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Apple, the Internet and the New Normal

Apple, Internet & the constant New Normal
The second book which I often go back to is The New Normal by Roger McNamee, a long time technology investor in both public and private markets. McNamee might have become a punchline in Silicon Valley (thanks to his ill-timed bet on Palm) but when it ...

NBC Picks Up "The New Normal" TV Pilot, Starring Book of Mormon's Andrew Rannells
By Andrew Gans NBC, reports, has given the go-ahead for the new comedy pilot "The New Normal," which will co-star Andrew Rannells, who longs for sunny Orlando but ends up in the less-than-welcoming Uganda in the Tony-winning musical The ...

Finding value amid austerity - the new normal
Hong Kong Standard
The "new normal" is now the consensus, Owen said. "We face a multi-year period of deleveraging in the developed world where the current huge levels of debt will get paid down which means higher savings and less spending, and therefore a much more muted ...

Hong Kong Standard

Weekend Meme: Ryan Murphy's "The New Normal" Gets a Pilot, Red Hot Chili ...
The international trailer for This Means War doesn't have a lot of new footage, and I'm more than a little disappointed to find out that they had to edit out some of the sexual content in order to achieve a PG-13 rating. I guess that means the naked ...

With $100 a Barrel Oil, Why Isn't Green Tech Better?
Voser added that price volatility and cyclicality are “the new normal” in energy prices. The price of oil has fluctuated in recent years as worries about the economic crisis, demand from emerging markets and unrest in the Middle East dominated the ...

Forum: Sympathy for the devil
Computerworld New Zealand
Is this level of response “the new normal” in white collar crime cases or was it influenced in by the presence in Auckland of four FBI officers? Much more disturbing is the apparent ease with which essentially private US interests have managed to ...

From the Editor: Future depends on doing things differently
Bemidji Pioneer
One of the most interesting seminars, “Minnesota and the New Normal,” was hosted by Tom Gillaspy, the state demographer, who focused on employment, economic and budget trends. Many of the long-term numbers don't look good for the state, which has been ...

Mild winter disappoints snow enthusiasts
Jackson Sun
So last January, weather experts said frequent snowfall and cold temperatures might become thenew normal for the area. Tell that to the disappointed kiddies this year. Here we are at the end of January with only a trace of snow so far and no snow days ...

Dollar Democracy – OpEd
Eurasia Review
It's the new normal. How can the 99 percent respond? The dark humor of the oppressed has historically made it easier to bear. “I think I can say and say with pride that we have some legislators that command higher prices than any in the world.

The Register-Guard
But this is the new normal at Eugene School District high schools. Students arrive late, leave early, or find something to do in the middle of the day because they can't get all the classes they need or want. Cuts that have reduced the district's ...

Pinellas students slip behind peers in Florida, analysis shows
A push to make Advanced Placement classes the new normal in high school. Flop or not, Hillsborough can say it wasn't afraid to think big. Last year, superintendent Alberto Carvalho told lawmakers that his gigantic district — the one with the highest ...

The pain lingers on
San Jose Mercury News
But her quest for a "new normal" leaves her with more questions than answers. "One of the things I've done is look at the numbers," she said. "We lost almost 5000 (soldiers in Iraq). Compared to Vietnam, compared to 40000, not that bad, you know?

Who is Sheldon Adelson and why is he buying Newt Gingrich?
AMERICAblog (blog)
Watch for much more of this stuff; it's the new normal. Ten million dollars is nothing to the Adelsons ($23 billion strong), and there are many more Adelsons in this world than we realize. (Note, I said "in this world." Do you think this is just a ...

Williston Walmart becomes a mecca for oil job seekers
Bismarck Tribune
The parking lot has become notorious even for Williston, where the new normal is people from all over the country pulling in every day looking for work. Many of them pull into Walmart, which has a national reputation for allowing people on the move to ...

Denial of the truth or just apathy?
I have used the phrase a "new normal" to describe how I read what is happening to our world, and I believe that conclusion to be valid because many of the factors influencing our world are neither normal nor minimal; but if our political leaders of ...

Pam Stone: Here's real reason for VFW show
Spartanburg Herald Journal
And here's a confession: As much as I've wanted to give a night of laughter to those readjusting to the new “normal” in their lives, I had an ulterior motive. ... I have been dying to know what goes on in those VFW posts my entire life.

LA's hunt for federal funds
Los Angeles Times
Should we try to win more? Of course — always. Applying for grants is part of Los Angeles' new normal, and expertise in the process should be built up in the mayor's office — and anywhere else it can do the city some good. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Los Angeles Times

Taylor Morrison adds to Lakewood Ranch's housing menu
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The new normal is for builders to construct fewer inventory homes and concentrate on filling orders to meet demand, said Longenecker, who noted that Taylor Morrison's regional division has only 100 completed, unsold houses in its 25 communities.

Boatright attorney blasts NCAA after probe
But after falling short in Abu Dhabi, is this the new normal for Tiger Woods? Andrew Brownbill / AP Novak Djokovic wore down Rafael Nadal in the longest Grand Slam singles final ever, winning 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 (5), 7-5 after 5 hours, 53 minutes to ...

Volunteers cleaning up damaged trees
Cleveland Daily Banner
The Green-Shirts is one of many faith-based response organizations who have helped during the past nine months as the new-normal is sought. “Still so much is to be done,” Mountain said last week prior to the first day of cleanup.

Weekend Meme: Ryan Murphy's "The New Normal" Gets a Pilot ...
By - Because visibility matters via
Weekend Meme: Ryan Murphy's "The New Normal" Gets a Pilot, Red Hot Chili Peppers Still Haven't Bought Shirts, and What Are They Drinking On "Fear Fa.

Day 19 | Mark Batterson
By mark
We need a new normal. Prayer meetings should be normal. Miracles that are the byproduct of prayer should be normal. Radical conversions should be the normal. But there is a price to be paid. The price is prayer. Are you willing to pray the ...
Mark Batterson

Economist's View: Harmful Austerity
By Mark Thoma
But this is the new normal at Eugene School District high schools. Students arrive late, leave early, or find something to do in the middle of the day because they can't get all the classes they need or want. Cuts that have reduced the district's ...
Economist's View

Autostraddle — Sunday Funday is Good News for Gays and a Total G
By Carmen
"The New Normal" Goes Mainstream. NBC recently ordered a pilot for "The New Normal," a television family comedy "centering on a gay couple and the woman who becomes their surrogate." ...

Opinion Briefing: New Normal Unclear for U.S., Pakistan
Pakistanis' increasingly sour views of the U.S. in 2011 underscore how difficult it will be for the two nations to reset their relationship.

Left In Alabama:: The "New Normal." USDA Revised Planting Map ...
“At a time when the 'normal' climate has become a moving target, this revision of the hardiness zone map gives us a clear picture of the 'new normal,'” Wolfe ...

The New Normal « Kendra's Blog
The New Normal. The end is in sight. Our 23 days of Florida sunshine will be over next Wednesday. Oops, I should say 22 days of sunshine….It did rain that one ...

RealClearWorld - New Normal Unclear for U.S., Pakistan
With Pakistani disapproval of U.S. leadership soaring to an all-time high of 85% last year, hopes for achieving some normalcy between the nations appear ...

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