Sunday, August 7, 2011

Extreme the new normal

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• GIBERT/Extreme the new normal
Madison County Journal
By GIBERT Seems that Washington politicians have found a way to rally their base and attract independent voters. Simply refer to the opposing party and their constituents as "extremists." Sometimes you'll hear them use the word "radical. ...
Local investors not panicking, but they are a little jittery
Charleston Post Courier
"We are in the new normal," Meeks said. "Companies have learned to get by with less. They are more hesitant to hire back employees. We are kind of muddling along. I don't believe we are going to double dip into another recession, but we will grow at a ...
Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion-Eminem Edition
Augusta Free Press
This is the new normal. Everything from here on out will be negotiated until the final hours. That is until we set the debt and fiscal trajectory on a better path and for a period of time up to the final passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment. ...
US Dollar Faces S&P Downgrade, QE3 Potential and Crisis of Confidence
By John Kicklighter, Currency Strategist The term 'new normal' usually references a general shift in accepted expectations for an economy. However, we can apply this to currencies as well. And, we are certainly looking at a new normal when it comes to ...
US downgrade might help wave down inflation bugbear locally
Business Line
This is because the 'new normal' would see the falling dollar bring international commodity prices also down. In normal times, the impact would just be the opposite; cheaper dollar turning asset classes traded in the greenback affordable to aspire for, ..
Bomb-sniffing dogs, guards at the post-9/11 mall
Sacramento Bee
It's the new normal for the American shopping experience, after the 9/11 attacks and a series of arrests in alleged terror plots against malls in the US and overseas. Maj. Douglas Reynolds, who heads the Minneapolis-area mall's force, says officers ...
Editorial: Weather: More of the same
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Yearning for the slightest bit of relief -- highs in the low 90s surely would not be too much to ask -- seems like the new normal for Memphis and the Mid-South. News reports bring little solace in the fact that the temperature hit 115 earlier this week ...
Grief: Our most common experience
Our Colorado News
Making the most of the remaining weeks they entered our hospice and adjusted to their new normal, until it changed with continual decline. When death comes it is a shock, even if it is expected. This family allowed me into their sacred time as I ...
Soft economy new normal for Aust, expert
BigPond News
ANZ's chief economist says domestic economy remains soft, which is the 'new normal' for Australia. Consumer sentiment is likely to weaken further as the turmoil continues on the international markets, ANZ's chief economist says. ...
Q+A: Andrew Ferrier interview transcript
Will we just have to get used to a new normal? MR FERRIER Well, I think New Zealanders... The answer is no, because, you know, I was in a grocery store yesterday and milk was being sold for $3.25 for 2 litres. You're always going to have businesses ...
A battering of the middle class
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
From slashing health care funds to raising taxes by $70 million on seniors and the working poor, Walker's seven-month reign of error has been one for the Wisconsin record book. Sadly, it is deception, greed and failure that are the "new normal" for ...
Officials give their outlooks for Ridgecrest, IWV for the next year
Ridgecrest Daily Independent
I think the new normal is we're going to have to do less with less,” he said. As the county budget hearings approach, McQuiston shared that his emphasis is public safety and quality of life. “Those are the things that I think are our primary ...
Still Thirsty for Jobs
Moreover, it's becoming more likely that private-sector employment will have to do all the heavy lifting, given that the new normal has become a slow but persistent hemorrhaging of jobs in government. The first signs of persistent monthly loss began in ...
Growing cellphone use strains 911 center
The News Journal
While Sussex's rate is high largely because of calls for aid from visiting tourists who don't have landlines, Delaware's county and state 911 leaders say the increasing volume of cell calls is the new normal. The other two counties are seeing 59 ...
Falling crude oil, will 2008 be repeated?
Commodity Online
... renewable economics and also oil sand economics began to break, and the whoe supply-side reaction led much of the market to conclude that $100 per barrel for the back of the curve was now the new normal, and below that would represent low prices. ...
Stewartstown gathers and tries to move on
The Union Leader
“The kids come first — they have a new normal now.” A few minutes later, before the Stewartstown Day queen was crowned, he offered thanks to the townspeople who came together at a difficult time. “We've gone through some pretty tough times in the last ...
Marc Beauchamp: Can Obama win? Yes he can
It can play on people's fears that better times aren't just around the corner, that our sour economy could well be the new normal, and that this isn't the time for radical, free-market-based reforms of social safety net programs we've had in place for ...

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