Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American New Normal

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What The 'New Normal' Means For Americans
And although it may not seem like much, that 1 percentage point makes a big difference — influential analysts are saying we're in for a "new normal." The "new normal" is a term coined by the brain trust at the giant bond fund PIMCO. ...
Is High Unemployment the New Normal?
Seeking Alpha
Due to mechanical automation, the advancement of information technology, outsourcing, baby boomers not retiring, and government regulations keeping the cost of employment high, higher unemployment will be the new normal. Automation and technological ...
New average weather warmer, wetter
The Seattle Times
A recent article about Seattle getting warmer and wetter caught my attention [“Our new 'normal': wetter and warmer,” page one, July 8]. The warming trend for the country seems to match the predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ...
HTC Sensation: Here we go!
Following the unboxing, the HTC Sensation rapidly became my new normal smartphone. It has a Telecom XT pre-pay SIM in it at this point, so I went to "Your Telecom" and added a swag of data and (later) the TXT2500 package. I make very few voice calls ...
New Normal In Drought, Fire
Albuquerque Journal (subscription)
But “the new normal” that led to them, if you can call it that, seems here to stay. What that new normal might mean for the forests of New Mexico, and people who live in and around them and love them, is an enormous, open question. ...
Sales and Marketing: Consumer behavior in 2011: back to the future
Financial Post
Determining whether these changes herald a 'new normal' was the goal of a recent study by the consultancy, Booz & Co. The firm spent the past two years collecting data on how the recession has impacted the practices and values of American consumers. ...
Weather Adjustment Bureau
Louisville Courier-Journal (blog)
For Louisville, the new "normal" high temperatures are actually slightly cooler, while much of Kentucky was slightly warmer. But the during the depths of winter, the new "normal" low temperatures locally are a fair amount warmer. ...
Starting from Zero
Inside Higher Ed
An administrator who wants to change how a college does business in the “new normal” -- the post-recession world -- might as well start at square one. That's the outlook that administrators at Colorado Mountain College took two years ago when they ...
Unemployment Up in June, Sign of Worse to Come
NuWire Investor
After just a few months of modest, stimulus-induced improvement the jobs market is again sliding backwards into a "new normal" characterized by even higher rates of unemployment. "Unfortunately, I expect chronic high unemployment to be with us for ...

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