Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting used to the New Normal

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Lance Dickie / Seattle Times editorial columnist The new normal for America's ...
The Seattle Times
Get used to the new normal. The dawning recognition for lots of folks is that the boom times of the past decade were phony, propped up by credit cards, two-income families and mindless borrowing against inflated house values. ...
Slowdown in Home Sales New Normal
Housing Predictor
By Mike Colpitts A slowdown in home sales during what is usually the hottest time of the year for home buying activity just may be the new normal in real estate. The erratic ups and downs the residential market is suffering are setting home sales up ...
The 'New Normal': Higher Tax Rates, Lower Tax Bills
Could this be the beginning of the end of the "New Normal" and, perhaps, signal the first inklings of a return to the "Old Normal?" "Finally," Councilwoman Ginny Miller said, "something good has worked our way."
Navigating the “New Normal” to Find Success and Happiness
PR Web (press release)
Author Jeff Orr Releases "Succeed in the New Normal," a How-to Guide for the 21st Century. Unfortunately, many…are struggling with how to rectify the situation, especially after having lost their jobs, homes, and lifestyles. Business is booming. ...
Dodd-Frank: Where Is The Love?
Forbes (blog)
By TIMOTHY SPANGLER Life has returned to normal, or at least what passes for the “new normal”, on Wall Street in the twelve months since Dodd-Frank was passed. The Obama Administration credits themselves, and the adoption of comprehensive financial ...
Job Search Tops a Year for Millions
Wall Street Journal
"I don't want us to say this is the new normal and move on," said Betsey Stevenson, the Labor Department's chief economist. "It really is going to take a concentrated effort of employers to give people a chance who haven't worked in a while. ...
Readers write (July 22): The economy, animal welfare, math
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Politicians and economists now talk about the "new normal." They're just using an euphemism to describe the elephant in the room that deserves a more honest description. We now have, and will have, a decreased standard of living in this country. ...
New financial reality at city
PNW Local News
With the city's largest revenue streams remaining relatively flat since the economic crisis, a new “normal” has been created for what the city can afford. Bauer and Smith are pushing for a strategic plan that encompasses revenue realities with a list ...
Heart is back, even if it never left
Chicago Tribune
You have to realize that this is the new normal. Q: Has the way that you and your sister collaborate changed significantly over the years? A: No, we still do it the same way. We write songs together, we visualize it together, then we execute it ...
A Tale of Two Politicos
Bacon's Rebellion
Bob McDonnell and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg highlight the “new normal” of state finances. Bob “I hate love hate love hate the Federal Government” McDonnell. Like most schizophrenics Virginia Gov Bob McDonnell is never alone. ...
Taking the strain - more of the same in 2010-11 and bad news for some
Legal Week
As horribly jargonistic as it sounds, you can see why the term 'the New Normal' has been loitering around like an unrealised write-off on a toxic CDO. If this New Normal isn't going anywhere soon, the sustained buffeting of this hard-growth environment ...
Industry Leaders Discuss Key Trends and Impact of Transformation, Innovation ...
Marketwire (press release)
The meeting focused on the industry "new normal," discussing how companies must proactively assess and define approaches to the fast-paced business, distribution, customer, outsourcing and technology changes to create competitive, yet sustainable, ...
M&B shares slip on grim trading update
Financial Times
“Until we get to lapping VAT ... we think this is the new normal.” He guided analysts towards lower full-year forecasts, with operating profit slightly less than £300m instead of just ahead of that mark. The company expects operating margins to slip, ...
Severe Heat Wave Cloaks Much Of The US
A few weeks ago, those numbers showed that the new normal temperatures are, on average, a half a degree higher. And the US of the 2000s was about a degree and a half warmer than the US of the 1970s. So it's getting hotter. How is the heat affecting ...
The New Employment Normal
Wizbang (blog)
Here it is again (in the seventh paragraph): Initial claims have now been above the 400000 mark for 15 straight weeks. That level is usually associated with a stable labor market. 9%+ Unemployment is now the steady state / new normal, unexpectedly.
Forum speakers update resin situations
Plastics News
The volatility of the PP market is the new normal, said Scott Newell, RTI's client services director for PP. Looking 60 days and beyond during his presentation, he said demand could balance with supply, or there will need to be new capacity. ...
Back To School Already Looks Like A Bust
Forbes (blog)
There's been a lot of talk about “the new normal,” a frugality that's sticking around a lot longer than the recession. The technical indicators may point to recovery, but consumers aren't buying it — or very much of anything else. ...
Sweltering! Temperatures could hit 100° mark today
The Detroit News
... "A World Without Ice." "We're getting a sample of what's to come in the coming decades," he said. "Nature is talking to us right now," Pollack said. "It's saying there is a new normal. We're probably not going to like the new normal."
Shared Services Demand on the Rise
Information Management
“A 'new normal' in third-party service usage has emerged that is more pragmatic, measured, cautious and realistic,” says Stan Lepeak, research director in KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory group. Beyond cutting costs, Lepeak says, ...
Why I'm Not Marrying Any Gay Couples on July 25
Huffington Post (blog)
She was open to the new normal. Alas, not everything worked out quite this happily ever after. I'm sorry to report that this first same-sex marriage I oversaw did not last. The couple ended up separating and eventually dissolved their bond. ...
What is America's Fetish This Week? Armageddon
For some, it's getting to the point where doom-and-gloom is the new normal, and you're always on standby for meltdown. This year has seen had several end-of-life-as-we-know predictions, some of them tied to religion, some to politics. ...
Wendi C. Thomas: Memphis schools stoop to new low for results
Memphis Commercial Appeal
This is our new normal, absent the energy to demand any better from the characters in our own sad reality show. Contact Wendi C. Thomas at (901) 529-5896 or e-mail
Industry experts assess local economy at 2011 halftime
Northern Colorado Business Report
"I'm not willing to accept 9 percent unemployment as the new normal," Shields said during the question-and-answer portion of the program. In Larimer and Weld counties, employment is 6000 jobs below pre-recession levels, but 20000 jobs below its ...
Lack of hospital beds hurting Ontario health care: report
National Post (blog)
“We've seen a lot of commentary from the minister and some hospital CEOs, who say that this is the new normal. We felt that it was imperative to show that that's not actually true.” Matthews insisted that since coming to power in 2003, the Liberals ...
Phil-osophically Speaking: July 21, 2011
Floral Park Dispatch
This abnormality, once considered deviant, is the new normal. When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, spending was already unsustainable. Nevertheless, Obama proceeded, in the spirit of the “Great Society,” to spend even more of ...
Thomas & Betts' CEO Discusses Q2 2011 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
We saw no meaningful pre-buy in anticipation of the July price increase and as we have noted before, tighter inventory standards may be the new normal for our industry. This trend actually favors Thomas and Betts's unique fast cycle logistics model, ...
Madness: 39 Things That Are Driving Ordinary Americans Absolutely Crazy
Unfortunately, the "new normal" is going to be a lot different from what the "old normal" was. The United States is a declining power. Every month our nation is bleeding more jobs, more factories and more wealth. Every month our debt problems on the ...

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