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The New Normal: 2012 Politics

McKeon and Smith spar over budget gimmicks ... Republicans blast proposed BRAC ...
THE NEW NORMAL - “We're not going to have a normal year,” HASC Chairman McKeon said at a hearing on the defense budget Wednesday, informing Pentagon leaders that 2012 politics would likely delay a funding deal until after Election Day.

Tree Removal Project Gets Boost From FEMA Funding
This is just a new normal for us,” said Mayor John Watson. The long-time Vinton mayor knows the scene inside the city is changing. Crews are leaving streets bare as they reduce wind-damaged trees to stumps. Workers are revving up chainsaws and wood ...


Mortgage Delinquencies Improving Faster than Economy, Q4 Report
Mortgage News Daily
The real question, he said, was where we will end up; what will be the new normal? The new parameters for lending are promising with lower housing prices, and tighter lending standards but the economy may be growing more slowly so a 5 percent ...

State Demographer Speaking To Twin Cities North Chamber
Gillaspy will discuss the connection between the large number of economic and demographic changes that are predicted to occur in the next 25 years and the impact of those changes on the business community as this “new normal” emerges, Chamber officials ...

NMMA president identifies opportunities for growth
Boating Industry
“Where the new normal is going to be is anyone's guess,” he said. However, he also shared data that showed the average age of a recreational boat in the US increased from 16 years old in 1997 to 21 years old in 2011. “It's possible that the silver ...

Outsourcing - 2012 shaping the “new normal”
Lexology (registration)
So for those companies and service providers looking to seize opportunities from the crisis, 2012 looks to be an important 12 months in shaping the "New Normal" in outsourcing deals. Creativity in outsourcing remains key and the organisations who get ...

Data Dump Leaves Stock Futures Flat
Wall Street Journal (blog)
This report was better than economists were expecting and suggest consistent monthly job growth of 200000 to 250000 jobs may become the new normal as opposed to an anomaly. Wholesale prices rose modestly last month. The producer price index edged up ...

Moosejaw is Giving Clearance a Cause
PR Web (press release)
This is the new normal and Moosejaw hates it. Moosejaw, the outdoor retailer, is changing the way we think about discounts. Moosejaw just launched The UnClearance Project, a charity-driven campaign that donates a portion of clearance orders.

PR Web (press release)

Activists Link Extreme DC Weather, Climate Change
Whether it was flash flooding from Tropical Storm Lee last summer, "Snowmageddon" in 2010, or record heat waves, Sarah Bucci says extreme weather is fast becoming thenew normal. Nine out of ten Virginians live in areas that have been hit by ...


It could happen to anyone
Messenger Index
Journaling is also a way that can help work through finding the new normal. He suggests families don't get the death certificate until they are ready to read the bluntness of it. A death certificate is final, literally black and white.

Desperately seeking Americans for factory jobs
"I am coming to the conclusion that this [situation] has become the new normal," said Winslow. "Being a machinist once was considered a respectable trade. But young Americans just don't consider manufacturing to be a sexy vocation.

Get a Superior Posterior
WebMD (blog)
Your body needs time to adapt and adjust to your New Normal activity level. Also, spice it up by adding more intensity. If you do, then you'll shorten your cardio time and get more bang for your get-up-and-exercise buck. By intensity, I mean look for ...

Skylanders Giants brings new gameplay and merchandise
In addition to these new giant characters are eight new normal Skylanders (one for each of the Element grouping the game uses). These are joined by eight re-released Skylanders that share the giant's ability to light up. Finally the original 32 figures ...

Work for free and 'be of benefit' to a multinational like Tesco
The Guardian (blog)
Whatever the answer, the crucial point is that unpaid work – bad enough when it applied to supposed "interns", but grim beyond belief when used on the unemployed – is now being built into what some people call The New Normal.

The Guardian (blog)

Census details homeless challenge; agencies sharpen focus on veterans
"Now we have a new normal," Brown said. "We assume (the same people) are going to participate next year and at the same level because they're seeing how important it is." The year-round survey for 2011 shows an increase of 53 homeless people, ...

Community Stands Behind a Man's Dream to Walk
The King family's new normal is a hospital bed in the living room, rehabilitation three times a day, and a long list of pills. It's been hard but they're not giving up. “My focus now is to get up and get out of the wheelchair,” King says.

Coming storm at the gas pumps?
... a new normal could be in the making. never the less, presidents still have nightmares of this. the '70s. a gallon costs $2.50 in today's dollars. high gas prices just a backdrop to president nixon 's resignation resignation. in the 1980 recession, ...

Strange bedfellows: Romney and Weil Gotshal - Payroll deal nearly sealed ...
Obama's stagnant, declinist New Normal is unacceptable for the Last, Best Hope on Earth. .. 2. The Big Spend was a Big Bust. Obama's policies don't deserve much, if any, credit for the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. ... 3.

Teens get schooled on Money 101
Seminole Chronicle
But rather, the younger generations need to understand the new normal. "The normal way is to buy what you can pay for with cash, not on a credit card. And it's not OK to go ahead and file bankruptcy when in debt because that affects your future as well ...

Five IT ducks line up to drive business into the post-digital era
Creating a new normal. It is then that we will be entering the post-digital era." The report explains: "In the post-industrial era, business didn't set industrialisation aside – it just became the new normal. The post-digital era is following a similar ...

Does strip intercropping have a place?
Agri News
Recker also delivered some advice based on his years in agriculture: Brace for the next cycle. "You guys are making a lot of money now — there's a lot of new equipment," he said. "That's great." The young guys think this is the new normal.

The Thrill Kill Cult
American Spectator
No, the signs were not missed. They were right under our noses. The problem is there are so many warning signs coming from so many underclass children that warning signs have become the new normal. Christopher Orlet writes every Thursday from St. Louis.

Americans Still Seen Pinching On Health Care This Year
Wall Street Journal
... spend at least that much before their insurance actually kicks in. "The consumer still seems retrenched," Joseph Zubretsky, Aetna Inc.'s (AET) chief financial officer, said in a recent interview. "We're guarded against whether this is the new normal."

Conejo Valley economy expected to grow at modest pace
Ventura County Star
"There's a new normal," he said. "If you compare 2011 to 2010, it looks great, but anything would be better than 2010." Lemmo, who also is president of the Thousand Oaks Boulevard Association, said consumer traffic locally was very strong in the last ...

Why It Bugs Me When People Say: "I Must Have ADD!"
Huffington Post
Or is the current state of affairs the new normal? Recently I read an article that stated: "We have become a culture of sound bites, short attention spans, expecting instant gratification, and are missing out on deeper meaning and understating of the ...

Revenue estimates continue to decline
Domine agreed the district should rethink the models. Board member Natalie Matt added that “constant cost containment is the new normal.” Klein said getting the information now will give the FRRC time to study the figures and offer recommendations.

Advertising Is Still the Same, Only the Names Have Changed
Dealer Marketing Magazine
In 2012 we will see many dealerships increase budgets dramatically, as we return to the new normal. At the end of the day, however, what we have experienced in the past is no different than what advertisers have been experiencing since advertising ...

Will high oil prices hurt the recovery—or help it?
Washington Post (blog)
And, as discussed in this post, Americans have been driving less and buying more fuel-efficient cars as higher gas prices become the new normal (each year since 2008 has seen a growing share of days with gas above $3 per gallon).

Deaf-Blind Services Network: Distance Mentorship Project and the ...
The phrase “new normal” is uttered a lot these days, and we worry what it actually means for those of us who work in the Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance network. The “new normal” is often used to describe ongoing changes in our culture, our ...
Deaf-Blind Services Network

Dear Me | Grief Reflection
By joan
The time known as the “new normal” that will slip into bring normal one day. Life has changed for you forever. Don't try to make it any different; you can't. Yes, it is what it is. Indeed. * * *. The task of newly bereaved is to call people and inform ...
Grief Reflection

FEMA Money Spurs Vinton Tree Removal Project | Weather in ...
By Jill Kasparie/SourceMedia Group News
“Normal? This is just a new normal for us,” said Mayor John Watson. The long-time Vinton mayor knows the scene inside the city is changing. Crews are leaving streets bare as they reduce wind-damaged trees to stumps. Workers are revving ...
Weather in Eastern Iowa

TheMoneyIllusion » Import Chinese factory workers now!
By ssumner
“I am coming to the conclusion that this [situation] has become the new normal,” said Winslow. “Being a machinist once was considered a respectable trade. But young Americans just don't consider manufacturing to be a sexy vocation.” ...

RepMan: You da man!
By RepMan
I'm especially interested in hearing from my Millennial readers (as well as the Generation X and Baby Boomers who have been forced to re-set their expectations as a result of the New Normal). Success is still there for each and every one of ...

Can Temporary Work Benefit Your Career?
By Miranda
Indeed, some believe that the current situation may even be permanent, with temporary, freelance and adjunct jobs becoming the new normal. It can be frustrating to be stuck on the job hunt, and the truth is that you need to be doing something ...

Facing Fears - Fellowship of Saints and Sinners
By Kristina Robb-Dover
Needless to say, this new “normal” has proven inconvenient- so much so that the other night, after four consecutive repetitions of this same drill over the course of an hour, I decided to do the unthinkable and shut Sam's door. Sam wasn't happy ...
Fellowship of Saints and Sinners

What's the Story? – Risk Reversal
This report was better than economists were expecting and suggest consistent monthly job growth of 200000 to 250000 jobs may become the new normal as opposed to an anomaly. Marketwatch. The producer price index rose a seasonally ...
Risk Reversal

You can help this child get a summer associate position with ...
By LawProf
... Columbia's published employment and salary statistics are, in terms of transparency, pretty ludicrous, at least in the context of the emerging new normal, in which elite law schools are actually expected to cough up some useful information).
Inside the Law School Scam

In the trough - Sweetney
By sweetney
What if this year is different, and things don't get better? What if the financially untenable present is The New Normal? What then? And I listen just enough to make myself sick with worry. Then there's the whole going-through-a-divorce thing.

The ABCs of Open Office Acoustics | Acoustic Privacy & Comfort ...
By Tom Thelen
Open office spaces with movable partitions and reconfigurable workstations have become more than a hot trend in office facility design; they have become the new normal. As acoustical consultants, we often work on open office spaces, and ...
Acoustics By Design

The secret ice cream society | Woulda Coulda Shoulda
By Mir
Chickadee's been home for a week and a half, has successfully managed two half-days at school (and is attempting the whole day today), and while life stubbornly refuses to stop or even slow down while we find our new normal, over here, ...
Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Why farms want cold winters | Grist
By Matthew Kronsberg
Beyond warming, this may be the most troubling aspect of the new weather regime we live under — that chaos is the new normal. Mother Nature is becoming a deeply mercurial ally. The little boost she may give with a January thaw, she can ...

There seems to be a new normal for - Golf Channel
Whichever you might think it is, Tiger Woods' new golfing schedule is one that has lost some predictability.

The "New Normal" of Trading? - thetechnicaltake : thetechnicaltake
Let's call this the “new normal” of trading. Stocks seem to magically lift day after day. Volume is non-existent. Pullbacks are limited to 30 minutes of intra-day ...

Mobile the new normal for federal workers | Virtela
A survey from CDW Government shows that nearly every federal employee is now mobile, meaning that security measures such as mobile device management ...

New normal... Am I alone on this? | Cancer Survivors Network
My "new normal" seems just as good as normal. Family and friends keep asking when am I going in for my next surgery (the takedown) and I just say I don't ...

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