Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our New Normal Wounded Healthcare System

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Our 'New Normal' Wounded Healthcare System
ABC News
Without significant investment in new medical technology, our wounded healthcare system will become our "new normal" of diminished quality-of-life, shorter life expectancy, and diminished access to healthcare.
Study: Overweight Is New Normal
Valley News Live
National research shows 67 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, but 15 percent of those people don't believe they have a weight issue. Experts say things like bigger movie theater seats and stretchy clothing are making people ignore weight ...
Stocks inch upward after rallies fade
USA Today
NEW YORK (AP) – Here's what passes for the new normal on the stock market: The Dow Jones industrial average soars 200 points in the morning, gives up nearly all those gains by lunch, then jumps back another 100 points by early afternoon. ...
Industry leaders warn of volatile 'new normal'
Futures and Options Intelligence (subscription)
Market volatility is set to become the 'new normal' that will drive trading and technical changes, according to several industry leaders. Research by TABB Group sent out a stark warning to the market that the implementation of OTC derivatives reforms ...
In New Orleans, a snapshot of life after project tear-downs
Los Angeles Times
Times-Picayune reporter Katy Reckdahl on Sunday profiled a number of original residents from the Magnolia who made it back and talked to them about their mixed feelings about the new normal. Although many appreciate the improvements and new amenities, ...
Blurring maps to prevent terrorism part of the new normal after 9/11
Florida Times-Union
By AP Take a virtual tour of New York on Google Maps and some blurry images appear. As you zoom down in satellite view, what looks like the crisp outline of the airport terminal near upstate Buffalo dissolves into a fuzzy white blob. ...
Eastern European Growth – Coming Rapidly Off The Boil?
Credit Writedowns
This, in an economy without major debt problems and with a fairly competitive economy must give us some idea of what the “new normal” looks like. GDP growth is much lower, and likely to remain lower (on average) as far ahead as the eye can see. ...
A CONVERSATION WITH: Allen Cook: SBA lending: Surge a sign?
Crain's Detroit Business
We're looking for a new normal. Does the increase in value relate to jobs growth and the future of the state's economy? Most of our loans go to businesses to help them add or retain employees. We've done quite a bit toward helping employment. ...
The Bond Bubble and the Case for Stocks
Wall Street Journal
Even those forecasters who believe in Pimco's pessimistic "New Normal" for the US economy predict real growth at 2%. Given the rise in US population at nearly 1% per year, the zero GDP growth expectations now embedded in the 10-year TIPS prices would ...
My Turn: Losing Lauren, but not the strong cord of connection
Los Angeles Times
The time since Lauren's passing has given us periods of normalcy — although, as my husband has said, we have to create a new normal. I must have the courage to go on, not only for myself but, more important, for my family. We all wear a silver chain ...
Americans more uncertain about future but saving less for retirement
Baltimore Sun (blog)
... the basics we need to live keeps taking more and more of what would be saved. Except for maybe gas -- which is at what I guess is its "new normal" price of around $3.50/gal -- is there one thing that is more affordable this year than it was last?
Personal experience provides grief coach with insights to help others
Each of us should redefine our new normal and not fight to get back to what we used to have. And grieving isn't easy at all. “Nothing is harder than grieving,” she says. Conserving your strength and energy is important. Tamara works as a grief coach ...
Exercise for body and spirit
Winston-Salem Journal
"Our goal is to help them find a new normal," she said. The 10 participants in the program at the William G. White YMCA have had breast cancer, lung cancer and tongue cancer among other cancers. Some exercised throughout their treatment; others did no ...
Mapping a journey to safer returns
With inflation rising and tax rates going up, p/e ratios might just reflect the 'new normal'. Ten years ago, corporate tax rates in Europe were 10 percentage-points higher than today. We have just experienced decades of declining and low inflation and...
Compliance reliance
Manufacturing Computer Solutions
"Environmental considerations, such as emissions reporting, are part of the new-normal for all organisations," states Jon Chorley, vice president of product strategy, Oracle. Meanwhile, if you're worried about the rules governing electronically stored ...
The New Normal | Via Meadia
By Walter Russell Mead
The New Normal. Felix Salmon has some very smart analysis of the real crisis underlying the near-universal chaos breaking out across this troubled world. Most fundamentally, what I'm seeing as I look around the world is a massive ...
Via Meadia
My No-Nonsense Plan to End the Housing Crisis | Wall Street Daily
By Louis Basenese
And until it's out of the crapper, we might as well get used 8% to 9% unemployment as the new normal. So again, let's stop believing the Fed's pipe dream that cheap money is going to get us out of this real estate mess. The only path to ...
Wall Street Daily
Stocks edge higher after 4-week losing streak - Business - Wire ...
Here's what passes for the new normal on the stock market: The Dow Jones industrial average soars 200 points in the morning, gives up nearly all those gains by lunch, then jumps back another 100 points by the early afternoon. ...
Bradenton.com: Homepage
By Debra
I know Jennie still appreciates your good thoughts and prayers for her as she tries to find her new 'normal.' Donate to Bloggers Without Borders You'll also being seeing posts this week for an online auction; some bloggers are donating ...
Smith Bites
30 considerations for getting tech to market: Part I
By Francis Moran and Leo Valiquette
The new normal is there is no normal. In today's marketplace, where old enterprise sales models have been collapsed by iterative product development driven by the power of Web 2.O, cloud computing, open source and commoditized ...
Francis Moran & Associates --...

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