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Accept the 'new normal' and carry on

Accept the 'new normal' and carry on, says ABI
FT Adviser
He said it was the industry's role to accept the reality that had resulted from the crisis and to deal with what he called the “new normal”. He said: Twenty twelve was always going to be a critical year, with Solvency II, the retail distribution review ...

FT Adviser

Eastside real estate market may have found a 'new normal'
Mercer Island Reporter
“With low inventory, low (interest) rates, unemployment going down — people are feeling this is thenew normal,” Hunter said. “We don't have a crystal ball, but we don't see a big change coming.” Hunter said there might even be some appreciation in ...

New plant hardiness map shows Carolina climate changing
WSOC Charlotte
By John Ahrens Wednesday's high temperature of 65 degrees may seem unusual, but the warm weather may be the new normal. The Department of Agriculture released a new map detailing which plants can survive in different climates. They took data collected ...

The New Normal From Ryan Murphy And NBC Nabs The Book of Mormon's Andrew Rannells
TV Somniac
The network has given a pilot order to The New Normal, a single-camera sitcom co-written by Murphy and Adler and to be directed by Murphy. The Book Of Mormon star Andrew Rannells is set for one of 3 leads in the project, a heartwarming comedy about a ...

Job instability the new normal and Americans are getting use to it
The Inquisitr
Today that sense of job security no longer exists and the reality is that job instability has become the new normal in our lives. For much of the last ten years or so there has been a growing shift away from being assured that there would always be a ...

The Inquisitr

CanThe PGA of America Grow Golf 65% In Eight Years? How?
Waggle Room
And that during a period of "the new normal" in the American economy -- a "normal" where economic growth is far slower than the bubble-driven economy of 1995-2008, and a "normal" where employers are squeezing even more productivity from their employees ...

10 Tips for Controlling IT Costs
Campus Technology
By Dian Schaffhauser In the new normal of savaged IT budgets, CIOs are cutting costs, eliminating waste, and finding ways to deliver services more efficiently than ever. Here are 10 ideas to help boost your cost-fighting powers.

Groundhog Day
Campus Technology
When it comes to IT budgets, the "new normal" is looking a lot like the "same old, same old." By Andrew Barbour The sound of wailing and the gnashing of teeth mean it's budget time again in campus IT shops. For many CIOs, it's like a scene out of ...

LIVESTRONG classes continues at Berkeley Heights Y
Independent Press -
... number of cancer survivors who find themselves in the transitional period between completing their cancer treatment and the shift to feeling physically and emotionally strong enough to attempt to return to their normal life or their “new normal.

Mayor Slifka to Business Leaders: 'We Need To Be Bold'
However, noting that the news is not all good, Slifka cautioned that right now we are still adjusting to the "new normal ... and we're not sure what normal is yet." He told the crowd, "This is going to be another difficult budget year.

Secondary Sources: Fed Policy, Scary Europe Chart, Off-the-Grid Indicators
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Food and personal security is still a worry for too many consumers, and interest in precious metals (silver, though, not gold) still trends higher. Bottom line: if the data we present fits your idea of a “New normal,” you need to look up the word ...

5 Dividend Stocks For International Exposure
Seeking Alpha
We continue to focus in on dividend yielding stocks as a means of providing income as well as growth in these days of the new normal of low interest rates and turbulent markets. Patrick Martin of the Motley Fool looks at companies with good yields and ...

Aetna's 4Q Earnings Up 73% On Light Health Usage
Wall Street Journal
"We're guarded against whether this is the new normal," Zubretsky said, regarding recent usage trends. "That's what we don't know." Meantime, he noted in a release that the company expects to have $1.35 billion of deployable capital for this year.

Joint Finance Committee begins meetings
The News Journal
However, Deputy Finance Secretary David Gregor warned that Delaware will have to adjust to a "new normal" in coming years. Recent revenue estimates from the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council, on which the state's budgets are based, ...

Gangster economics
FT Alphaville (blog)
Bottom line: if the data we present fits your idea of a “New normal,” you need to look up the word “Normal.” Steady, but definitely ascending in terms of a longer-term trend. Though there were other intriguing “off the grid” factoids pointed out by ...

A year after Yasi
ABC Local
"Some people will have moved on and will be what they consider 'back to normal' or in their new normal, but other people will still be in the thick of rebuilding so a lot of people will still be in the thick of their recovery process.

Delivering Meaningful Outcomes for Your Organization
There are many elements that are critical to success, especially when you start to dissect the intricacies of a solid learning design strategy. Two foundational elements have guided my success in the past, and as we look toward the “new normal,” a ...


5 Companies You Can Buy Today
Seeking Alpha
As we continue to examine dividend bearing stocks, especially large caps that will be able to ride out the turbulence that is part of the new normal, we pick up the selection from Morgan Housel of the Motley Fool. He uses Enterprise value over ...

Observations from River Ridge
Morning Star
I have pictures of beautiful drifts though, and look back at them with fond memories. In thinking about it, last winter wasn't "normal" either so is there a new "normal"? We have February and March ahead so there is plenty of time for lots of snow.

Louisa County students moving months after earthquake damaged school
Dr. Pettit says the process is ongoing, as the students get used to a “new normal” inside the PODS. The complex is equip with 27 units, to include 90 classrooms, a cafeteria and a main office. Officials say it cost $1 million just to set it up.

It's Not How Much You Make, It's What You Do With It!
JD Supra (press release)
Here's 4 immediate steps to take. Four Focus Areas: • Set A Family Budget and Check Your Progress • Educate Your Family on the New Normal Regarding Finances • Don't Let Procrastination Make the Decision for You • Build Savings into Your Budget.

Sexual abuse and molestation, the open secret News
... member or an acquaintance—and perhaps even having to confront your own issues of past sexual abuse,” says Ms. Coleman, a lecturer and author of “Creating a New Normal: Cleaning Up a Dysfunctional Life,” which chronicles her healing and recovery. News

Super Bowl food research recap: Different agendas, different results
Portland Daily Sun
"Consumers continue to rein in spending, and this 'new normal' provides challenges for restaurant and bar owners." Weighing in a bit differently, The National Restaurant Association (the industry voice made up 960000 restaurant and food service outlets ...

ADP Jobs Growth Disappoints in January 2012, But Still OK
Global Economic Intersection
My initial thought is that this is a new normal seasonality, however it could also be economic effects with only circumstantial appearance of seasonality which are causing the economy to pulse. The relative strength is in the service sector which has ...

After gay marriage, what? (blog)
In impoverished cities, such as Camden, more than one-third of adults will live together, unmarried; With traditional marriage in decline and cohabitation the new normal, marriage is decoupled from child rearing. Out-of-wedlock births rise at an ...

WTO Rules Against China's Raw Materials Exports – How Big a Win for Domestic ...
... for trade fairness between the US, China and other nations. Diggins, among other leaders in the domestic steel industry, will be speaking at our upcoming conference, Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for a New Normal. (Click below for more info…)


Global core bonds had another constructive session on Tuesday
The eco data may be intrinsically bond positive, the Bund auction should go smoothly, which seems since the start of the year the new normal for all auctions. The release of the ECB bank lending data is important, as it might shed a light on the ...

AutoTrader Execs to Share How Transparency Can Boost Consideration for Dealers
Auto Remarketing
To begin the workshop, the pair will delve into what's considered the industry's “new normal,” while also looking at how the economy has altered the car-shopping process for consumers. Wainschel — who is AutoTrader's vice president of automotive ...

Emory sees strengths, challenges in current economy
Emory University News and Events
"The 'new normal' is not so new anymore," he continues, "but we are still trying to get accustomed to it. On the one hand, we are working hard to capitalize on new opportunities, including initiatives launched within the schools as well as in the ...

Gulf concerns to underpin crude
Investors Chronicle
Oil at $100-plus could be the new normal, but, even though retail investors can invest in oil investment through ETFs, betting on the price of oil is best left to professional traders. We prefer equity plays on oil such as our long-term buy ...

Current Mortgage Rates | Mortgage Rates | February 1, 2012
Mortgage Rates & Trends (blog)
This may be the new normal. Bloomberg: Foreclosures draw private equity as US sells homes. I'm sure there are some opportunities here, but managing and maintaining large amounts of residential properties strikes me as being a massive pain.

Mortgage Rates & Trends (blog)

The Electric Car And The New Normal | EarthTechling
By Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resources Defense Council checks in with the town of Normal, Illinois, which is becoming a midwestern Mecca for the zero emission automobile.

Banking's new normal is emerging—but not where you expect ...
By Andrew Jennings
Over the past year, there has been plenty of writing about the prospect of stability—the so-called "new normal"—in post-crisis financial services markets. And during this time, we've continued to see plenty of destabilizing forces rock the ...
Banking Analytics Blog

Walking a Labyrinth and The New Normal - Riding The Wave ...
By Lori Puente
A Caregiver's Inspirational Journey Through Cancer.
Riding The Wave - Multiple Myeloma

The New Normal: Kanazawa With My Sisters
By AnaMarie
I spent the last days of winter vacation sightseeing in Kanazawa with my sisters, while Lee got things straightened up at home. We saw all the typical sights, like Kenroku-en, Omicho market, and the gold leaf place, but we also did a couple of ...
The New Normal

[Article] Democracy Under Attack
By Socionomics Institute
Google Trends shows that news references to “new normal” have increased markedly since 2007. For example, the October 4 Guardian headlined, “Financial crisis has world teetering on the brink—welcome to the new normal”: Will the euro ...
Socionomics Institute

AFP Blog: Recent News of Note: Fundraising Campaigns Smaller ...
By Reed
Fundraising Campaigns Smaller but Omnipresent in the 'New Normal': Characteristics of the New Normal The new normal is "less about bold and more about achievable,' according to the webinar presenters. They predict that, although we ...
AFP Blog: Recent News of Note

Thank you, Citizens United, for the “outsized influence wealthy ...
By GottaLaff
Thanks to Citizens United, thanks to (legal) unlimited donations to super PACS, the 1%ers are buying our candidates outright, influencing election outcomes, and the new normal is that we are now, more than ever, at the mercy of the very, very ...
The Political Carnival

Hartmann's First 6-Months; James D. Hartmann, Seminole County ...
By CMF Public Media
Hartmann speaks for the first 44-minutes of this event, touching on such issues as his previous leadership experiences in county and municipal government, the new normal of living with staff reductions, the county's property tax values, ...
CMF Public Media

Business without Borders | Commodities: the bust, the boom and the ...
By gregor.davidson
Indeed, volatility is the new normal, said Diane D'Erasmo, executive vice president, commercial banking for HSBC Bank, in her opening remarks at The Competition for Commodities panel discussion held in New York on Jan. 24. The event ...
Business without Borders

Grand Jury Clears Trooper Who Shot, Killed Motorist « CBS Minnesota
By Alison Lorge
The new normal. Ask Jason Anderson. February 1, 2012 at 9:01 am | Reply | Report comment. Fed Up. Nope, I won't be next. Maybe because I don't do crazy stuff like attempting to kill a cop, or anybody for that matter. Good work officer!
CBS Minnesota

Gross Scarcity « Trade With Dave
By admin
If this is the new normal, you can count Dave out. What Bill is essentially saying is that the model that he is operating under has run its course. Ergo, you should adjust your expectations to a scarcity mindset… please. The question is not one of ...
Trade With Dave

Louisa County Schools Adjusting To New Normal After Quake ...
Earthquake Forces New Normal At Louisa County Schools. More than five months after the August 2011 earthquake, classroom space expands .

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Announcements for New Normal Music! 2, 8, 12 hours 25 min ago by Art. NNM Feedback. Give us your feedback! 2, 2, 2 days 21 hours ago by New Normal ...

The new normal for organizations
The new normal for organizations. January 23, 2012 by alpittampalli · 4 Comments. Most big organizations aren't equipped very well to handle aberrations.

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