Saturday, November 3, 2012

The New Normal (Hint: There Isn't One)

The New Normal (Hint: There Isn't One)
New York Times (blog)
In this week's magazine, Andrew Solomon tackles some troublesome assumptions made about child prodigies and the unacknowledged challenges in raising young people with extra-normal abilities. The article is an adaptation from Solomon's forthcoming ...

Is "weather on steroids" the new normal?
CBS News
Is "weather on steroids" the new normal? Play CBS News Video. (CBS News) Superstorm Sandy is restarting an old debate over climate change, and its effect on the weather. Professor Michio Kaku, of the City University of New York, is a world-renowned ...

Charlotte Ponce adapts to 'new normal,' heads into 3rd major surgery
The Grand Rapids Press -
"She's just always been different, so it's just a new normal," Ponce said. When asked if she was nervous about the third surgery, Charlotte shook her head 'no' and returned to climbing on her dad and making monkey noises. Watching her happily bounce ...

The Grand Rapids Press -

This is the new normal, warn climate scientists
Sydney Morning Herald
HURRICANE Sandy was a bigger, fiercer and more damaging storm because of human-induced global warming, an analysis produced by Australia's Climate Commission has found. The burning of fossil fuels had made a material contribution to the ...

Was Hurricane Sandy A Sign Of The “New Normal”?
Energy Tribune
By Art Horn. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy people with no meteorological training at all are climbing high atop media soap boxes, proclaiming that Hurricane Sandy is part of a “new normal” of extreme weather. Robert Puentes, a senior fellow with ...

Obama's Electoral College advantage — and America's new normal
New York Daily News (blog)
BY MICHAEL COHEN. For all the sturm und drang around the 2012 election – and the millions of words written by pundits like myself about it – the narrative of this election has actually been persistently clear for several months: Barack Obama is likely ...

One Million Moms Screams Blasphemy Regarding The New Normal
Lez Get Real
“If there are any Christians who continue to watch 'The New Normal,' then this past episode would be their last after it insulted any viewers of faith.” That is how One Million Moms opens their latest screed attacking The New Normal. The question is ...

Bob Williams: Is insanity the new normal, or the old?
Perhaps we are shocked often enough that we become numb. Insane or illogical happenings are so commonplace that we forget how really weird, and sometimes dangerous, things become. An example of this: On October 22, in L'Aquila, Italy, a judge ...

One Million Moms Still Doesn't Like 'The New Normal'
Instinct Magazine (blog)
The New Normal was renewed for a second season, but you can bet the dozen or so "One Million Moms" won't be liking the show's Facebook page anytime soon. In a new email blast, the American Family Association subgroup once again lashes out at the ...

American Horror Story: Asylum
Entertainment Weekly
In part because it involves people linked with The New Normal and The Voice, the second season of American Horror Story, subtitled Asylum, is automatically scarier than the first one. Co-creator Ryan Murphy, the Gleeful man behind the garish laughs of...

Entertainment Weekly

This is the "new normal" | MyFDL
By dakine01
Plug this all in and what have you got? The consensus forecast calls for an increase in 125,000 jobs. That would be an increase from last month's increase of 114,000, but below the increases in July and August (August and September will get ...
dakine01's myFDL diary

Can Stephen Harper sell his government's new “normal?” | iPolitics
By Michael Harris
Michael Harris is a writer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker. He was awarded a Doctor of Laws for his “unceasing pursuit of justice for the less fortunate among us.” His eight ... Please Register or Log in to view the complete article.

Evening Sun Blog » The New Normal
By kevin
Of course something that has been on everyone's minds and all over the news this week has been Superstorm Sandy, the Frankenstorm. Much talk has revolved around the notion that freakish super storms are going to be the new norm and ...
Evening Sun Blog

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