Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The New Normal in Europe

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The Search for a New Normal in Europe
AllAboutAlpha.com (blog)
By Christopher Faille A little later, and of more interest to alpha-seekers, the ECB cautions readers that there has been a fall in risk aversion since 2009, and that (a symptom of this) hedge fund leverage has increased. On the one hand, ...
Julianne Moore: 'Unnatural Is Becoming The New Normal For Botox Babes'
Let people do what they want to do, but I do think that a new normal sometimes starts to exist where the cosmetic surgery itself starts to look normal, and we lose track of what a real face is like."

Leading Innovation in Local Government
Nation's Cities Weekly
What is normal about the “new normal?” The short answer is, “one damn thing after another.” The economy is in the doldrums, with job growth struggling. The housing market is barely recovering. Health care costs continue to rise. ...
Some insurers doubt medical spending will bounce back
American Medical News
But talking with analysts and investors during Goldman Sachs' investor conference June 7 and 8, health plan CEOs edged toward conceding that their members may be setting a "new normal" pace of spending. They also said they have an opportunity to keep ...

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