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Is crazy the new normal?

Is crazy the new normal?
The human brain remains the single most complicated thing we know of. There are 100 trillion connections between a person's brain cells – a figure that's at least 1000 times bigger than the number of stars in our galaxy – and researchers are just ...


3 Factors Impacting US Business Growth
A disconnection based on three variables: 1) the ever widening impact of globalization, 2) the changing demographics of the corporate workplace, and 3) the new normal of the United States as the Gen Y effect changes how we communicate and innovate.

Mark Mazzetti, The Drone Zone in the New York Times Magazine
Lawfare (blog)
He went to see the ways in which drones are transforming the Air Force, particularly from the standpoint of training and the composition of the future USAF. The news, I guess, is that drones are the new normal, and that there will be lots of them in ...

Lawfare (blog)

Western Wildfires Getting Worse in a Warming World
Center For American Progress
And yes, this is part of the new normal. It's pretty much exactly what climate experts have been predicting and what the data have been telegraphing for some time. While there are various proposals on the table to deal with increasingly destructive ...

Center For American Progress

No-load funds for no-nonsense investors
To Jacobs, this less-forgiving environment of lower investment returns, what's often called the “New Normal,” requires unorthodox measures if you hope to outperform. A fundamental index is equipped for hostile terrain. In these portfolios, cash flow ...

Is Global Warming Causing Wild Weather?
National Journal
Now the debate must turn to whether efforts are better spent trying to mitigate the damage by aggressively cutting emissions, to begin investing in new ways to adapt to this 'new normal' or to attempt to geo-engineer our way to some level of stability ...

States, Congress rallying for an e-sales tax
Washington Post
commentEndDate:7/22/12 7:34 EDT! currentDate:7/8/12 8:0 EDT! allowComments:true! displayComments:true! Is Amazon developing a smartphone? The silver lining in the June jobs report · Is hot the new normal in D.C.? Presidents (and candidates) at play ...

Superintendent Boone Sets the Record Straight
GoLocal Worcester
“We realized we needed a new normal,” she said. “We are showing we can absorb positions. We are one of the largest districts in Massachusetts and serve 44 schools with 25000 students. In a $330 million budget, spending less than half a percent is not...

GoLocal Worcester

Why Inflation Feels High While the Government Says It's Low
Guardian Express
... full time workers who have accepted lower wages than before, workers in the New Normal economy who patch together part time and freelance income and who accept non-wage compensation like commissions, promises of future stock after IPO, royalties, ...

Guardian Express

Where Is Student Activism?
Huffington Post
There was a new normal after 1970. There were fluctuations -- 1975 was a relative low, and 1977 and 1990 were significant high points for protest on these selected campuses -- but the average level was significantly higher than earlier. The 1930-1960 ...

Chart of the day: Unemployment? What unemployment? This is the ...
By Bruce McQuain
McQuain, Collins & McCann. You are here: Home / 2012 / July / Chart of the day: Unemployment? What unemployment? This is the new normal. And the private sector is “doing fine”.
The Conservatory

Some administrative notes | The Crommunist Manifesto
By Crommunist
... and I are also working on getting out duet recording underway, so I appreciate your patience. Busy busy busy busy. I wish I could say that I see an opportunity to go back to 'normal' on the horizon, but abnormal appears to be the new normal.
The Crommunist Manifesto

The Disaffected Lib: Boiling Frogs
By The Mound of Sound
This, they are beginning to say, is the new normal, a taste of the future as the planet warms. Last year was the 35th consecutive year since 1976 that the yearly global temperature was above average. Since 2000 we have had 11 of the 13 ...
The Disaffected Lib

Slow growth for charters in Md. « soetalk.com
By James Campbell
What once seemed a fad might appear to be the new normal. But the popularity enjoyed by charters in the District is evading its neighbors in Maryland and Virginia, as national experts say the states' charter school laws are among the worst in ...

Al Fin: Obama: "Just Call Me Mr. Recession"
By al fin
Under Obama, the new normal is depressed. Depressed economy, depressed employment, depressed national mood. The timing of this prolonged Obama recession could not be worse for the global economy, with both Europe and China ...
Al Fin

The Incumbent's Dilemma
By Bruce
Finally, in the ABA Journal Paul Lippe rehearses a great deal of the fast-developing literature on “the new normal” (much of which is probably familiar in thrust if not detail to regular readers of Adam Smith, Esq.), but concludes with a challenge ...
Adam Smith, Esq.

The "New Normal" Upside Market Catalyst - Fed Doves Emitting ...
The "New Normal" Upside Market Catalyst - Fed Doves Emitting Hope. 9:12am - July 9, 2012. When that canned remarks by Fed Doves is all that is left as a hope-based upside "risk catalyst", as was just defined by Citi's Steven Englander, ...

Fat Loss Success Story: Meet LeAnn | Thrive Personal Fitness
By Pamela
This time she was ready for a new normal. LeAnn heard about the Meltdown from a coworker. She had already made some changes to how she was eating and thought Mama's Meltdown would be an opportunity to learn more and be ...
Thrive Personal Fitness

Nonprofits form long-term recovery group to aid fire victims
By Amy Gillentine
“But our neighbors will need long-term support and services to attain what will be for us the 'new normal.'” Michelle Swanson of First Presbyterian Church is also co-chairing the collaborative group. Catholic Charities has already had an ...
Colorado Springs Business Journal

Nevada Progressive: The Heat Is On... And So Is Climate Change.
By atdnext
... the summer, we've never before seen the extreme hot, the extreme cold, the extreme hurricanes, the extreme tornadoes, the extreme wildfires, and all the other instances of extreme weather that are increasingly becoming "the new normal".
Nevada Progressive

Reality TV and the Side Effects | Madame Noire | Black Women's ...
By Stephanie Guerilus
Celebrities airing out their personal business on reality TV shows have become the new normal instead of the standard back in the day when celebs used to ask, if not beg for privacy. Some make guest appearances while others devote an ...
Madame Noire | Black Women's...

Library Intelligencer » 2012 IATUL Proceedings
By shirley
The 'New Normal':Leveraging Technology to Improve Service Provision and the Student Experience; Jennifer Peasley, Macquarie University. Aligning Collections and Services with User Needs and Practices; Erika Linke, Carnegie Mellon ...
Library Intelligencer

Want success? Take a little risk | Bankrate.com
By Judy Martel
Europe's troubles and a potential economic slowdown in China have many investors running for a safe port, but one adviser maintains that the "new normal" for portfolio growth involves a greater appetite for risk than in past years. Investment ...

Megadrought, the new normal - Durango Telegraph
But this might be the new normal for the American Southwest, writes William deBuys in his new book, A Great Aridness. It was published late last year, months ...

The "New Normal" Upside Market Catalyst - Fed Doves Emitting ...
When that canned remarks by Fed Doves is all that is left as a hope-based upside "risk catalyst", as was just defined by Citi's Steven Englander, things are really ...

Shomrei Torah's New Normal | Congregation Shomrei Torah
Whatever happened to those quiet summers around Shomrei Torah? Not this year. This summer we bid farewell to Leira and welcomed Cantor Abelson and his ...

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