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Biglaw's New Normal Isn't Great For New Talent

Biglaw's New Normal Isn't Great For New Talent
Above the Law
By Elie Mystal As we mentioned in Morning Docket, the Wall Street Journal has a good article about how various recession-era cutbacks have become entrenched in Biglaw. If you have been paying attention or are a current law student, you know the issues: ...

Compuware's Latest Innovations Enable Enterprises to Successfully Navigate the ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Under the New Normal, the surge in mobile banking and other types of e-commerce has made mainframe applications key to connecting businesses with customers. This means IT organizations must integrate new cloud and mobile applications with legacy ...

Real estate market may have found new normal
Bellevue Reporter
By LINDA BALL Home sales in Bellevue and across the Eastside seem to have stabilized in 2011 with, a trend, realtors say, that may become the look of the future as buyers and sellers move into 2012. Cory Brewer, operations manager for Windermere ...

Adapting: How to help employees adjust to the new normal
Denver Business Journal (blog)
Since the economy tanked three years ago, many of us have had to lay off employees, reduce salaries and freeze bonuses. Now that business has begun to inch back, employees understandably are asking: When can we get back to normal?

Distressed Real Estate Inventory; The Drain is Still Clogged
PR Web (press release)
Pro Teck Valuation Service's HomeValueForecast.com explores why there are variations from one state to another in distressed real estate inventory and how this is affecting the path to recovery and the “new normal” for the housing market.

GLEN MILLS: Informal settlements could be our cities of the future
Business Day
SHANTYTOWN is the new normal in our cities. SA is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of shantytowns, commonly known as informal settlements. According to official reports, there are about 2700 informal settlements in SA.

The Dow's 10 Biggest Bargain Stocks
Seeking Alpha
As we come to terms with the new normal of low interest rates and choppy markets, the combination of large companies paying dividends is certainly appealing. We now take a slightly different slant to come up with ideas for the long term investor.

Toyota Latest Manufacturer to Identify Rare Earth Metal Product Substitutes
... as Gareth Hatch (who will also lead the Rare Earth Metal afternoon break-out session at our conference, Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for the New Normal) remain skeptical about some of these types of “breakthrough research” announcements.

The New Normal: Products of the future
ICIS (subscription)
The global economy is moving into a difficult period, as it transitions to the New Normal. Debt levels are high, and incomes are under pressure, particularly for the large numbers of people moving into retirement. Cost must be the key criteria when ...

Europe Seen Leading the Way in Hand-Held Computing
Education Week News
And although there has been a push at some American mobile learning gatherings to bring in more elements of what could be considered a European approach, many in Europe sense the American vision may be more sustainable in "the new normal" after the ...

Education Week News

Why Are So Many Portland Neighbors Hungry?
Neighborhood Notes
“It's indicative of a new normal,” Shawn DeCarlo, Metro Services Manager for the Oregon Food Bank, explained after presenting at the anti-hunger conference in Corvallis. “The number of food boxes doesn't even represent the number of people who need ...

Neighborhood Notes

Value, Customer Connections Highlighted in Nielsen Webinar
CSNews Online
Retailers should focus on the "new normal," he advised. Today's consumer is focused and pragmatic, and needs to be analyzed in order to figure out what they're looking for. While circumstances are improving, they're not back to pre-recession levels.

Zynga Accused Of Ripping Off Another Competitor's Game
... Zynga is the company being targeted here in terms of stealing its “inspiration,” (especially since Zynga itself once targeted its own copycats via lawsuits), game developers ripping off each others' work seems to be the new normal for the industry.

Senate race all set
Kennebec Journal
Now, with the economy holding steady -- which he described as "the new normal" -- he wants back in the Senate. "I've worked across the aisle; that's my strength," he said. "I do what the people ask in the sense that they want us to go to Augusta and ...

Corner office: Harry Pozycki
It's time we adopt a “new normal” in contracting for insurance coverage. Just as citizens introduced strong pay-to-play reform in professional and no-bid contracts, citizens need to bolster protections in insurance procurement to ensure that our ...

Adam Smeltz: Attention to Long-Entrenched Penn State Problems Can't Fade Now
State College News
In our "new normal" -- an overused phrase, I admit, but it fits -- perhaps it may be easy to regard pre-November Penn State as a halcyon era, a relatively happy and innocent time before reality crumpled illusions. Happy Valley's Camelot disintegrated ...

2012 Buick LaCrosse eAssist: The Guide To Future Hybrids?
Tom's Guide
... and affordable way for manufacturers to boost fuel efficiency in their worst-performing models. For the LaCrosse, it may not make perfect sense yet, but the approach is something we could experience as the new normal in the not-too-distant future.

'Mercer Mess'
The Seattle Times
"We are experiencing the new normal. We are embarking on a whole lot of congestion, and development projects, at the same time," Philips said. About 80000 cars, trucks, transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians now pass through the area daily, ...

Sleeping Power House? Latinos Combat Voter Apathy
Christian Broadcasting Network
Latino evangelical leaders say their stories are the new normal for today's church. "Every pastor in every Latino church in the country has undocumented immigrants somewhere in their community, either directly worshipping in their place of worship or ...

Fundraisers hope to eradicate rare disease
Community Advocate
This has become our new normal.” Ryan's skin becomes extremely itchy and needs to be gently rubbed with special cream. He must sit on soft protective pads. Being outdoors presents challenges like corneal abrasions and blistering.

Community Advocate

Sounders Vs. Santos Laguna Tickets Go On Sale Today
Sounder At Heart
It's not clear whether or not the Sounders plan on opening seating beyond the 38500 that is the new "normal" capacity, but even if they don't a sellout would be a pretty strong message to send to the world about how we view CCL.

Sustainability reporting: immediate choices for the future
The Guardian (blog)
By making sustainability reporting the new normal, regulators, competitors, investors - indeed anyone reading a report - can raise informed questions and suggest improvements. Only by making sustainability everybody's business will we make the business ...

The Guardian (blog)

Moving forward: Amputee shares her story
Marietta Daily Journal
Her husband and kids have adjusted to what Smith calls, “the new normal.” She said her boys — ages 6, 8 and 12 — have “responded really well. They're just glued to me.” If amputation was the first hurdle, rehabilitation was the second.

For a few (hundred million) dollars more – star bankers or traders might stay
Financial News
Indeed, most seem to be resigned to a new normal in which volumes and activity are structurally lower for several years to come, while regulatory pressures make the industry systemically less profitable. But at the same time, few investment banks have...

Financial News

ECB's Nowotny: ECB does not only have madate for stable prices
Sees recession in euro region during parts of 2012 3-year LTRO not the new normal of ECB policy SMP is not quantitative easing Must fight inflation and deflation alike ECB can support growth as long as there are no price risks Sounds like the ECB is ...

The New Normal - Waggle Room
By TwoNuse
"You will always define events in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality." - Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free Tiger Woods walks, talks and looks basically the same as...
Waggle Room

The New Normal tv show | gay tv shows | Allison Adler new show ...
By Fabulous Rob
NBC has ordered Allison Adler (pictured) and Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy's new half-hour gay-themed comedy pilot entitled The New Normal, according to the industry website Deadline Hollywood.

BT 2020: To Thrive In The Empowered Era, You'll Need Software ...
By "Phil Murphy"
It's Time To Face The Music: Empowered, Momentous Change Is The New Normal; Your Social, Empowered Customer Base Is Growing And Shifting; Software Will Increasingly Be The Heart Of Your BT World In 2020; Cartels Will Offer ...
Forrester Research: Forrester Whole View

ECB's Nowotny: ECB does not only have madate for stable prices ...
Sees recession in euro region during parts of 2012; 3-year LTRO not the new normal of ECB policy; SMP is not quantitative easing; Must fight inflation and deflation alike; ECB can support growth as long as there are no price risks. Sounds like ...

Win an advanced copy of THE AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen ...
By Selby McRae
As Julia adjusts to the new normal, the slowing inexorably continues. With spare, graceful prose and the emotional wisdom of a born storyteller, Karen Thompson Walker has created a singular narrator in Julia, a resilient and insightful young ...
Random House Publishing Group...

Williston Walmart becomes a mecca for oil boom job seekers ...
By Ken Paulman
Williston Walmart becomes a mecca for oil boom job seekers. >> Bismarck Tribune. Share/Bookmark. The Walmart parking lot has become notorious even for Williston, where the new normal is people from all over the country pulling in every ...
Midwest Energy News

Expert Reveals The Biggest Mistakes People Make Writing an ...
Would you like to create financial security for yourself and your family, and not have to work until you're 80 years old-which will be the new normal for baby boomers? If so, then consider ebooks.With the new technology, ebooks are HOT!
Business - Latest News

3 Steps to Turn a Terrible Password Into a Great One | Apartment ...
By Taryn Fiol
... although it is decent. i was making an account for a site the other day and it has to have the letters, caps, numbers, symbols and be longer then normal. so it made me revise MY normal password i use...which means i need a new normal.
Apartment Therapy

[trends] Learning 5 in 5 : diminishing hurdles for technology | Homo ...
By Bert De Coutere
Watch this TED Brussels video where Peter Hinssen explains the magic that happens after the flip, when digital becomes the new normal. We are there, but slightly less in education. Still in its infancy, 'brain power' interfaces are available as ...
Homo Competens Blog

Apple, Internet & the constant New Normal | iPhone World's iNews ...
Apple, Internet & the constant New Normal | iPhone World's iNews Aggregator.
iPhone World's iNews Aggregator

What's Wrong With Interviews? The Top 50 Most Common Interview ...
By Dr. John Sullivan
Using historical information to predict the future — interviews cover what happened in the past. Unfortunately, “the way you did something yesterday” simply wouldn't work in today's “new normal.” Interview questions are not directly related to ...

Apple, Internet & the constant New Normal - Digg
... known startup Pinterest had cracked the social network top-ten, we were surprised. We shouldn't be-- this is the new normal for our technology-driven society.

Apple, the Internet and the constant new normal – MacDailyNews ...
So why is it then that buying an Apple product like an iPhone or an iPad is the new normal?” Read more in the full article – recommended – here. [Thanks to ...

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