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What Obamacare will mean for the workers in the new normal economy

What will Obamacare mean for the workers in the new normal economy?
Guardian Express
Those who work in the new normal economy are being largely ignored in analysis of how Obamacare will affect people at various economic levels. Reacting to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the individual mandate under the federal government's ...

Guardian Express

Beware the unintended consequences of regulation
Financial News
Mark Garvin (JP Morgan): It depends how you define the new “normal”. The new normal was not the last decade. The last time we had a similar wave of regulation was in the 1930s and it lasted well into the 1980s. So I think this will endure for quite ...

Financial News 

The New American Normal: Box Wine
Jr Deputy Accountant
Box wine enjoys an even bigger stigma than Miller (whew, I'm going to pay for that comment with my fellow Wisconsinites but let's face it, the stuff is crap) and yet in thenew normal, you've still got to get drunk. I've got to say I haven't indulged ...

Jr Deputy Accountant

Thoma: Taking a swing at a subtle change
Mankato Free Press
In life in general, in baseball in particular, there can be a period of creeping change that goes unnoticed — and then we wake to a new normal.

Farm stores promoted poisoning raccoons
Muncie Star Press
The new Normal. It has been 26 years since a group of musicians gathered at little club called the Normal City Cafe...- 11:33 am. The Lawn grows its concert series. The Lawn at White River State Park (now called the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn) has ...

Why I Like People with Unconventional Resumes
blogs.hbr.org (blog)
In this new normal, experience and knowledge are less relevant, while the abilities to learn and adapt, to be resilient and to connect with others are ever more crucial. That's why, as an executive search consultant, I like job candidates who have ...

Lynn Azzinaro Broker/Owner of Re/Max South County
The Westerly Sun
Thinking outside the box is the new normal. Times have changed in many ways since Lynn started, from the tools being offered to realtors to the ever-changing market conditions. In 1986 there was a big black and white Multiple Listing Book that agents ...

Liberty News On Line
Somehow the new normal is always to the left of where we were yesterday. So what happens? Two American versions of socialized medicine already exist. We can take a peek into our future by looking at the Veterans Administration and Indian reservations.

Report: Central Valley home prices to slip further in coming year
Los Angeles Times
5. Stockton, 4.3%. RELATED: UCLA forecasts California housing recovery next year · Experts offer view on new normal in wake of housing meltdown · Shortage of homes on the market creates new wave of bidding wars. Copyright © 2012, Los Angeles Times ...

Is Google's Social Search the New Normal? | Business 2 Community
By Jon Thomas
Additional reporting by Story's Director of Audience Generation Cyrus Karimi. In early December, Google updated their search algorithm to provide each user.
Business 2 Community

real economics: Welcome to the new normal
By Jonathan Larson
The "debate" over climate change has been an eye-opening lesson in the hazards associated with the social skills required to navigate human social structures. We are told, for example, that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
real economics

10 Marketing Tips to Address Green Building's New Expectations
By 3p Guest Author
Can you prove that you can design such projects on a conventional budget? Do you have the numbers to document your claims? The New Normal is “frugal green,” in which clients expect high-performance outcomes on conventional budgets.
Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

(( VaginaPagina )) - Changing HBC
By stothyra
1) When I start the new pill, do I just finish my last pack of Nortrel, go through the withdrawal bleed, and then start the new pack? 2) How long should I be on the new pill before worrying about the withdrawal bleeds changing to a new normal?
(( VaginaPagina ))

News bites: Risky business around the world | SierraActivist
By E2-Wire
Twitter Feed... "The Topshelf Daily is out! http://t.co/QU8grtaY". 56 minutes ago. "EO Wilson talks abt "Living in the New Normal" & protecting native species @AspenInstitute 's #AEF2012http://t.co/NPVWlQX7 via @Jayheritage". about 1 hour ...

Why Leaving College Stinks
By nrozny
You know the people, the grading system, how to get the best professors, and how to get the most impressive results with the least amount of work. And you're leaving all that behind you. Your “new normal” hasn't started yet. From the job hunt ...
College Degree Programs, Online...

When a Positive Dividend, Treasury Yield Gap Becomes a Value Trap
By noreply@blogger.com (www.JapanInvestor.com)
Thus the “new normal” post 1958 was codified into the difference between the earnings yield of a particular stock or asset and the long-term bond yield, or what is often called the “risk premium”. The valuation methodology used to gauge the ...
Tokyo Takes from Japan Investor.com

The Libors we tell ourselves | Scarlet Standard
By Emma
Every new indignity that comes out of this financial crisis piles on the last, but eventually, what was once shocking is now the new normal. We're used to being taken for a ride and we're used to the Government being unwilling to stop it.
Scarlet Standard

Bilgrimage: More Global Warming Commentary, with Theological ...
By William D. Lindsey
At Alternet Ari LeVaux reports on his corner of New Mexico, where--as with the American Southwest in general--megadrought now appears to be the new normal. And where areas that could sustain food crops until fairly recently simply no ...

Climateer Investing: The Real Problem With Stimulus
By climateer
It became the "new normal," and he needed larger doses to have the same effect. By the end, the drug he once took to experience a high of superabundant energy he now took just to be able to get out of bed in the morning. That pretty much ...
Climateer Investing

Living in the New Normal
With all this change, what we were really there to discuss was: What does it mean to be living in “the new normal?” Thought-leaders pointed out the many ...

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