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The New Normal: Living Alone; and Bill Gross recommends a Defensive Investment Strategy Amid Zero Rates

The new normal: Living alone
WBEZ (blog)
by Al Gini | Feb. 28, 2012 A 24-yearlong study by the Harvard Medical School suggests that one of the key ingredients to a healthy and happy life is marriage. Or, to break it down into one of marriage's key domestic elements, living with somebody.

WBEZ (blog)

Gross Says Investors Should Embrace a Defensive Strategy Amid Zero Rates
The period of muted growth in developed economies, high unemployment and orderly deleveraging Pimco dubbed the “new normal” in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis is morphing into a world of credit and zero- bound interest-rate risk,...


What You Can Control in a Tough Business Climate
At the same time, the fast, volatile business environment we're in — the new normal — means we'll need more real-time capability to adapt, both changing our strategies and ensuring our employees can shift to meet new strategic directions.

CCH Executives Cover New Developments in Tax & Accounting at Thought Leader ...
Bradenton Herald
27, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ -- Tax, accounting and audit firms are facing a new normal today that's fast-moving and ever-changing. In a presentation at the 2012 CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Symposium in Dallas, CCH executives met with key leaders ...

Feeling the blues while adapting to winter's 'new normal'
Mother Nature Network
About three miles up the ski trail I start thinking about the "new normal." In Montana this February this new reality leaves out winter as we know it. It's a state in which one inch of overnight snowfall is enough to goad me out onto the trail.

Mother Nature Network

Sluggish Oscar ratings is the new normal
LA Observed
Show drew about 39 million viewers, up 3.7 percent from last year but flat among the 18-49 crowd. It's possible that the telecast lost a few jocks to the NBA All-Star game, which aired at the same time, and it's also possible that the nominated films ...

Russian heat wave 2010: extreme weather or within new normal climate?
Bits Of Science
One could focus on the rise in average temperatures and wonder to what extent this will increase the chance of weather extremes. One can of course also walk the opposite route: take a witnessed extreme – and examine if that weather event stems from the ...

Bits Of Science

Forced Out YouSendIt's first president, Khalid Shaikh
The New Normal The motel outside Denver where Khalid Shaikh now resides. In Silicon Valley offices, the framed founder's doodle is as common as jewel-toned furniture and quirky conference-room names. But there's something peculiar about the drawing ...

Drought, wildfires, and extreme weather -- is this the new normal for Texas?
StateImpact Texas
By Terrence Henry To get to Spicewood Beach from Austin, you first drive through the Hill Country. You'll pass a parcel of land scorched by wildfire and drive over a Pedernales River that has been reduced to a trickle, with docks awkwardly resting on ...

Redevelopment can be replaced
Visalia Times-Delta
ÔªøCity officials in Visalia and Tulare call it the "new normal" — the end of redevelopment as we know it as a tool to revive blighted neighborhoods. We hope the "new normal" does not apply to blight as well. That will depend on how aggressive and ...

Fears grow that Oscar allure may be fading
Bend Bulletin
And with early Nielsen ratings for Sunday's telecast essentially flat — up a bit in total viewers but static among the bull's-eye audience of viewers 18-49 — Hollywood started coming to grips with one of its biggest worries: Is this the new normal ...

2012 Finance Agenda: The Lean Years Continue
Business Finance Magazine
by Lynne Schneider , Tom Willman As enterprises successfully acclimate to the challenges of what has become known as the "new normal," we find evidence of a growing acceptance that these changes are permanent; indeed, today's situation might be more ...

The strength of a guarantee
This is slowly becoming the new normal. “Airlines are very scared,” says Adrien Thominet of ECS, “so they ask for the largest possible guarantees; they ask for the largest possible financial support. Airlines need more and more to go to big GSAs who ...


20 Signs That Dust Bowl Conditions Will Soon Return To The Heartland Of America
Hawaii News Daily
Secondly, drought conditions have become the "new normal" in many areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and other states in the middle part of the country. Scientists tell us that the wet conditions that we enjoyed for several decades after World War II ...

Risk and Return Go Back to the Future
... the ProShares UltraShort Lehman 7-10 year Treasury ETF (PST). After all, we had to go through a lot of pain en route from normal to the New Normal; why should you expect the return trip to be without what economists drily describe as frictional costs?

The Halibut Taco is Alaska's Unofficial State Dish. Discuss.
World Hum (blog)
It's the new normal. I'm not World Hum's designated taco expert, by any means—Jim's the Mexican food addict around here—but I've been intrigued by unexpected Mexican-in-the-sub-Arctic offerings before. And I'm no less intrigued by the halibut taco ...

World Hum (blog)

McGinn: More patrols will combat violence, but community needs to help
KIRO Seattle
Family members of one of the victims called for a truce, and on Monday, McGinn called for a “new normal” of cooperation from the community in helping police solve crimes and stop the violence. “Partnering with community members is one of the most ...

After Vikileaks, we can protect privacy, or outgrow it
Is this the new normal? Because if marital misconduct is now fair game, heaven knows how low we will go. In the United States, you can be sued for “[giving] publicity to a matter concerning the private life of another.

Building homes for the future
Nova News Now
“ Pettipas suggested energy-efficient homes will be the new normal for the industry. “The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes represent the future of the residential construction industry and we hope to start a new trend in environmental ...

Nova News Now

Sisters, Sisters!
By Caitlin Marquis According to the blog, Kimberly has lived in town for 20 years with her husband and they are now "adjusting to the 'new normal' of their empty nest," noting that their two sons are living away at college.

JP Morgan Analyst Day: What To Expect From Jamie Dimon
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Mayo mostly wonders how JP Morgan will grow and remain the best in the new-normal banking environment. Mayo hypothesizes the bank would be worth up to a third more if it broke into pieces, and wants questions at least asked about whether JP Morgan can ...

Deep Inside Hollywood:Jane Lynch, Matthew Bomer, Cherry Jones, and BD Wong
Meanwhile, Ellen Barkin has joined the cast of Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler's comedy pilot The New Normal. She'll play the mother of a woman who becomes involved as a surrogate for a gay male couple trying to have a baby… Kevin Bacon will take on the ...

Mass layoffs expose myth of US economic “recovery”
World Socialist Web Site
Nearly three years after the official end of the recession in June 2009, it is becoming increasingly clear that the crisis of 2008 was not merely another recession, but a transition to a “new normal” where high unemployment is a permanent fixture, ...

Local woman endures tragedy, uses it to make a difference
"Time doesn't take the pain away, time helps you get used to this new normal, but that doesn't stop me from hurting," she said. Natalie survived the accident with several broken bones and a severe brain injury. After a lot of hard work and physical ...

JOBS Act just what Obama ordered
This cannot become the new normal. We need to do everything we can to ensure that America remains a country of opportunity, in which jobs are created, startups and innovation happen, risks are taken and small businesses flourish.


How Exercise Fuels the Brain
Manila Bulletin
In those rats that ran for four weeks, the “supercompensation” became the new normal, with their baseline levels of glycogen showing substantial increases compared with the sedentary animals. The increases were especially notable in, again, ...

Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) Earnings Are Troubling - Fred Dunsel (02/28/12)
Duke said, “Our price leadership is making a difference across the United States, as many families are settling into a new normal. Core customers remain cautious about their finances." The company said that it planned to strengthen productivity and ...

Foreign policy won't impact the 2012 election? Think again
University of Texas at Austin News
Blaming China for America's troubles is the new normal. Whether Republicans will run anything as powerful as the infamous “Chinese professor” ad that aired in the 2010 mid-term elections remains to be seen. But this much is certain: voters will hear ...

University of Texas at Austin News

The Return of Pointed Political Commentary
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
Personally, I think spending that kind of money to win what amounts to little more than a political urinating contest would be an unconscionable waste in good times — much less in this “new normal” era of seriously reduced resources.

Signs of optimism on national, local housing market
McClain says Virginia is probably the first state in the country to have fully recovered and the decrease represents a new "normal" market. He isn't concerned that a downward trend will continue. AP : ce17821f - 16e7 - 4b3c - bd63 - ba1a0a3b59ee.


The Gutsy Generation: New Normal
By The Gutsy Generation
Having unpredictable bowels leaves you in periods of stability sometimes and instability others and this re-adjustment of new normal might just become a constant in your life. The day I was diagnosed, March 12th, was the start of a new ...
The Gutsy Generation

Prison » 20 Signs That Dust Bowl Conditions Will Soon ...
By admin
Secondly, drought conditions have become the “new normal” in many areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and other states in the middle part of the country. Scientists tell us that the wet conditions that we enjoyed for several decades after ...

Investment management moves off life support systems | ...
By Tom Brown
Regulatory change is still an important issue on the boardroom agenda. It seems as though the rush of regulation that followed the financial crisis in 2008 has now bedded in, and that business leaders now tolerate it as the “new normal”.

Warmer day ahead; fog advisory until 10 a.m. | Weather Watch
By Claudia Grisales
As you all know, I have been 100% correct about the new normal. I have something to tell you though. I have been wrong. The new normal is actually WORSE than I could've predicted. I certainly did not think we would be in the 80s and 90s in ...
Statesman Blogs

Beyond cloud computing and Big Data - SI and tech insights
By Accenture
Key to this transformation is the dismantling of the single data centre. Several factors have contributed to make the distribution of enterprise IT across locations and service providers thenew normal: The availability of hardware and software as ...
SI and tech insights

“The New Normal” – my initial thoughts | MarkjOwen's Blog
I have been given a copy of Peter Hinssen's “The New Normal“. This book is about the. “advancement in technology” that “is creating a new 'normal' where ...

A New Normal - Shelby-Utica, MI Patch
Learning to adjust to another "new normal", as our son returns to school.

Planning For Retirement In The New Normal | KCUR
On this Monday's Central Standard, we discuss retirement planning strategies for the new normal.

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