normal budget spending.” As for tax increases, do not forget that the Bush tax cuts are soon to expire. That will allow the Democrats to raise taxes without the inconvenience ...
Kidnap, Rape Survivor Elizabeth Smart Shares Inspirational Message
But, experts say adjusting to a new normal can be difficult for those who are sexually abused. Survivors often feel guilt, blaming themselves for what happened. "I think that is the hard part for victims because there is so much humiliation," ...
'Balanced Compromises' Are Neither
American Thinker
It ushered in a whole new normal: a level of spending not ever seen in peacetime America. The hidden trick in all liberal analyses of the budget is to assume that a stimulus-level of spending is required from here out. What they don't tell you is that ...
IT Industry Authority Lawrence I Lerner Returns to UST Global as Chief ...
PR Web (press release)
In this age we call the New Normal, the ability to manage constant change is a major key to success. I have a passion for corporate en UST Global® (UST), a leading provider of IT services and solutions for Global 1000 enterprises, today announced that ...
The world's top 30 airports: a disparate grouping
Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (subscription)
That pattern is changing – rapidly – and will, within the next decade, create a new “normal” list that is heavy on Asian airports, especially in China. And, of course, the burgeoning carriers of the Gulf region will continue to move their bases up the ...
Economic uncertainty feels like normal now - Business - Personal ...
“When you're just pummeled with, really, body blows of bad news over and over again, you do, I think, tend to see that as like the new normal,” said Kit ...
Endless Political Paralysis: The New Normal? |
Must Read: An Economy for AllHome Feature Box: The American political system isn 't working for average Americans anymore. Don't blame the Tea Party, ...

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