Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day in Foreign Lands

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Independence Day In Foreign Lands (blog)
For the small percentage who are, not being “home” or even together as a family on a holiday is almost normal, or as we say, it's our “new normal.” Every country has a day of celebration, either an Independence or Founding day, or a certain day of ...
Hospital operating loss so far: $5.2M
The Westerly Sun
There are many of us who are saying, 'Is this the new normal?'" said Charles Kinney, president and chief executive officer. From October through May, the hospital has had 239 fewer medical/surgical admissions than for the same period one year earlier. ...
Japan's New Normal | Slog
In the latest from post-Fukushima Japan, where radioactive cesium has been detected in the urine of children, and the government is now recommending another ...
Ask the Weather Guys: Do we have a new 'normal temperature'?
According to Assistant State Climatologist, Dr. E. Hopkins, the new normal high and low temperatures for Madison are 56.6 and 36.7, which are 0.2 and 1.2 degrees higher than the previous 30-year period. Steven A. Ackerman and Jonathan Martin, ...
Get ready to jet set in style!
Times of India
Looking well groomed while traveling is the new normal and with more and more women travelling both on work and while on vacation, it is important to keep some style and beauty pointers in mind. The most important products in your cosmetic case should ...

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