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Complacency, Not The Economy, Is Killing Deals

How Complacency, Not The Economy, Is Killing Deals
Fast Company
Just about every business news outlet has used the term “new normal” to describe the current global economic conditions: Limited or no growth. Layoffs and high unemployment. Unstable stock markets. It has become, over the past three years, ...

Fast Company

Ellen Barkin To Co-Star In Ryan Murphy/Ali Adler's NBC Comedy Pilot 'The New ...
EXCLUSIVE: I've learned that Ellen Barkin is in final negotiations to co-star in The New Normal, NBC's comedy pilot from the Glee duo of Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler. The single-camera project, co-written by Glee co-creator Murphy and Adler and to be ...

CREDIT MARKETS: Treasurys End Flat; Corporates Flood Market
Wall Street Journal
Jody Lurie, credit analyst at Janney Capital Markets, said gloom-and-doom headlines from Europe have become "the new normal." For better or for worse, investors are unfazed by the latest developments from Europe, she said. "It could definitely be naive ...

Wholesale Sales In December 2011 Continues to Show Growth
Global Economic Intersection
Inventories specifically were consistent with the recent new normal growth going from November and December in recent years, and inventory to sales ratios remain low (good).US Census Headlines: inventories up 0.9% month-over-month, sales-to-inventory...

Global Economic Intersection

More than half of America's pets are obese, survey shows
CBS News
"In simplest terms, we've made fat pets the new normal," he said. To put animal obesity in relatable human terms, a 10-pound Chihuahua is the equivalent a 5'4" woman weighing 242 pounds or a 5'9" man weighing 282 pounds, according to the APOP.

Generating Growth in a Tough Economy
Indeed, it's looking as if high unemployment, low interest rates and a volatile investment market may be the “new normal” for quite some time to come. Therefore, companies should remain on the offensive by rethinking and reshaping the status quo so ...

Flight #93 Pilot's Widow Releases Memoir for Black History Month
Sacramento Bee
From Where I Stand chronicles the events of that singular day and the "new normal" that ensued for Melodie: media calling for a quote every time a story broke related to September 11; raising children and celebrating their milestones while living with ...

Small Moves Disguise Big Action
Fox Business
Some investors will tell you the Street has returned to a "new normal" and the steady climb to the top is indicative of an improving economy and investor mentality. Others will tell you the market is ripe for popping. Ben Willis, Director of Floor ...

Asset management: The foxy normal
The market is abuzz with the phrase “the new normal” to indicate how much the game has changed. In response, I would offer “the foxy normal” where the basic instinct and behaviour of the investor is aligned to that of the fox: ever watchful for the ...

DDoS attacks get smaller, as IPv6 hits detected
SC Magazine UK
It claimed that large volumetric DDoS attacks were the "new normal", as during the survey period of October 2010 to November 2011 attacks in the Gbps range were detected. Darren Anstee, EMEA solutions architect at Arbor Networks, told SC Magazine: “We ...

Positives about education
Emporia Gazette
Over the next two years, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War protests ramped up and eventually created a “new normal.” In retrospect, I believe we were living among heroes and did not know it. For whatever reason, you stayed with us and made ...

Lilburn Woman's Club to Sponsor Jawbones v. Sawbones Fundraiser
... has been a member of Side by Side for several years after sustaining a work-related brain injury and knows first-hand how this facility and its dedicated staff help patients to rebuild their lives, their confidence and find their new normal.

The Tricky Business of Restructuring | From the Bell Tower
Library Journal
The bottom line is that in this post-recession economic environment, especially for public universities in which states are drastically cutting the flow of funds, restructuring will be part of the new normal. One of the biggest higher education ...

Pakistan's future
The Economist
“The new normal is abnormal,” he observes. The country is threatened by various long-term trends. Of Pakistan's 185m people, two-thirds are younger than 30 years old. Only the population of Yemen—hardly a model of stability—is more youthful.

Speaker to share Heavenly experience at National Prayer Breakfast
My West Texas
Though the Piper family has been changed forever by that accident in 1989, God can create a "new normal" for those whose lives have been broken beyond repair, Chris Piper said. Not only does the family hope to share its own story of rebirth and ...

Climate change and our gardens
Net Newsledger
Others disagree, arguing that the map reflects warming trend and the “new normal”. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compared hardiness zone maps from 1990 and 2006 (the latter prepared by the Arbor Day Foundation). Over that 16 year period, ...

Net Newsledger

Global ETF inflows enjoy record January
Financial News
... institutional trading is down slightly more than overall trading. This seems to be thenew normal until we see a clear path out of the sovereign debt crisis. Until then, fund managers will sit on the sidelines." Global ETF inflows enjoy record January.

Financial News

Central Bank Liquidity Props Markets: Dave's Daily
It's the new normal folks. Earnings news was led by Time Warner (TWX) which beat estimates ($.94 vs $.89 expected), Moody's (MCO) missed ($.43 versus $.49 expected) and Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) beating earnings Tuesday after the close ($.75 versus...

Northern Michigan fruit growers brace for a changing climate
Michigan Radio
Growers are wondering if these wild fluctuations in weather are just random events or if they might be the new normal. Jeff Andresen has been looking into that question. He's the state's climatologist and a professor of geology at Michigan State.

More Than OK
"I'm doing really well, but I have a new normal now," Conner said. "I tell people all that time that if I didn't discuss what I went through, they would never know. They would never know the journey that I've been on over the last few years."

Mexico not most unsafe place to study abroad
UNM Daily Lobo
These events now serve as the baseline of criminal incidents in Mexico; this became and still is “thenew normal” in Mexico. For example, Mexico City is cited as “safe” by many. Mexico City, according to officials, has a lower murder rate than some US ...

From the heart
Leominster Champion
John said the “new” normal is life without their eldest son, and it is a transition for them all to make. “It's one of those things that I was told, “you get used to it, but it does not change. I see the stress on my family, and it does not go away.

Aurora woman gets 7-year sentence for crash that killed 2, injured 12
Chicago Daily Herald
I will never reach a 'new normal,' as some call it.” Bernard testified that sun reflecting off the passing motorcycles created a “strobe light” effect, she reached for sunglasses and rear-ended the Civic. “I never, ever meant to hurt anyone.

Manulife CFO leaving; charge sends insurer to loss
(The bare minimum allowable level is 150 per cent, but these days regulators require it to be much higher, with many industry participants citing 200 per cent as the “new normal”). Manulife said that 30 points of the decline stemmed from regulatory ...

Sandwiched-class may grab budget goodies
Business Times (subscription)
'Under the 'new normal' in Singapore politics and the inclusive growth strategy, redistribution could well be a policy objective in its own right now,' he said. And there is room for more special social transfers, such as Workfare and transfers to ...

Jobs, Economy, Job Numbers | askmarion
By Ask Marion
On his blog “My Take on Financial Events,” Krasting wrote, “Is the current [Labor Force Participation Rate] a temporary phenomenon, or is this the 'New Normal?'” Krasting believes that if the current Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) is the ...

Breaking thru Resistance - Modish
By modish
That's why sudden, unexpected changes often throw our whole words out of whack- but even a sudden change becomes your new normal, eventually. We are highly adaptable creatures, us humans, and when we're thrown into new life ...

My Own Middling Place | Halala Mama
By halalamama
We adjust to this being our new reality, our new normal. Constant vigilance over what he eats… looking at every packaged and prepared food suspiciously. And most importantly not knowing how his seemingly strong little body will react to an ...
Halala Mama

Writer's Workshop. This Was Us Then.
By Dumb Mom
I finally woke him up and nursed him just to be sure everything was normal. It was. A new normal to get used to? A normal that involved sleeping while the sun was down? A normal that didn't involve round the clock sobbing, by him or me?
parenting BY dummies

CMSWire: Social Business 101 – Building the Foundation - Articles ...
By Tiffany Henry
From social being the new normal to why you should focus on strategy, Howard's recommendations should be viewed as the foundation to help jumpstart your social education. And as an added bonus for each recommendation, he lists key ...

Ron English Goes to Detroit With the Family (and wheat paste ...
By Editorz
... of unconscious living. Like the skits on Saturday Night Live, English's brand of “POPaganda” has to stretch into the outlandish to lampoon the new normal, all for some social commentary that goes down with a spoonful of artistic sugar.
Brooklyn Street Art

Medication effect or placebo? - Women With ADHD ADD
After awhile, you should settle into a new "normal," where you will have better attention and focus but that super energetic feeling evens out. A really important thing to remember is that "normal" non-ADHD people get tired. They have off days; ...
Latest Activity on Women With ADHD ADD

The Environment Report: Fruit Growers and a Changing Climate
Growers are wondering if these wild fluctuations in weather are just random events or if they might be the new normal. Jeff Andresen has been looking into that question. He's the state's climatologist and a professor of geology at Michigan ...
The Environment Report

RealClearEnergy | A New Normal for Energy?
President Obama's decision last week to halt the Canadian tar-sands pipeline project was the right choice for the environment, a win for environmentalists - who ...

New Normal by houseofbuilding on SoundCloud - Create, record ...
Listen to New Normal by houseofbuilding | Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with SoundCloud, the ...

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