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Protecting the Brand When Data Loss Is the New Normal

Into the Breach: Protecting the Brand When Data Loss Is the New Normal
Never mind all those formula Hollywood films about oddly sympathetic adolescents hacking into major government or financial computer systems. In fact, real cybercrime has overtaken terrorism as the central threat to US security, according to FBI ...

New Normal Is Selling Old Debt as Issuance Surges: Brazil Credit
By Drew Benson and Christine Jenkins Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Brazilian companies led by Itau Unibanco Holding SA and Petroleo Brasileiro SA are selling more of their existing bonds in a bid to access international credit markets faster amid a decline in ...

'The new normal'
The Daily Advertiser
The "new normal" may be too costly for some of the small independent companies to survive, Luquette said. "In the end," he said, "the standards are going up. It's your responsibility to enact them." The Gulf of Mexico is still a major source of oil and ...

IMBC 2012: Survey shows 'new normal' for marinas
Trade Only Today
“One of the things we're trying to do is find out what the new normal is going to be,” said Kirby Scheimann, Southeast regional manager for Marinas International, at an industry update Thursday at the International Marina & Boatyard Conference in ...

Raise fares or cut service or ...? More 'new normal' considerations for ...
Progressive Rail Roading
After noting ridership declines during the height of the recession, many transit agencies once are again seeing passenger counts rise. An ever-so-slightly falling unemployment rate has helped boost ridership as more people are commuting again.

Tom Leykis Reaches Deal For New Studio Space
All Access Music Group
TOM LEYKIS' return to the talk wars with an online show debuting APRIL 2nd will be happening from a new facility, and LEYKIS announced on his FACEBOOK page THURSDAY that he has reached an agreement to build his NEW NORMAL STUDIOS in LOS ANGELES.

Wicked Weather: Part 1
Is this really out of the ordinary or is this a new normal? At the National Weather Service in Paducah, 2011 was a busy year. It spotted a record 78 tornadoes in the service's region. Evansville Precipitation in 2011...another record.

Summary Box: Golden blockbuster era over, difficult times ahead for ...
Washington Post
NEW NORMAL: Big drugmakers can no longer churn out drugs for the masses and double-digit profit increases. Now, they're having to develop drugs for smaller patient groups and hold up the bottom line with relentless cost-cutting.

Whatever it takes
Concord Monitor
Or, maybe, this is the "new normal." In that case, I'm moving to Labrador. If you live in a place where it doesn't snow a lot and gets really cold occasionally, you get soft and rot sets in. Anyway, these AT skiers were doing what they had to do to ...

Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day Deal: Nothing More Romantic Than Free Donuts
While frugality has emerged as the “new normal,” consumers are likely to be repairing cars rather than buying new ones and scaling back on pricey meals at swanky restaurants. But at least they can find a spare buck to indulge in a sweet and creamy...


2011 Iowa APME Contest Winners
WSOC Charlotte
Iowa City Press-Citizen, Josh O'Leary, "Getting back to a new normal" 3. The Tribune, Luke Jennett, "Cold Case: Who killed Sheila Jean Collins" 1. Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Matt Wilde, "Floyd County farmer embraces role" 2.

The Cash Kings Of The Dow
Seeking Alpha
We continue to focus in on dividend-yielding stocks as a means of providing income as well as growth in these days of the new normal of low interest rates and turbulent markets. In this review, we relax the requirement for dividends but look for ...

The New Normal
National Journal
AP Photo/Gerald Herbert (top), AP Photo/Evan Vucci (bottom) The odd couple: Romney appears to be on track to claim the Republican nomination, but Gingrich thinks that a brokered convention is still a possibility. Mitt Romney may be ahead, ...

Change: Adjusting to the New Norm
The Swinging Bridge
I have heard it said that in order to cope with undesired change it is necessary to define a new normal. These unwanted changes may require us to take a job we don't want in order to pay the bills, move unexpectedly, or lose a relationship.

Property reassessment: Should Lehigh County move forward or hold off?
Allentown Morning Call
Unless we accept as fact that this is the new normal and the market will remain this way for a decade, this is not the right time to affix new assessed values. Q: What makes you think any other year would be better than the current year to reassess?

Allentown Morning Call

All in Your Head?
I'm learning what my new normal is.” Upon returning home from the hospital, Gryder made a list of things she could and couldn't do with IH. Initially the only activity that made her “can do” list was “cry in the kitchen.” That list has since grown ...

Facebook IPO Lessons
Enterprise Irregulars
As a result, by constantly pushing forward, and making mistakes, Facebook created a new normal that in retrospect would never have been accepted even 5 years ago. 2) Zuckerberg, like Larry Ellison and Bill Gates most notably, retained tremendous ...

Enterprise Irregulars

End of redevelopment challenges cities to focus on new ways to grow
Pacific Coast Business Times
With smaller downtowns that were heavily dependent on RDA funding for revitalization efforts, Arroyo Grande and Atascadero face some of the most difficult challenges in the “new normal” for California cities. A key problem is that the end of ...

Alex Ovechkin Is No Longer The Washington Capitals MVP
Or after nearly two years that have included the crushing Olympic defeat, the playoff upsets by the Canadiens and Lightning, and the trio of suspensions, is the lesser Ovechkin his new normal? WUSA-9's Sports Insider, David Elfin, has covered sports...


NBC To Order Josh Gad-Jason Winer Comedy Pilot With Gad Starring; Actor Also ...
(Gad's co-star, Andrew Rennells, also is toplining an NBC/20th TV comedy pilot this season, Ryan Murphy/Ali Adler's The New Normal.) On the feature side, Gad, repped by ICM and Brillstein Entertainment, wrapped Thanks for Sharing last fall and just ...

Starwood Hotel execs talk development, economy
Hotel News Now
“Our sense is that the new normal will carry with it a great degree of volatility, and we certainly want to be prepared for that on the downside. We also believe having funds available to be opportunistic is equally important,” van Paasschen later ...

The 8 things your employees need most
Dynamic Business
Getting a raise is like buying a bigger house; soon, more becomes the new normal. Higher wages won't cause employees to automatically perform at a higher level. Commitment, work ethic, and motivation are not based on pay. 1. Freedom.

LETTERS for February 2 issue
Lahaina News
Unless it's overturned with a constitutional amendment, the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling (which enabled corporations to make unlimited political contributions) will stand. US corruption has become too big to measure. It's the new normal.

Here are some tips for surviving RRC Rd. construction
The Friday Flyer
Watch for new signs saying "No U-turn" at the intersection of Canyon Lake Dr. South and Railroad Canyon Rd. Get used to the new normal. It will be like this for awhile – congestion, a change in driving patterns, a few more minutes to get where you're ...

The Friday Flyer

Yakima city council takes closer look at how it spends
We keep saying when it gets better we can do this, well we don't know what the new normal is going to look like and we may never be back six or seven years again," Adkison said. Yakima city council takes closer look at how it spends.


Deconstructing the "Massive Beat" in Employment Data
The "new normal" is just the old normal without the added froth. What we are left with is the bitter reality of fewer people carrying the tax load and more people needing government assistance. We have yet to see any real proof that the trends are ...

Syria: It's not just about freedom
Washington Post (blog)
... More on this debate from PostOpinions: David Ignatius: Endgame in Syria Jim Hoagland: A civil war that's bigger than Syria Jackson Diehl: Turkey is the new normal in the Middle East The Post's View: Saving Syria requires Russia's cooperation.

Getting Ready for the DBA Conference
While this unfortunate reality exists, I do not believe it is the new normal of the debt purchasing industry, but rather a by-product of our unstable economy coupled with a regulatory environment in transition. Eventually, the FDCPA is going to be ...

Don Cunningham vetoes bill authorizing Lehigh County reassessment
The Express Times -
"Unless we believe that this is the new normal and that market price will remain depressed for the next decade, this is not the right time to affix new assessed values," Cunningham said. This is only the second veto Cunningham has issued.

The Mallard of Discontent: Old Crazy Is The New Normal
By Chad Love
Beaver County, Oklahoma. March 28, 2006. When the residents in my little corner of the state went to bed last night, we... 1. Were still firmly in the grips of an "extreme" category drought as defined by the folks who define such things (NOAA, ...
The Mallard of Discontent

In the news: New hardiness zone map and more | Cornell Horticulture
By cdc25
US map shows warmer planting conditions [] – “'At a time when the 'normal' climate has become a moving target, this revision of the hardiness zone map gives us a clear picture of the 'new normal,' and will be an essential tool for ...
Cornell Horticulture

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Planning During Uncertainty
By Trusts EstatesProf
The phrase “new normal” made a comeback after the financial crisis, suggesting a fundamental shift in the economic and business landscape. A few years on, many family enterprises are still struggling to define the new normal for themselves.
Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog

Latest Vet Survey Shows US Dog and Cat Obesity Expanding | Pet ...
By Ernie
In simplest terms, we've made fat pets the new normal.” Perhaps even worse was the finding that the number of obese pets, those at least 30 percent above normal weight or a body condition score (BCS) of 5, continues to grow despite 93.4 ...
Pet Obesity Prevention

Something That Honestly Scares Me About Romney And His ...
By drewmusings
Maybe things will be bad enough in a year but maybe this new “normal” will have taken hold and there'll be enough “good news” for the media to spin that people won't be all that angry at Obama anymore. Then what does Romney have to run ...

Free Dannon Activia Yogurt After Rebate
By Amber
Love Your New Normal Activia Rebate. activia 150x150 Free Dannon Activia Yogurt After Rebate If you tried Danon Activia yogurt between 12/22/2011 and 3/15/2011, you can get a refund of up to $36. Print the form and give them your name ...
Free N Clear

Guest Post: Honey, Tom Cruise Was Such a Jerk in That Movie! by ...
By Pam
Paranormal has practically become the new normal. For a species that was once very niche in fandom, it's left some folks scratching their heads. My own husband asks me more than anyone. “Honey, I've seen that Tom Cruise movie. He's all ...

Enterra Insights: Is Sustainability Being Overhyped?
By Steve DeAngelis
A year ago, Lesley Lammers wrote, "Advertising Age named sustainability one of the 'jargoniest jargon' words of 2010 that they 'wish you would stop saying,' right up there with monetize, choiceful, and the new normal, among others.
Enterra Insights

Forecasters warn storms likely to bring flash flooding | Weather Watch
Rain is nice and very rare under the new normal. Still 77 ... It's funny how much the new normal has already changed perceptions. Near 80 in January? Under the new normal that's a cool day as long as there's a chance of rain! By mike ...
Weather Watch

On the Road with Steve Felix: VIP, Brainstorming, Accelerated ...
By Steve Felix
Things are going well-in the context of 'the new normal. We don't like investing where there's a 'leap of faith' involved. (Comment about investing in certain emerging markets); It's the uncertainty in the Eurozone, not how horrific the situation is, ...
On the Road with Steve Felix

And a child shall lead them… | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
By jeffcraw4d
Apparently the “new normal” that Brad and Angelina are modeling for their kids isn't taking. Something more is at work. Perhaps an ingrained awareness that a man and a woman with children is more than just a “relationship.” Or at least it ...
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The List Volume LXIV | Why Did You Wear That?
By WhyDid YouWearThat
Amazing; Baby bump; Shared sacrifice; Occupy; Blowback; Man cave; The new normal; Pet parent; Win the future; Trickeration; Ginormous; Thank you in advance. While I think they did a fine job summarizing some of the most trite words in our ...
Why Did You Wear That?

The SuperStress Solution by ScrollMotion Inc | books + reference ...
By windowsphone7
Is it any wonder that anxious is the new normal? Our bodies are hardwired to cope with stress, but we are biologically ill-equipped to handle the kind that we endure today. The human brain, in all its majesty, can't distinguish true physical ...
Windows Phone 7 Apps

New Normal Is Selling Old Debt as Issuance Surges: Brazil Credit ...
Brazilian companies led by Itau Unibanco Holding SA and Petroleo Brasileiro SA are selling more of their existing bonds in a bid to access international credit ... - The New Normal - Friday, February 3, 2012
National Journal delivers the latest political news and analysis. With his big win in Florida behind him, Mitt Romney hopes to impose order on the unruly GOP ...

The Ummarked Detour: Concussion Puzzle Completed, New Normal
Dorothy Bedford describes how, fourteen months after her daughter Heidi's concussion, the use of two previously untried therapies (vestibular rehabilitation ...

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