Friday, August 12, 2011

Gross Beats Summers-- 'New Normal' Is Real

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Gross Beats Summers as Selloff Shows 'New Normal' Is Real
“A lot of the new normal characteristics have played out,” El-Erian, chief executive officer of Newport Beach, California-based Pimco, said in an interview. “Some people confused new normal with fatalism, but the intention was the opposite. ...
NYSE traders say volatility is new normal
MarketWatch (blog)
“The pace in which it's happening is not normal, but that may be the new normal,” he said. Thenew normal provides a tougher environment for risk-averse investors and anyone with a weak gambling threshold should invest elsewhere. ...
Welcome to the "New Normal": S&P 500 Stocks With Bearish Options Sentiment Data
By Andrew Dominguez, Kapitall, The Motley Fool Posted 2:50PM 08/11/11 Investing Two years ago, Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian, the top dogs at PIMCO, coined the term "The New Normal" in order to describe what they expect to be a decade of middling ...
The New Normal
Tennis Magazine (blog)
Last night, for the first time since 2008, Rafael Nadal lost an opening-round match. But that didn't seem to be what was bugging him the most afterward. “This year has been fantastic for me, with tough moments,” Nadal said. “Today is probably a tough ..
An opportunity to start defining the New Normal
Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
The last few days have seen enormous upheaval across the globe, from incredible volatility in stock markets worldwide to riots in the streets of London. There is no doubt that we are living in times of change, and times of change present both great ...
Navigating the New Normal Economy
Even the optimists now expect the best possible case going forward will be a multiyear slog of slow growth known as the "new normal." Sluggish economic growth will fail to create jobs as stronger companies hold tight on cash and look for opportunities ...
'The New Normal: An Agenda for Responsible Living'
Mother Nature Network
The author of “Affluenza” and “Simple Prosperity” calls “The New Normal” (St. Martin's Griffin, $14.99) "an agenda for responsible living," but it may be a bit more than that. Wann believes it is time for a paradigm shift, a systemic change that will ...
Is America lurching toward a new normal? (blog)
A sense that we have come to a new normal, and that – without us even realizing it – things have changed forever. And not for the better. Maybe it's just me. But I don't think that it is. I think a lot of people feel it. There's something going on, ...
Our view: Looking for a new 'normal'
St. Clair Times
... the days since the storms and recognize all that has been accomplished. Much work remains, however. After 100 days, life has not returned to normal; far from it. It may be years before storm survivors even discover what their new “normal” feels like
Our normal temperatures have gotten hotter
Richmond Times Dispatch
For example, while the NCDC now says the normal high for July 1 previously was 88.7, the public was told for a decade that it was 86 — a whopping 4 degrees below the new normal of 90. In another example, Brown's research showed that the new normals, ...
New normal
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Get used to the new normal. I feel sorry for the recent college grads who've been told the way to prosperity was to get a good education. At least we have the circus of the National Football League to entertain us and that ice-cold brew from the Rocky ...
Welcome to the Age of Instability
Business Insider
The phony fixes have failed, and the dam of toxic sludge and debt is leaking; instability will be theNew Normal until the dam finally bursts and the financial Status Quo is swept away. If you liked the past two weeks, you're going to love the next two ...
Why Was July 2011 So Hot Across The US?
Is this sort of summer really just becoming the new normal? Let's focus on July as representative of what's happened  in the season so far. The NOAA Satellite and Information Service has released an overview of the state of the climate for July, ...
US stocks surge; Dow sets record for 400-point swings
MarketWatch (blog)
Is this the “new normal” for stocks as some floor traders are speculating? Or the natural clearing of prices after a sudden change in fundamentals — in this case, a worsening US economic outlook and dissent-ridden US government? ...
Bill Gross' Bet Pays Off as PIMCO Profits From Black Swans
By John Sullivan, AdvisorOne Staying true to Pacific Investment Management CIO Bill Gross' “new normal” forecast, PIMCO's hedged bets are paying off. “Black-swan funds run by Universa Investments LP and Pacific Investment Management Co., ...
Volatility boosts revenue at exchanges
Financial Times
“But we're not expecting this to be the 'new normal' and history has shown that periods of extraordinary activity are often followed by a long calm after the storm.” Exchanges have been among the few winners amid the market turmoil since they earn a ...
Life of Ohio boy born on 9/11 shows new normal
Seattle Post Intelligencer
HeĆ¢€™s played baseball and soccer and hates math like generations before him but is growing up in a new normal. In this world, Afghanistan has always been a place of war, and several of his relatives in the military have been deployed overseas. ...
Life after caregiving
Ramona Sentinel
Parts of the caregiver's life must be put on hold, but soon the schedule as a caregiver becomes thenew normal, and the caregiver begins to make and cherish new memories. And then one day, whether your loved one is gone or simply no longer needs daily ...
Appetite for Bargains Drives Market Gains (blog)
In what is starting to be the new normal on Wall Street, markets went on a wild upswing today, reaching session highs of more than 5 percent gains before easing slightly, as investors—encouraged by positive weekly jobless numbers and ...
Western Suburbs Walk for Lupus Now on Aug. 20 on Riverwalk
Chicago Sun-Times
The group helps survivors find their “new normal” as they transition from active treatment to follow-up care. The Aug. 29 program will include “What's New in Cancer Treatment,” presented by William Broderick, a medical oncologist with Edward Cancer ...
NBR Transcripts-August 10, 2011-Full Episode
PBS Nightly Business Report
Experts say vertigo is the new normal for stock investors, and that`s unlikely to change until there`s clarity on the global economy. Today`s worry? France and its biggest bank, Societe Generale. There`s concern S&P will downgrade the bank, too. ..
Mixed Signals & Mad Money
The electronics industry is not alone in experiencing mixed messages -- NBC News last night said that wild swings in the stock market will continue to be "the new normal." Although global financial experts can point to the "back story" of the market, ...
Risk Factor – Explained
Business Insider
... which includes an escalating European debt crisis that approaches the core, an unprecedented downgrade of the US and fears of a global recession, is a time when these abnormal phenomenons happen all the time, the “new normal” if you wish. ...
Production Builders Sidle Up to Green
Fine Homebuiolding
They are becoming the new normal, particularly now that even production builders are rolling out marketing plans that highlight adherence to one or more green or energy-conservation standard. A feature recently posted by Ecohome magazine, for example,...
Disappointed in US leadership
Good morning, America, and welcome to the new normal, where no one takes responsibility for anything, most politicians routinely dissemble about everything, our economy is in shambles, the dollar is becoming worthless and unemployment is destined to ...
Six Questions for Hager Pacific's Rob Neal - Daily News Article
As a result, low acquisition leverage has now become the new normal. Hager Pacific Properties' advantage is our ability to acquire value-add properties on an all-cash basis. There are a number of value-add opportunities in major markets ...
Strategic workforce planning is just the business for the savvy HR director
It has been noted organisations have got used to working with fewer staff, and that this has now become the 'new- normal' number which organisations think they need - something which skews how much headcount bosses think they need. ...
EA WorldView - Home - Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The "New Normal"
By Scott Lucas
0515 GMT: At one point yesterday, watching yet another video of destruction in the northeastern Syrian city of Deir Ez Zor, James Miller said simply, "This is the new 'normal'." Military shelling and occupations during the day, ...
EA WorldView
Bogleheads :: View topic - Buy and Hold is flawed in the New Normal
Post Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 7:11 pm Post subject: Buy and Hold is flawed in the New Normal, Reply with quote. I believe Bogleheads are narrow minded. Buy and Hold is flawed. It worked in Jack Bogle's America but times have changed. ... Bogleheads
Life of Ohio boy born on 9/11 shows new normal
He's played baseball and soccer and hates math like generations before him but is growing up in anew normal shaped by the events of that day and the people behind them. In this world, the military has deployed several of his relatives ...
KLAS - National News
Normal Is Being Redefined | MyVenturePad
By Jay Deragon
The new normal will be shaped by a confluence of powerful forces—some arising directly from recent acceleration of not normal events and some that were at work long before not normal began. Normal has been redefined as not normal. ...
MyVenturePad - The world's best...
Normal Is Being Redefined | Relationship Economy
By Jay Deragon
The new normal is embrace change, learn its meaning, its value and use what you've learned to make a new normal. For some organizations, near-term survival is the only agenda item. Others are peering through the fog of uncertainty, ...
Relationship Economy

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