Friday, November 9, 2012

Dogs help war vets find 'new normal'

Dogs help war vets find 'new normal'
The canine-human bond is an amazing gift that can make a difference for an individual to begin to feel and create their own new normal. How can we not support it? If we change just one life and make it better, why won't we? CNN: What was the reaction ...

Buck Consultants Survey: 3 Percent Salary Increase the "New Normal"
The median salary increase in 2013 will be 3 percent, as employers continue to be cautious with their salary budgets. Buck Consultants predicts that the new normal for salary increases will settle at this 3 percent level. The expected size of short ...

Youth vote decides presidential election – again. Is this the new normal?
Christian Science Monitor
“It's a new normal, with about half of the millennial generation voting … and they make a decisive difference,” said CIRCLE director Peter Levine in a press call Wednesday. Voter advocacy groups ranging from the League of Women Voters to Rock the Vote ...

Christian Science Monitor

WNY banking scene sees a new 'normal'
Buffalo Law Journal
The banking industry in Western New York is settling into a new normal following the departure earlier this year of HSBC Bank USA N.A.'s retail branch operations. The once-dominant deposit-taker stepped away from consumer banking as part of a global ...

Odd jobs become the new normal
In October, 171 thousand jobs were added to the nation's economy. The numbers are not making the cut. According to economic professor Chris Douglas at the University of Michigan Flint. He said the number is not a reflection on the people working odd jobs.

How gay equality became the new normal of US politics in 2012
The Guardian
It was not so long ago – 2010, to be exact – that the best gay rights proponents could hope for on election day was for civil rights not to be pruned back further. In 2004, 11 states voted to define marriage as "between a man and a woman". In 2006 ...

The Guardian

The new normal: stars behind size-zero backlash
Sydney Morning Herald
It's a story as predictable as the plot of any summer blockbuster: young English actress goes to Hollywood, suddenly shrinks to half her original size and talks enthusiastically to the Press about how much she loves chocolate while appearing on the red ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Swell of same-sex families ushering in 'the new normal'
For many, it was a dream that seemed hardly possible even a decade ago. "I never imagined in my lifetime I would be able to marry the man I loved and have a family. And I have that," said Raphael Alyman, a Montreal father of two. Today, same sex ...

Election Results 2012: A New Normal Hollywood Has Dreamed Of
Hollywood should be euphoric today. The entertainment industry woke up to election results that reflect a country a lot more like the fictional place they've been depicting on screens large and small for decades: more ethnically diverse, more gay ...


Are unpaid internships the new normal?
Canadian University Press Newswire
In a large city like Toronto, the competition is fierce, and employers know this. Despite the fact that internships seem to be the new normal for university and college graduates there are few statistics about how widespread the practice is. “We do not ...

Are you ready for a rainy day? Budgeting for the new normal.
By Brisa Trinchero
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and all the devastation it wrought on so many things – including Broadway and not-for-profit arts organizations all over the east coast – I've begun to worry about how many theater companies in the.
Musical Theater News, Production...

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