Monday, August 15, 2011

Wall Street may be facing a New Normal

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Wall Street may be facing world of 'new normal'
The News-Press
The "new normal" on Wall Street has been defined as slower growth, narrower profit margins and smaller returns than in the past. It doesn't mean a constant state of gyrating stock indices or crazy swings where investors are taken to the cleaners one ..
Say `helloƂ¿ to the new normal
Glendale News Press
Sooner or later, we will come to terms with the new reality, the new normal. When we do, we just might find we're living healthier and happier lives in a society that itself is healthier and happier. RON KAYE can be reached at ...
Dakota coach Brian Benning, family try to find a new normal
Rockford Register Star
Brian Benning, head coach for the Dakota High School boys varsity basketball team, with his wife Kathy and sons Kyle (right) and Brett Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011, at their home in Davis. By Emily Tropp The last thing Brian Benning remembers before the ...
Forget Your Rights: "New Normal" Police State Takes Shape
Pacific Free Press
by Tom Burghardt l Antifascist Calling... As corporate overlords position themselves to seize what little remains of a tattered social net (adieu Medicare and Medicaid! Social Security? Au revoir!), the Obama administration is moving at break-neck ...
Discount stores adjust to shaky economy
While it's nothing new for the discount titan to roll back prices, the weekend record drop for paper was a sign of the times: It's now the new normal for retailers in today's uncertain economy to trumpet sharp deals or risk losing business. ...
Bachmann addresses faith, key issues in WH race
USA Today
"I am unwilling to accept the new normal of ramped-up spending. We have to grow the economy and reduce government spending. That's how we will get to balance," Bachmann said on CNN's State of the Union. The race for the GOP presidential nomination is ...
Suburbs merging development wish lists with reality
Pioneer Press
The group is offering workshops, tailored to individual cities, called "Navigating the New Normal," in which developers, finance experts and municipal leaders can talk about what the market will support versus what cities want for an area. ...
Weather: No shoveling required
Richmond Times Dispatch
The National Climate Data Center, for example, has done something: It has adjusted Richmond's thermostat, declaring that the new normal high temperature for July 1 is 90 degrees. That's 1.3 degrees higher than the old normal. ...
Bachmann Gets Tough Questions
Wall Street Journal (blog)
“We have to reject the new normal” of federal spending under President Barack Obama, she responded. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace then asked the Minnesota congresswoman why she had written six letters asking for money from the president's stimulus plan ..
A Wave of Setbacks May Push Europe Into a New Downturn
New York Times
Mr. Lueck said he believes the most likely prospect is less dire, but even his more optimistic view calls for a brief slowdown on the way to a “new normal” of weaker growth in Europe and the United States. And he acknowledged that, in 2008, ...
Editorial: High jobless rate labels Memphis area
Memphis Commercial Appeal
What should be disturbing to all of us is that 9 percent or higher unemployment is considered by some economists to be "the new normal." That new normal is kicking Memphis, Shelby County and the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area in the butt. ...
Politics, money, unions and the Wisconsin recall elections
"Welcome to the new normal," Schier said. "The 2012 campaign will be closely contested with pugnacious rhetoric and campaign tactics and intense jousting by the rival candidates." "The hot battle in Wisconsin is a portent of the temperature of the ...
Stock market swings shouldn't cause investor panic
... of Dayton-based Buckingham Capital Management Inc ., said long-term investors should not let the volatility in the market dissuade them from maintaining a stock portfolio as volatility likely will be the “new normal” for the foreseeable future. ..
Solutions Wanted to Stabilize Housing Market
Seeking Alpha
In our view, housing is one of the major pillars of the economy which requires reorganization for the New Normal. The New Normal in the USA is a shift of economic dynamics caused by the baby boomers moving from a peak driving economic force to an...
Bachmann: Washington is 'Vile,' 'Corrupt' But Can Join the 'Real World'
Fox News
"One thing we need to do is reject the new normal level of spending under the Obama administration. ... Government has no conformity at all with the real world." Bachmann said she would not have made the same deal reached by Democrats and Republicans ...
City limiter: Unemployment
Memphis Commercial Appeal
"There's a new normal," said Larry Jensen, president and chief executive officer of Commercial Advisors LLC. By that, he means companies have figured out how to get the same or more production out of fewer workers. Advances in technology, he said, ...
Gender Selection and Abortion: Making an Ethical Decision
Huffington Post
As we have seen with pharmaceutical treatments of sexual dysfunction, the availability of new products often results in "a new normal," where people develop expectations they did not have before and respond by attempting to meet those expectations. .
The Ugly Future Is Speeding Toward Us
Seeking Alpha
It is the new normal. All are federations, and history has plenty of examples of federations breaking up or restructuring when internal contradictions fester unresolved for too long. The current focus on imbalances in the EU (German taxpayers funding ..
Hunting for funding
San Angelo Standard Times
"Second year will be the new normal," Walker said. "What's bad about this is with inflation and everything else, we're not staying level, we're going down. A child has less than a 10 percent chance of going to an adequately funded school in the state ..
Michele Bachmann: 'I've Been a Fighter'
On her vote against raising the debt ceiling: "I am unwilling to accept the new normal of ramped-up spending. We have to grow economy and reduce government spending. That's how we'll get to balance." On taxes: "I haven't gone to one place in Iowa or ..
More tough choices ahead
Local governments would reap up to $227 million over the same time period. The economy will rebound eventually, if gradually. For now, budget writers at all levels of government will have to keep working inside the challenging lines of a "new normal."
It's our turn to save the world
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The exceptional drought in Texas and Africa, and tornado outbreaks in the south could be part of a new normal. Bigger stakes means time to act - right? Sure, as long as we don't "hurt the economy." OK, despite the fact that I think our priorities are a ...
The Stock Market is Making Me Nauseous
American Thinker (blog)
It seems to me that these trends will only strengthen and, therefore, since the world is not getting any more stable, investors had better get used to stock market volatility as the new normal. The US financial situation. Things really haven't gotten ...
In budget-slicing charade, state may find its future
Hartford Business
As private industry has proven, the new normal means questioning 'business as usual' and finding compromises that spread the pain. That sounds a lot like the service-side application of Malloy's 'shared sacrifice' mantra. A Rasmussen poll finds 67 ...
Politics, Money, Unions And The Wisconsin Recall Elections
Personal Liberty Digest
“Welcome to the new normal,” Schier said. “The 2012 campaign will be closely contested with pugnacious rhetoric and campaign tactics and intense jousting by the rival candidates.” “The hot battle in Wisconsin is a portent of the temperature of the ...
The New Normal: Falling Home Prices - Developments - WSJ
It looks like real-estate agents have accepted reality: Home prices continue falling.
Welcome to the "New Normal": S&P 500 Stocks With Bearish ...
The Motley Fool - Do you accept the idea of a "New Normal"? Or do you believe the U.S. will rebound into a new period of solid growth?
Economic uncertainty feels like normal now - Business - Personal ...
“When you're just pummeled with, really, body blows of bad news over and over again, you do, I think, tend to see that as like the new normal,” said Kit Yarrow, ...
Gross Beats Summers as Selloff Shows 'New Normal' Is Real ...
Bill Gross was right after all, though that hasn't helped his investors this year.
Welcome to the "New Normal": S&P 500 Stocks With Bearish ...
Two years ago, Bill Gross (pictured) and Mohamed El-Erian, the top dogs at PIMCO, coined the term “The New Normal” in order to describe what they expect to ...
Book review: 'The New Normal: An Agenda for Responsible Living ...
What is normal? The world has seen so much conflict and change over the past decade that normal may no longer exist. Can we ever get back to the old status ...
New Normal: Transportation in Minnesota | Twin Cities Daily Planet
The Daily Planet's New Normal Project is a series of news stories and community conversations devoted to identifying community priorities as we face serious ...
The New Normal - ED Bites
She said that cancer had become "her new normal." I related a lot to that. Recovery has to become my new normal. For so long, the eating disorder was " normal. ...

Commentary: Contractors need to adapt to the 'new normal'
Washington Post
In this “new normal” period of reduced resources, no one can be shy about bringing innovative alternatives to the table and none should be rejected simply because it's a different way of doing business. In addition, this may be a good time for ...

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