Monday, November 19, 2012

Weak growth and high inflation is the new normal

Weak growth and high inflation is the 'new normal'
In my view, the UK and many other Western economies are now in a “new normal” economy, where economic growth is likely to continue to be weak and inflation will remain relatively high and volatile. This economic environment is being shaped by three...

'The New Normal' sticking around?
As for the quality of “The New Normal,” it can be a bit of a disjointed muddle. Sometimes the show is hilarious in its political incorrectness; other times it strikes an overly strident tone. But of all the new shows this fall, “The New Normal” is ...


The 'new normal' Climate-change issues costing Ja billions
Jamaica Gleaner
"We all know the difficulties in attributing any single storm to climate change. But we also know this: extreme weather due to climate change is the new normal," declared United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's ...

Jamaica Gleaner

`Glee' producer Ryan Murphy to honor Norman Lear
Macon Telegraph (blog)
"I try to do the same in my work, most recently with the 'Obama Mama' episode of 'The New Normal,' which was inspired by 'All in the Family.'" In that Sept. 25 episode of his new NBC sitcom, about a gay male couple and the surrogate hired to carry ...

High definition the 'new normal' for television viewers, says Yahlive
AME Info
High Definition television (HDTV) is establishing itself as the 'new normal' for viewers across the Middle East and north Africa, according to YahLive, the High Definition (HD) television satellite platform for the MENA region. Speaking at the ...

Don't adjust your sets, it's just normal
Sydney Morning Herald
While it's too soon to be definitive, today's poll does suggest that the Gillard government's recovery of the past six months has run its course. If so, the new normal is an Australia that has made its adjustment to the carbon tax. It's one where most ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Tulane president: Katrina taught New Orleans not just to rebuild, but to reimagine
The Star-Ledger - (blog)
Chris Christie recently said, you have to come to terms with "a new normal." The familiar fabric is gone: whole neighborhoods reduced to rubble, landmarks swept away, mud and debris everywhere. So what else did we learn? One urgent truth: Many major...

The Star-Ledger - (blog)

Chris Christie says New Jersey receives the smallest return of any state on ...
Why the effort, if this is the new normal?" "Well, listen, it's fair to ask it but I have the answer," Christie said during the Oct. 30 interview. "The answer is that for New Jersey, which gives so much to this country -- by the way, 50th in return of ...

Leaders in the storm
Danbury News Times
For the new normal for weather -- three destructive storms in the span of 14 months -- has redefined what towns have to do in the face of calamity. Dealing with a natural disaster in their communities can test the mettle of elected leaders. And it's ...

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