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'New normal' for real estate arrives

'New normal' for real estate arrives
Daily News Transcript
By Jay Hummer/local columnist Homeowners in MetroWest, and throughout Massachusetts are beginning to adjust to the “new normal” — an industry buzz word used among real estate professionals to define the current state of the housing market.

Foreclosures Continue To Dog Residential Real Estate Market
Worcester Business Journal
By Brandon Butler It's the new normal in the real estate market, or at least that's how Erika Hall, an agent with Keller Williams' Hall Team Realtors in Worcester, describes it. Foreclosures have plagued the residential real estate market for most of ...

Stocks paying a dividend are important for investors
Richmond Times Dispatch
"It was forgotten during an era that some thought was the new normal (1996-2007)." A return to the norm was inevitable, he said. After a turbulent year in 2011, US stocks basically ended the year flat. The S&P eked out a 2.1 percent return last year ...

Used-Car Prices Are on the Rise
Wall Street Journal
"The prices you see out there now is the new normal for the market," National Automobile Dealers Association executive automotive analyst Jonathan Banks said. "We don't see prices having a huge fall off which is good when it comes to depreciation but ...

Great pass rushing can neutralize even best QBs
And back home, where the lack of a franchise quarterback has become the new normal the past decade, the Dolphins are talking both privately and publicly about the need to upgrade at quarterback. “We're looking to increase the execution and productivity ...

Low-hanging fruit
After a year-long slump, many stocks are quoting at such valuations that it is hard to tell whether they are abnormally low or are the new normal for the market. Stock valuations have come off sharply over the past few months with significant ...

The Extra Mile: Juggling parenting, training requires teamwork
Montgomery Advertiser
Lately, this is my new normal, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Life is a juggling act, and sometimes it's a challenge to fit everything into one day. With a full-time job, my daughter's school, her basketball practices and games, and soon, ...

Employment: Return Of The Great Oscillation
Seeking Alpha
Following the collapse of a bubble, the 'New Normal' may simply be a return to what used to be. Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

Area native among Faces of the Super Bowl
“I am cancer-free, however, my new normal is having doctors' appointments and scans every so many months, to make sure it hasn't returned. They say after five years, you're good. I think I will always have a fear of it returning.

Construction slump continues in Pitkin County
Aspen Times
“In terms of the new normal, or what the new normal should be, that's not the way to get there.” As the local construction industry continues to lag behind pre-recession levels by a significant degree,

Look at What 'Worked' in the Great Depression
The Market Oracle
At some point this lesson will be burned into our minds by the continuing stagnation of the unreformed economy, even if it is sold as 'the new normal' and not so bad on paper. It will be a living hell for many, and they will eventually push back, ...

A Mom And Dad Named "Sue"
Men's News Daily
Is this the new normal for making friends? - Stunned Mom 1 views I don't feel there is any feeling of being supperior in my decision making process. You are correct in making the statment about wanting to have control over what I eat.

US job market still on long path to recovery
VietNamNet Bridge
The worry is that the poor performing decades characterized by high unemployment and low growth will become the new normal of the 21 century, with disastrous consequences for future American generations, John Taylor, a renowned professor at Stanford ...

VietNamNet Bridge

Some Things in Politics Still Matter
Southern Pines Pilot
The new normal is US House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, demonstrating his contempt for the president by appearing uninterested and texting during an address delivered to a joint session of Congress. It's Mitch McConnell declaring, "The single most ...

A warm winter, and not the first
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
As growing zones shift northward and polar ice melts at an alarming rate, there is ample evidence that we're already in the grip of a new normal, a climatic period whose hallmarks include warmer winters and hotter summers.

LectureHop: Mormons in Morningside
For Mormons, weird is the new normal, according to some of the talks at least. Professor David Campbell pointed out that Mormons see the epithet “peculiar people” as a compliment. Professor Russell Arben Fox insisted that “Mormonism is distinct from ...


Healing begins for homeless community and family
In Hopkins case it was for closure and to get some sense of what happened and his important part of it. "It's a life changer," he said about witnessing a killing. "I can't go back to my old normal, I've just got to get used to my new normal."

A 4-Page Playdate Waiver? Is This the New Normal ...
By lskenazy
Is This the New Normal? Posted on February 5, 2012 by lskenazy. Hi Readers — This mom wrote to me wondering if what she just experienced is normal. I'm wondering, too! — L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I have a situation perhaps your readers ...

Bruce Krasting: Larry Summers Blows it on TV
By Bruce Krasting
If the current LFPR is, in fact, the new normal (I think it is), it has profound implications on the macro economic outlook for the USA. Virtually all of the economic models used by CBO, OMB, SSA and private economists are assuming that the ...
Bruce Krasting

EatMedia - New Ideas For New Business Development: Multiple ...
By David Cutler
The new normal these days is to have a couple of projects on the side for getting your multiple streams of income AND to take advantage of the best time in history to be an entrepreneur and manage a business. The Web has the tools - are you ...
EatMedia - New Ideas For New...

Larry Summers Blows It on TV - Wall Street - eWallstreeter
The key question that must be answered is: Is the current LFPR a temporary phenomenon, or is this the “New Normal?” If the current LFPR is, in fact, the new normal (I think it is), it has profound implications on the macro economic outlook for ...

Are Lean Times the “New Normal” in New Attorney Hiring?
Advance your legal career with legal career news, trends and information for new attorneys, law students and associates. Free legal career tips, legal career ...

Making IPv6 the New Normal - World IPv6 Launch on 6 June 2012 ...
A year ago today ICANN allocated the last five IPv4 address blocks to the five Regional Internet Registries in a ceremony with leaders from the Internet ...

The new normal
Victoria Times Colonist
By Richard Watts, Times Colonist February 4, 2012 The Peterson-Gray Smith home in Fairfield oozes suburban ordinariness. There's a minivan in the driveway. The front yard is littered with kids' bicycles and plastic hockey sticks. And while the couple, ...

Josh Freed: Diners developing appetite for silence
Montreal Gazette
So loud has become the new normal and background music has moved to the foreground. I keep expecting to hear the waiter say: “Would you like earplugs with your fries?” I like some buzz and music at my restaurants too, partly just to mask my neighbours' ...

Job Numbers Hype: It's Bad Politics and Worse Policy
Huffington Post
To do otherwise is to serve, however unintentionally, an insidious agenda from the right that would lower our expectations until these tragic levels of unemployment are seen as the "new normal." An increase in jobs is a good thing, of course, ...

Obesity epidemic strikes US pets
"In simplest terms, we've made fat pets the new normal," said Ward. In many cases, the problem correlates to the obesity epidemic among people, he said. "This is the sentinel for childhood obesity. When I see dogs who are overweight, ...

New children's center shows scope of military sacrifice
Hilton Head Island Packet
"For these military-connected children, their 'new normal' includes deployment and separation from their loved ones. For some, it includes the death, injury or illness of those loved ones. Often, the challenges faced by these children go unrecognized ...

CARR: Take a 'flight' without leaving the backcountry
North County Times
New normal: I've done it. I have discovered an endless source of cheap, abundant energy ---- my neighbor's firewood pile at 2 am Hmm ... now that I think about it, Bonsall mom Jan Heninger might have a somewhat less, er, litigious solution to our ...

Jobless Rate Falls to 8.3%, Altering Face of Campaign
New York Times
“Voters remain worried that this slow rate of economic growth could become the new normal with Obama at the helm,” said Kevin Madden, an adviser to Mr. Romney. “Also, President Obama's spending policies have racked up record deficits, ...

New York Times

Josh Gad in Talks to Star in THE GAME; Lands Lead in NBC Comedy Pilot 1600 PENN
Gad's Book of Mormon co-star Andrew Rannells also landed a high-profile NBC pilot, Ryan Murphy's half-hour comedy The New Normal. Are you just another AFC (“average frustrated chump”) trying to meet an HB (“hot babe”)?

PC wins awards in APME contest
Iowa City Press Citizen
General features, first place, Tricia Brown for “Mind Thief,” the story of a Coralville woman suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease and the affects on her family; second place, Josh O'Leary, for “Getting back to a new normal,” the story of ...

Romney faces dilemma of improving economy
San Francisco Chronicle
An unemployment rate of 8 percent or more should not be embraced as "the new normal," a Romney aide said. Still, as the unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent, its lowest level in three years, Republican and Democratic strategists wondered Friday what ...

Economic planning for uncertain times - Donald Kaberuka
The Africa Report
The first is one where there is continuing Asian growth, which sustains strong demand – part of 'thenew normal', as some have put it. The second scenario is one where commodity prices steadily ease as BRIC growth rates start to slow down.

For savers in Canada, a sinking feeling
The new normal, warns Eric Lascelles, chief economist at RBC Global Asset Management, is characterized by slow growth, low yields and a lot of uncertainty. “It's not a happy place for investors right now,” he says. Some, like Mr. Topolniski, ...

Do-it-yourself rationing
While some observers are expecting a resurgence, citing pent-up demand for procedures such as hip and knee implants, others aren't so sure. One analyst says the low numbers actually could represent healthcare's “new normal.” Given all these trends, ...

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