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After life-changing event, recognize 'new normal'

It's Your Money: After life-changing event, recognize 'new normal'
Colorado Springs Gazette
EDITOR'S NOTE: This marks the launch of It's Your Money, a personal finance column that will run Sundays in the print edition of The Gazette. The writing duties will be shared by Linda Leitz and Jane Young, who are Certified Financial Planners and ...

'New Normal' earns Moms boycott
24 Hours Vancouver
By Bill Harris, QMI Agency. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - It was suggested to the cast and creators of The New Normal that they deserved congratulations for being the first TV show of the fall season to be boycotted. “Yay!” said creator and executive producer Ryan ...

24 Hours Vancouver

Tom Humphrey: Republican referendum on the new normal status quo
Knoxville News Sentinel
Setting aside the impact of personalities and local politics, insofar as that's possible, this week's primary elections may be seen as a Republican voter referendum on the new normal of our state's leadership under one-party rule. The belief that this is so is ...

Letter: Time to focus on solutions, not blame
We can't agree on what to label it — a recession, a depression, or the "new normal" which was in vogue a few years ago? We certainly can't agree on who to blame. We don't really know if we are "through it" yet, or not? History can provide insights. The 2010 ...

Strictly Speaking: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Penn State's current state of affairs (blog)
There is a new normal at Penn State that probably will take a decade or so to be defined. Until then, and for long afterward, remember to pray for the child sexual abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky and for others everywhere. At a school where evil was allowed ... (blog)

Ellen Barkin apologizes to One Million Moms, promises 'open mind'
Barkin had previously called the group, which was organizing a boycott of Barkin's upcoming NBC show “The New Normal,” “crazy bitches” and “wasted women.” Whatever the catalyst, the new approach doesn't seem to be trickling down to Barkin's fans.

Is 'Dear' dead?
"Even with the new normal of being informal, the proper way to start an e-mail is with 'Dear,'" said Cynthia Lett, director of the Lett Group, a protocol training company in Silver Spring, Maryland. The time to switch to "Hey," she said, is "when we get to the point ...

What's the right size for local government?
Royal Oak Daily Tribune
Economic analysts and public officials warn that Michigan has entered into a “New Normal” where tax revenues will remain low for decades and the level of services offered by cities, townships and school districts will shrink. When the nation's housing bubble ...

Antoine Dodson: If I Want Chick-Fil-A, I'm Gonna Have A Chick-Fil-A Sandwich
On Top Magazine
... Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson · Chris Colfer On 'Glee' Gay Kisses: Just Keeping It Real · Ryan Murphy: One Million Moms Will Love 'The New Normal' · NYC Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer To Wed Partner Saturday · Glee: Grant Gustin Quits Chick-Fil-A ...

On Top Magazine

Taking It to the Street in China
New York Times (blog)
A university student from Beijing, Yueran Zhang, says in a thoughtful essay published Sunday on Tea Leaf Nation that public skepticism and online rumor-swapping have become the new normal in China whenever government officials are confronted with ...

New York Times (blog)

BlackBerry 10′s Future Screen Resolutions is 720 - N4BB
By Lucas Atkins
It isn't quite clear why RIM has decided to make the L-Series the only device with the higher resolution, but from there on out 720 'is the new normal'. What do you think of this change? Is 720 and adequate screen resolution? Discuss this in the ...

New Chicago 'hood.
By Administrator
I'm sure in no time at all you will wonder why such sadness (other than losing the familiar and being away from great friends). Within time you will have (and embrace) your new normal!! I know I did after packing up and moving to Switzerland!
Classy Chaos

40 Years In The Desert: It's Bank Failure Friday!!!!
By Matthew Saroff
Back to the new normal this week, only 1 failure. Here they are, ordered, and numbered for the year so far. Jasper Banking Company, Jasper, GA. Full FDIC list. So, here is the graph pr0n with last years numbers for comparison (FDIC only): ...
40 Years In The Desert

As America Votes In 2012............: Mitt Romney's - blog*spot
By Constructive Feedback
The lack of media attention and general scrutiny of this "New Normal" is evidence of the gross fraud that is present in the news media. Do you all know those stories about how "Businesses are not hiring because they want Obama to be a one ...
Politics, Priorities, Pathology...

Guest Post: Organized Financial Crime Is Now The New Normal ...
Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two MindsOrganized Financial Crime Is Now the New NormalToday we publish the second half of an important essay ...

Letters to the President #1285: 'The new normal...Olympic edition'
CNN (blog)
Letters to the President #1285: 'The new normal...Olympic edition'. Reporter's Note: President Obama is no doubt going to keep an eye on the Olympics in some fashion. Perhaps he can use the other eye to read my daily letters. Dear Mr. President, ...

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star NeNe Leakes mentions Ryan Murphy, new show
The star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe Leakes is set to star on a new show, "The New Normal." The show is created by Ryan Murphy, the creator of "Glee," and fans are excited to watch NeNe Leakes take on the new role on the show. According to a ...

Study finds sexting may be a new normal behaviour
Herald Sun
Study finds sexting may be a new normal behaviour. From: News Limited Network; July 28, 2012 8:42AM. Increase Text Size · Decrease Text Size · Print · Email · Share · Add to Digg · Add · Add to Facebook · Add to Kwoff · Add to Myspace · Add to ...

Ellen Barkin continues profane hate speech, mocks Andrew Breitbart's death
The 58-year-old actress has a role in "The New Normal," a new NBC series about a gay couple who wants to have a baby using a surrogate. "The surrogate's grandmother, played by Ellen Barkin, has some Archie Bunker in her, which leads to some colourful ...

Irresistible NeNe Leakes Turns 'Glee' Success Into a New Breakout Role (VIDEO)
The Stir
The New Normal is going to be a heart-melting but hilarious reinvention of the family drama. Comedy. Dramedy. We've already seen another gay family in Modern Family, so this isn't brand-new territory. But I think Ryan Murphy's spin on the idea -- not to ...

The Stir

'New Girl' Season 2 Calls Up 'The Book of Mormon' Star
Not only have we seen Andrew Rannells on 'Girls,' as well as both 'Rannels' and co-star Josh Gad landing roles in NBC pilots 'The New Normal' and '1600 Penn' respectively, but now Gad is looking for a FOX. The former Elder Gad will next set his sights on ...

NeNe Leakes: The Ladies of RHOA Are All Jealous of Me
Gather Celebs News Channel
She has a recurring role on the super popular FOX series Glee and will soon make her debut as a regular in The New Normal. Last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree was accused of being jealous of NeNe, who is very open about the fact that she ...

Written by Abdul Ahad
Business Recorder (blog)
Policymakers might wish otherwise, but they need to adjust to the new normal. Revisions smoothed out the trajectory of growth in recent years, suggesting the 2009 recession was somewhat less deep than previously thought, while the 3 percent economic ...

Business Recorder (blog)

Smith: What a pretty, promising state we had
Fayetteville Observer
Maybe the economic storm ended long ago, and what we're grousing about today is not a slow recovery but that elusive "new normal": high unemployment, much slower growth than we once took for granted, overburdened public services, diminished buying ...

Further Evidence the Housing Market Doesn't Exist
Home Buying Institute
Or have we found a new normal? I would argue it's a little of both. Clearly, we have a long way to go to reach a state of normalcy in the housing sector. We are on shaky ground in many respects, from inventory to unemployment. At the same time, we must ...

Home Buying Institute

GDP report: Numbers suggest a long economic slog lies ahead
CBS News
While not all of Gross's predictions have panned out, the particulars of today's report feel a lot like the new normal. Personal consumption was down, largely because of a steep drop in auto sales and parts. The lack of new cars rolling off the lot subtracted 0.08 ...

CBS News

'RHOA' star NeNe Leakes slams costars over hating her success
The interviews focus on her roles on the Bravo show, 'Glee' and the new sitcom, 'The New Normal.' However, the interview released yesterday shows that NeNe doesn't think her costars from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' are happy for her. It is clear that ...

Stranded walrus calf in Alaska lagoon is safe
Christian Science Monitor
Beneath Arctic ice, scientists find an ecosystem never imagined (+video) · Global warming: winners and losers in the Arctic's 'new normal'. Subscribe Today to the Monitor. Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS of. The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Digital ...

Christian Science Monitor

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words (subscription)
"We feel as though the category growth is - I used the word, I think earlier - around the new normal" - the US confectionery category is in a new phase of growth, according to Hershey president and CEO J.P. Bilbrey. "We expected a very uninspiring reporting ...

Three Rivers Systems Shows Business Analytics, Mobile Features at NACUBO ... (press release)
And a half century ago, world economies were stable; in 2012 uncertainty and flux are the “new normal.” A quick look at the group's session schedule tells a similar story. Titles such as “Proactive Analytics,” “The Relentless Pursuit of Institutional Effectiveness” ...

Jay Bryan: Is a US recovery doomed by its ugly politics?
Montreal Gazette
It could well be that sluggish growth is “the new normal,” said Sherry Cooper, chief economist at the BMO Financial Group. Cooper points to the bitter partisanship that has hamstrung the U.S. government for more than a year. It's now creating anxiety among ...

Social Media Leads to “New Normal” in Chinese Crisis Management ...
By Yueran Zhang
In the age of social media, the Chinese government's classic approach to keeping bad news under wraps will no longer work.
Tea Leaf Nation

Letters to the President #1285: 'The new normal…Olympic edition ...
Reporter's Note: President Obama is no doubt going to keep an eye on the Olympics in some fashion. Perhaps he can use the other eye to read my daily letters.

Dear Young DFW Whippersnapper Artists
By Christina Rees
The new normal is that it's all in your broke hands now. And there is no real economy for your art being made here in DFW. Almost none. Not enough to make a living. And there isn't a mainstream press, like there is in NYC and London, ...
Glasstire Texas

How High Can Style and Design Elevate Virgin America? - PRNewser
By James F. Thompson
As Americans adjust to the “new normal” and tailor their expectations regarding their economic futures, most are cutting expenses. When purchasing an airline ticket, travelers typically make decisions based on price rather than experience.

White House, GDP numbers and Orwell's Ministry of Truth | Liberty ...
By Bruce McQuain
That's likely the new “normal” with the policies in place from this administration. But hey, if everyone would rather talk about Mitt Romney's wonderful European adventure (hey, at least he's not bowing to everyone in sight), that's fine.
Liberty Republican Forum

'The New Normal': Ryan Murphy Thinks One Million Moms ...
"The New Normal," NBC's new fall comedy from Ryan Murphy, already has one- up on the competition: They've had the distinct honor of being the first new ...

NBC on 'New Normal' protest: Comedy a 'love letter to families ...
In the wake of a conservative group protesting NBC's upcoming sitcom The New Normal, the network's entertainment president characterized the show as ...

Megafires not perfect storms, just the new normal - CBS News
William deBuys: Lethal combo of drought, insect plagues, wind not passing phenomena but terrifying business-as-usual weather for West.

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