Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Normal for education

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State Superintendent: Cuts 'new normal' for education
Sand Springs Leader
"When I've talked about 'the new normal' in terms of Oklahoma's fiscal realities, it's not just a catch phrase. It's the way things are going to be for a time in this country and in this state," said Barresi. "One measure of our success will be our ...
Boy adjusting to new normal
Centre Daily Times
Adam Fink rides a scooter through his neighborhood in Tyrone on Friday. Adam, 8, is back to playing with his friends and family after having his arm — which contained a large tumor — amputated. Below: Adam has adapted to play baseball and other ...

Nip the bud of Thai Muslim extremism
Gulf Daily News
By natapnu nopakun , Posted on » Sunday, July 10, 2011 EVERYTHING in Thailand nowadays is trying to be "creative", "innovative" or a "new normal", with a new dimension added to our products, designs, technology, economy and outlook in general. ...
More C. difficile cases to come: doctor
"The new normal is going to be a few deaths from C. difficile in any given hospital," said Rau, who works for Halton Healthcare Services in Ontario. He said the current outbreak is "a more virulent, more serious strain than what we saw before. ...
Auto workers and the evisceration of the American middle class
Daily Kos
by Laura Clawson for Daily Kos There's been a lot of talk about whether high unemployment is the "new normal." That would be disastrous for America's economy and workers and families, though even our Democratic leaders aren't necessarily or ...
Tobi Pagach '90 Recalls Her WGRE Experience as "A Great Foundation for My Career"
DePauw University
July 7, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "I started my radio career as an on-air personality at my college radio station, DePauw University's WGRE," notes Tobi, a disc jockey and co-music director of the online music channel, New Normal Music. ...

Tony Crescenzi, Senior Vice President, PIMCO (press release)
He has been looking at a new normal economy, Anthony Crescenzi of PIMCO. Tony, good morning. TONY CRESCENZI, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT/MARKET STRATEGIST, PIMCO: Good morning, Tom. KEENE: What a set of statistics. I don't know if you've got the further ...

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