Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Brother Is the New Normal

All Three Branches Agree: Big Brother Is the New Normal | Threat Level | "Fast forward to Monday, and the court took the historic step of hearing a post-September 11 spying case. Judging by the high court’s deference to Congress in general and how it killed the EFF spy case weeks ago, we likely already know the outcome of this highly complex issue now before the justices: Warrantless spying is expected to continue unabated for years, and possibly forever. University of Baltimore legal scholar Garrett Epps in a Sunday blog post in the Atlantic asked in a headline whether “Big Brother is the New Normal?” His own affirmative answer is spot-on: “Whatever the court decides, Big Brother will still be watching. Big Brother may be watching you right now, and you may never know,” he said. “Since 9/11, our national life has changed forever. Surveillance is the new normal.”"

4-2-3-1 Is the New Normal, but Is Serie A's 3-5-2 the Antidote?
Bleacher Report
After watching his Liverpool team being dictated to by Everton during the frantic first half of Sunday's Merseyside derby, Brendan Rodgers decided to act. Rodgers switched to three at the back, with the 6'4" Sebastian Coates coming off the bench to ...

Bleacher Report

Dramatic weather patterns the 'new normal'
Dramatic weather patterns the 'new normal'. Experts say human-produced carbon dioxide is playing a big role in the warming of the atmosphere, which is having a major effect on the world's oceans. Warmer oceans results in rising sea levels and more ...

Hurricane Sandy, climate change and the new normal
Reuters AlertNet (blog)
Climate Conversations - Hurricane Sandy, climate change and the new normal. By Lisa Anderson | 6 minutes(s) ago | Comments ( 0 ). A largely unlit downtown Manhattan stands under a night sky, during a power blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy in New ...

Destructive weather could be new normal
Santa Fe New
The images from Superstorm Sandy are overpowering — first, floods, then wind and fire, even snow, and now, the devastation that remains. Dozens of deaths have been attributed to the storm in the United States, millions of people lack power and ...

'Real Housewives of Atlanta': NeNe Leakes tweets on 'The New Normal'
The star wrote in her new update: "Up early on the set of The New Normal! Good morning tweetie pies." Apart from the role on the new show from Ryan Murphy, Leakes will also return for the new season of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Leakes has...

Romney super PAC spends in New Mexico
Politico (blog)
The ad buy, which begins on October 31, will rotate between two ads: "New Normal," which highlights the devastating impacts of Obama's economy on America's middle class, and "Saved," a positive spot that touts Mitt Romney's work to help find his ...

Closed captioning of: Dramatic weather patterns the 'new normal'
reporter: another storm of the century . a bit more than a year after the last one in the same place. most scientists have no doubt of the overall cause. >> we have a new normal, really. it's the background environment for all weather systems has changed.

Florida consumer confidence approaching 'new, normal high' post recession
“At 79, we're nowhere near historical normal, but this is kind of a new, normal high in the post recession,” McCarty said. The recession is recognized to have begun in December 2007 and to have ended in June 2009, according to McCarty. While negative ...

The New Post-Sandy 'Normal' Sets In
The Atlantic Wire
The new normal is by no means normal, and right now it's not particularly pleasant, either. But if there is some consistency we can start to weave through it, it's a consistency of spirit. New Yorkers aren't really renowned for their enormous patience ...

The Atlantic Wire

Ohio State, Illinois, and the new normal of the Leaders Division
Land-Grant Holy Land
Ohio State, Illinois, and the new normal of the Leaders Division. +. By Matt Brown on Oct 30, 4:00p. Womp womp. - Bradley Leeb-US PRESSWIRE. Illinois and Purdue have had highly disappointing seasons, contributing to a historically "meh" season for the ...

thequestionclub: NBC's The New Normal
By Anthony, PharmD
What are your thoughts on NBC's new TV show The New Normal ?
The Question Club

Sandy Awakens State, Local Officials to New Normal « Climate ...
By greenman3610
Rachel Maddow interviews Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy on Sandy's impact.
Climate Denial Crock of the Week

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