Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The new normal: waiting 11 hours for gas

The new normal: waiting 11 hours for gas
It's a new reality in New Jersey, New York City and Long Island: waiting in long lines for hours on end just to get a little gas. Fortunately, the gas supply problems in the areas devastated by Sandy are slowly improving, but it's still a huge headache ...

DALY: The new normal for RG3?
Washington Times
DALY: The new normal for RG3? Comment(s); Size: + / -; Print. By Dan Daly. -. The Washington Times. Monday, November 5, 2012. Follow @dandalyonsports · Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam ...

Washington Times

Is Superstorm Sandy a harbinger of the 'new normal' because of global warming?
World Magazine
Long before Superstorm Sandy subsided, a new storm arose—an opportunistic attempt to score political points out of a great tragedy, as some people rushed to blame the powerful storm on climate change. Al Gore said, “We must heed this warning and act...

World Magazine

NBC: 'The New Normal' Is Likely To Be Renewed, Despite Its Anti-Fans
Since its premiere, the ratings for freshman sitcom The New Normal have bobbed right around the NBC scripted show average each week, and because networks almost always renew their average rated shows, it's been likely to be renewed all along.


Struggling to survive in the new normal
Asbury Park Press
Struggling to survive in the new normal. Seated on the back of an Army National Guard truck, 86-year-old Connie Pilling kept a stoic...- 12:04 am. Shark River Hills residents dig out after Sandy. Throughout the trash-strewn streets of Shark River Hills ...

Extreme Weather Watch: Super Storm Sandy – the New Normal?
OB Rag
By John Lawrence / San Diego Free Press. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and larger in scale. As Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said, “We're getting a 100 year storm every 2 years.” It used to be that a hurricane just hit a state.

Nyack Sketch Log: Brave New Normal
by Bill Batson. On a recent phone call with President Barack Obama, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo observed that we seem to have a one hundred year storm every year now. Fortunately for us, the senior levels of government are providing more than ...

Hollywood Reporter Poll: 'Glee,' 'Modern Family,' 'The New Normal' Move Voters ...
Frontiers LA (blog)
The Hollywood Reporter has a new poll out suggesting that popular TV shows have influences voters on marriage equality. One point raised by the pollster is that as pro-gay younger voters age and perhaps become more economically conservative, they are...

Frontiers LA (blog)

Christie looks to restore 'new normal' to NJ
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Chris Christie called "a new normal," starting the first full work since Superstorm Sandy with limited options for mass transit, some school districts reopening but many still shuttered, and power restored to about 2 million customers. NJ Transit ...

Staten Island: Toward a New Normal
The Brooklyn Ink
When you walk around in Staten Island in normal times, you could be just about anywhere in America. Anywhere, that is, except New York. In this part of the city— 25 minutes away from Manhattan by ferry—the Borough President is Republican, the ...

The Brooklyn Ink

#244 ) A New Normal? Not for Katrina, Not for Sandy, and what ...
By Randy Olson
So many people were desperate to scream out, IT'S HERE! It being the idea that we caused the hurricane or made it worse. But wasn't anything learned from.
The Benshi

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