Thursday, July 28, 2011

Will the New Normal kill the American Dream?

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Will Dems''New Normal' Kill The American Dream?
Investor's Business Daily
But the "new normal" also comes at a heavy price. One sad element will be perpetual double-digit real unemployment. We will have fewer jobs as businesses invest elsewhere. A slow economy will hurt jobs, but so will easy unionization, an excess of laws ...
Weather service sees slight jump in temps, rainfall with new 'normals'
Joplin Globe
Hatch said the removal of the 1970s from the 30-year average made the new normal temperature figure higher. It is possible that this decade could be as cool as the 1970s. If that were to happen, thenew normal 10 years from now would be lower than what ...
Dennis Hoeser: Lightbourn's 'new normal' is new low
Wisconsin State Journal
Recently, Republicans floated "fake Democrats" to force an extra set of primary elections that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lightbourn's "the new normal" is mislabeled and should be called "the new low" of Republican state government.
New economy looking a lot worse than old (blog)
Entitled “Bumpy Journey to a New Normal,” his presentation focused on the contrast between the pre-2008 economy versus the post-2008 economy. Though Jung tried to be upbeat about it, the new economy looks a lot less vibrant that the old one. ...
Home designers aren't expecting return to booming times anytime soon
By Ron Cammel | The Grand Rapids Press GRAND RAPIDS — Architects and home designers headed into a national convention at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel on Tuesday predicted a “new normal” for economic activity in their industry, rather than a return to ...
Small businesses make good BD role models
Washington Technology
By Bill Scheessele To thrive in the new normal of the government contracting industry, you must make sure that every component of your business development organization is efficient and effective. This includes plans, processes, personnel, ...
I'm surprised rating agencies haven't downgraded me yet
Globe and Mail
(Downgrades have become the new normal. So far today, Greece, Cyprus and Nokia have been cut, and the day's not over. I'm surprised the ratings agencies haven't downgraded me yet, given that my debt-to-output ratio is kind of high - four kids, tuition, ...
Seats Available for Event
Southern Pines Pilot
Seats are still available for "Living in the New Normal: Helping Children Thrive in Good and Challenging Times (LINN)," a professional development event seeking to generate local support for military children in the community. The event is sponsored by ...
Hello to furlough? Federal employees express concern
Washington Post (blog)
When asked if furloughs might be the new normal for federal employees, Davidson replied, “I don't think furloughs and RIFs [Reductions in Force] are the new normal, but they might be around for a period into the near future and that includes through ...
364 days of rampant climate delusion
Wired (blog)
This extreme weather is being called the “new normal.” But there's nothing normal about it. We recently introduced you to The Climate Reality Project. Our new focus is to help citizens around the world discover the truth about climate change and take ...
Ramsey County: County tax to rise despite cutbacks
Pioneer Press
An increase in demand for county services and a decrease in revenue, she said, are symbols of the "new normal." The proposed budget calls for $575.08 million in spending, a decrease of $15.4 million, or 2.6 percent, from the current year's $590.48 ...
India Spending Plans May Lead to More Rate Rises, RBI Deputy Governor Says
Commenting on the debate in the country on whether the current pace of price gains are the “new normal,” Gokarn said that there is “a level of inflation above which things could spiral out of control and our endeavor as a monetary authority is to make ...
Hotter weather replaces the cool 70s (blog)
The new normal is warmer. Also remember that normal temperatures are just averages of many years. I cringe when I hear weather folks compare the current weather with the average and say, "this weather is supposed to be _____. ...
Harry Reid: Tea Partiers Not Real Americans
Pajamas Media
One is to bake in their spending spree of the past three years as the new normal, despite the fact that it's unsustainable. Another involves a strategic strike on the Tea Party to hurt the GOP. At least part of the Democrats' strategy in the debt ...
Those left behind: COPS holds annual family camp
Janesville Gazette
"Life is difficult, but one has to quickly make a new normal," she said. "This is the one place in the world where they get that." Tyler said in a near whisper that he tries to help his mom during emotional times by either leaving her alone or making ...
How Congress's high-stakes brinkmanship became the new normal
Alaska Dispatch
The NFL player lockout, the Minnesota state government shutdown, the federal debt ceiling talks – in more and more arenas, high-stakes brinkmanship is starting to feel like the new normal. While haggling and 11th-hour talks have always been hallmarks ...
Wyndham Salvo cash splash to help needy
Wyndham Leader
“But this is the new normal. The demand peaked and it has continued at that level.” Capt Jeffrey said rising living costs, including rate rises for utilities, rent and mortgage repayments, were behind the surge in demand. Capt Jeffrey said money would ...
Storms once again damage Wilbraham neighborhoods
Dress rehearsal cause I guess is the new normal for us,” said Robbins. Trees were down everywhere in the area, roads were blocked and power was knocked out in the entire town. “Oh no not again! Wilbraham the new tornado alley,” said Carolyn Breenan....
Twitless in the 21st Century
Danbury News Times
Today we all swim in an ocean of information overload in which attention spans crumble and attention-deficit disorder becomes the new normal. Witness global warming. A couple of years ago, it was serious business. Today, as the levels of greenhouse ...
Ideology Trumps Accomplishment as 112th Congress Pursues Futile Bills
The Atlantic
... to override President Obama's moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. And of course they've voted several times to defund and block the dreaded "Obamacare." Call it grand standing, posturing, or GOPeacocking -- in the 112th Congress it's the new normal.
The Texas Drought "Disaster"
Daily Green
NASA had another word for the conditions: "Disaster." High heat and drought in this part of the country are consistent with climate change predictions. Some scientists predict these conditions are closer to a "new normal" than a freak extreme

Aetna Rises After Boosting Forecast
“Whether this is the new normal or not, we just don't know yet.” Net income rose 9.3 percent to $536.7 million, the insurer said in the statement. Profit excluding capital gains rose to $522.8 million, or $1.35 a share, from $450.2 million, or $1.05, ...
DSS commissioner trying to push back a tidal wave of paper
The Connecticut Mirror
... increase under federal health reform, which is expected to add more than 100000 people to Medicaid in 2014. "Demand for our services will continue to be fierce," he said, "and so we will have to reconfigure our systems to prepare for this new normal."
Investors eye US debt ceiling debate
Business News Network (blog)
We could get a sigh of relief on both counts (certainty is always better than uncertainty), followed by a period of adjustment for what again might be a new normal. But for equity investors, maybe it should be a matter of who cares. ...
The Debate on US Debt Is Just Beginning
Independent Women's Forum
... a budget process since 2009) and a President who pays lip-service to debt reduction, but has offered no plan other than to pile on trillions more debt and raise taxes to make our bloated government (spending 24 percent of GDP) the new normal...
More scientists see climate change in today's extreme weather conditions
This combined with an already naturally extreme year to "create an extraordinary period of extreme weather," he wrote in a recent post on his weather blog. He expects the extreme weather of late to become the new normal in 20 or 30 years, he said.

Woodruff: Animosity Abundant in Washington
PBS NewsHour
If that is the new normal in Washington, it will be a long season -- for the debt ceiling, this round or any future one -- for the budget, for votes on trade pacts, energy legislation, health care and on and on. Fasten your seatbelts.
Report: Post-recession jobs don't pay as well as the ones that were lost
Daily Kos
Or is this part of that awful but oft-voiced description of our future—the "new normal"? Are the majority of Americans forever stuck with McJobs? Will younger people seeing such a dead-end future for themselves begin to feel more of a sense of ...
Infosys Attacks Whistleblower in Wake of Senate Testimony
IT Business Edge (blog)
This is the "new normal". We either change and adapt or we accept our inevitable decline. We accept that we will leave our country is worse shape for our children than our parents left it for us. It's not that I want a "protectionist utopia". ...
State employees: Push for efficiency instead of layoffs
Knoxville News Sentinel
"Tennesseans elected Bill Haslam to run state government efficiently and effectively during what he has called the "new normal" in which government is expected to do more with less. Each state department's top to bottom review is an effort to assess ...
Book Review: The Economy in Mind
Most of all, back in those days, folks fretted about a similar kind of “new normal”—an extrapolation of the recent past far into the future—as they do now. The amazing thing is how well most of Brookes's words hold up—it's as if he's speaking to ...
The bank is right
National Post (registration)
The crisis that began in 2007 pushed Canada into unknown territory, and though it currently seems to be returning to normal more smoothly than many economies, no one can possibly know what a new normal is going to look like, or even whether the many ...
NWS: Red River summer flooding is 'not unusual'
Grand Forks Herald
All the rain we're getting now isn't helping, though. “In a prolonged wet cycle, we have the deck stacked against us,” Ewens said. The region has been in a wet cycle since about 1993. “To some of us, it is unusual. But it's becoming the new normal.”
Financial Express Bangladesh
The global meltdown and the New Normal have made bankers' pursuit for faster and innovative product launch, faster customer on-boarding while retaining existing ones. The key words are differentiation, transformation and compliance. ...

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