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New Normal: Hollowing Out The Middle Class

Jobs Emergency Hollowing Out The Middle Class | Economy In Crisis
By Dave Johnson
Others say there are other structural problems and that our high unemployment is a “new normal.” Perhaps these are contributing to the problems. But let's do the things that we know we can do and need to do today, and then we can talk about ...
Economy In Crisis 

Is 8% the New Normal for Unemployment?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The U.S. unemployment rate has been above 8% for more than three long years, far above the 5.4% average of the seven full decades since the Great Depression.

'A New Normal,' Padre Dam Board Approves New Five Year Business Plan and ...
District plan maintains focus on improving operational efficiencies while cutting costs.

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California Progress Report
Some say automation is the cause of our high unemployment and that it will get worse. Others say there are other structural problems and that our high unemployment is a "new normal." Perhaps these are contributing to the problems. But let's do the ...

California Progress Report

Andrew Rannells on his journey to Broadway and TV stardom
Gay Star News
He is a gay man who plays a gay man on Broadway (The Book of Mormon) and a gay man on two different television series (Girls, The New Normal). 'I came to New York and had a fresh start with college. I was gay and that's what I presented to a new group...

Gay Star News

Continental US sets multiple heat records after blistering June
Public Radio International PRI
Sweltering temperatures in June capped off a year of record-breaking temperatures across the United States. Whether the trend is an anomaly or the new normal is something scientists are still trying to figure out.

You are here: HomeLatest newsComment: Freak weather is the new normal
Reactions Magazine (subscription)
Although hard to prove for individual events, climate scientists from the US and the UK have now produced so-called attribution studies that demonstrate how climate change is increasing the odds of extreme weather overall, says Reactions' contributing ...

The heat that wilted Washington
Washington Post
Hats off to Jason Samenow, who in his July 7 Capital Weather Gang column [“High temperatures could become new normal”] provided lots of sizzling statistics on our recent record-breaking heat wave. Here's one of the few he missed: According to the U.S. ...

Guest Commentary: Time to Call Time on More QE
This is in large part a reflection of the “New Normal” facing western economies as we grapple with the legacy of the financial crisis and the stresses and strains arising from the shift in the balance of economic power to the Asia-Pacific region and ...

New Research: The Effects of Running Multiple Daily Deals (blog)
In certain businesses — restaurants, fitness centers, nail salons, to name a few — daily deals have become the new normal. I've been researching the daily-deal segment since its inception, trying to answer questions that have been vexing businesses ... (blog)

The Digital Transformation Of Finance And What Banks Should Do About It
Peter Hinssen, and his idea of the New Normal, that we are halfway through the digital revolution. He also inspired the whole Cloud computing discussion and the subsequent incubator projects that may result in a financial app store. - Doc Searls, the ...

Is There Still Dividend Potential In Food Retail?
Seeking Alpha
Consumer cost-cutting, in general, has become a "new normal," as consumers seek "private labels, less expensive foods, shop around for deals, make fewer trips to stores, and buy fewer items." Grocery buyers are also flocking to the Internet to find ...

Brock gives a rousing speech at NAACP convention
Hudson Valley Press
To address this 'new normal' in American society, the NAACP National Board of Directors developed a new game plan to guide our work for the next several years. Our mission remains the same - to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic ...

Gerry Harvey shelves plans for new stores as retailers warned to get used to a ...
Property Observer
"It's not a disaster, we are not going back to pre the financial crisis but that was not a normal period, there is a new normal now," she says. "If you look at total retail spending, we don't think that is going to grow all that fast, as people are ...

Gerson: Obama in denial
Longview Daily News
Up to this point, Obama has successfully finessed the issue. At some point, however, claiming to be a victim of fate just appears feeble and the lowering of expectations seems more like the acceptance of permanent decline -- a new normal less ambitious ...

Daily State Of The Markets: Do You Have A Plan For This Market Environment?
Seeking Alpha
The problem appears to be that not even "the smart money" has been able to deal effectively with the "new normal" market environment that's been with us since the financial world got turned upside down in 2008. An environment where stock correlations ...

Moonbattery » Terror Graph of the Day
By Dave Blount
“jmb says:July 10, 2012 at 2:39 pm”. A: The shaded area is what the government will ADMIT to. OR B: It's a DEPRESSION. Mr Evilwrench says: July 10, 2012 at 5:09 pm. That was our transition to the “new normal”. At least this new normal.

Best & Worst of Men's Spring 2013 « DIS Magazine
... blends, extra-wide-ribbed knits, cutaway sweaters (the asymmetrical crop top), mock necks, cowl necks, red-bottoms for men, and pinstripe wide-leg pants so long you have to wear platforms? Yes, this is menswear… and it's the new normal.
DIS Magazine

From Weed to Food, with "Unsectored" Thinking - UnSectored
By Mark Hecker
Like any group trying to imagine a new normal, it's sometime challenging to understand what “unsectored” work might look like. In my hometown of Philadelphia, I believe that I found an example worth sharing. An opportunity for unsectored ...

Cooked « rurritable
By coozledad
Since science is now telling us the new normal will be entire summers hovering around 100 degrees, it looks like a quarter of the remainder of my life will be spent soaking, one way or another. I refuse to use air conditioning, because I don't ...

Andrew Rannells: “No one cared that I'm gay”
By Greg Hernandez
It's working out pretty damned well so far: A Tony Award nomination for lead actor in a musical for The Book of Mormon, a role in the hit HBO series Girls, and one of the stars of the upcoming NBC sitcom The New Normal. He plays a gay man ...
Greg In Hollywood

The most compelling idea I've heard in a while: The great American ...
By Peter Schorsch
This “reset” on the country's economic and leadership outlook of what might be a new normal could actually benefit Obama to a small degree. If Romney tries to make too many grand promises about what he will do as president, he could be ...
Saint Petersblog

You're gonna need a bigger credit card | Hoystory
By Matthew Hoy
While the specific programs that constituted the Obama stimulus are going away, it sure looks to the naked eye that that level of spending is the new normal. mandatory-discretionary-spending-606. (via Heritage Foundation). If that spending ...

Dataquest : DQ CEO Series : 'We cannot chase a business merely ...
The leaders and veterans found the rules of the game changing and boom time became past glory as they struggled to make ends meet in the 'new normal'. Of the many companies that went to the brink in the mid-2000 times LSI was one, and ...
Dataquest - Infotech News India

Fast Innovation, Slow Adoption : The Growing Digital Divide ...
By Cecil
My take is that the pace will continue to grow and that the new “normal” mode is permanent change. Which means that the strategy consisting of waiting for the dust to settle to take informed decisions on all these different innovations is a very ...

New Normal
My parents – and especially my mom – have always made extra-ordinary efforts to visit me and my husband in New York. I'll admit that I'm skilled at lining up ...

Dinocrat » Blog Archive » The “new normal” is neither new nor normal
They might include Obama's personal likeability, gaps in Romney's strategy, or Americans' grudging acceptance of a new normal in which millions of jobs are ...

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