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Slow growth as the "new normal"

Ontario finance minister sees slow growth as "new normal"
Reuters Canada
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ontario must live with the "new normal" of slower economic growth, while at the same time work to reduce its debt burden, the finance minister of Canada's most populous province said on Wednesday. Ontario Finance Minister Dwight ...

Consumers Like the New Normal of Restaurant Prices (UFFC, PZZI, WEN)
SmallCap Network
By Dennis Askew With Starbucks looking at serving wine and beer for the after lunch crowd, restaurants like UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. (OTC:UFFC), Pizza Inn, Inc. (NASDAQ:PZZI), and The Wendy's Company (NASDAQ:WEN) are also redefining their 'brand' ...

Colorblind Racism: The New Norm
The Root
Colorblind racism is the new normal in American conservative political thought. Well after the election of the nation's first African-American president, in 2012 Republican candidates are using egregious signals and dog whistles to incite racial ...

Middle East Media Sampler for January 24, 2012
GLORIA Center (blog)
His most recent, Turkey's government is the new normal in the Middle East, unfortunately, was disappointing. Diehl started off by blasting former Republican presidential candidate, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Perry responded: “Well, obviously when you ...

Nagel: City Succesfully Navigating Economic Turmoil
Nagel talked about what has become known as "The New Normal," a term commonly used to describe the difficult economic climate America's been facing in recent years. Thanks to budget cuts made before the economy went south, Fountain Valley has been able ...

New map for what to plant reflects global warming
The revised map "gives us a clear picture of the `new normal' and will be an essential tool for gardeners, farmers and natural resource managers as they begin to cope with rapid climate change," Wolfe said in an email. The Arbor Day Foundation issued ...

Bernanke's dog(ma)
As we enter another financial year of the 'new normal', where we see zero per cent rates, apparent stagflation and high unemployment, we sit here with continued doubts and concerns. We're worried. Who isn't? Electorates all over the world can feel that ...


Senate Democrats Have a New Political Pinata: Mitt Romney
Fox News (blog)
... considered normal and expected that an American business leader opens a Swiss banking account or invests in notorious tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, if that's become normal, then I think we need to have a new normal," Durbin said.

The UMCOR Hotline for January 25, 2012
Reuters AlertNet
Since that day, the affected communities have worked steadily towards rebuilding and redefining theirnew normal with UMCOR's help and support. UMCOR has issued a $1 million grant to the North Alabama Conference as they enter into long-term recovery, ...

Totally Uncool
Seven Days
And, for tens of thousands of Vermonters, Tropical Storm Irene was a rude awakening to what some are calling “the new normal.” This Wednesday, January 25, 350Vermont, a nonprofit group committed to a dramatic and full-scale response to the global ...

3 Must-Own Stocks For 2012 And 1 To Avoid
Seeking Alpha
As the new normal becomes familiar, we will see a shifting emphasis on stock selections. Jim Royal of the Motley Fool comes up with three stocks to own and one to avoid. We will look at his selections and see whether they are worth considering.

In The Eye Of The Beholder
Germantown Now (blog)
I note that our gas prices are still in the range of $3.30 per gallon so I guess that must be the new normal. Or maybe the new normal will get to be $4.50 to $5.00 per gallon as was discussed a week or two ago. There was nothing mentioned about the ...

GM launches ad campaign touting Chevy Volt safety
Autoblog (blog)
GM has also released a new "normal" ad promoting the Volt that calls it "the car America had to build." You can watch the 30-second clip after the jump. Akerson spoke Wednesday in a hearing with the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform's ...

Sir Mervyn King's chirpy new year message: 'There's no reason to despair' (blog)
Short-term fixes such as the funding support from the European Central Bank are also helping restore a sense normality to the markets – if living with a crisis is the new normal. And, given the truculence of the eurozone officials and the scale of the ... (blog)

Buck Lake Rd Renovations Near Completion
This is the new normal This is what we are going to be doing more and more in the county," says Leon County Commissioner Akin Akinyemi. The final touches for project such as striping are expected to be complete by the end of February.

Who Charted? Only Tim McGraw Can Stop Adele Now
Spin Magazine
A New Normal? Last week was the first in SoundScan history you could sell less than 20000 and make the Top 10. Well, we've done it again, haven't we? Overall album sales for this week are actually down 1 percent from the week before, and down 4 percent ...

Businesses, Religious Groups Must be "Cannibalistic"
Opposing Views
Every day, a new “normal” is established, and it's incumbent upon those serving the needs of people to understand this, turn fallowed resources into the ground and use these “small deaths” as the foundation for new life. More often than not, ...

Opposing Views

Prof Warns Of Political Stranglehold On Ag
Yankton Daily Press
However, he noted that the record income doesn't represent a “new normal,” as disasters, low market prices and high input costs could slash farm revenue. And the US Department of Agriculture has already decreased its commodity program net outlays fro ...

Yankton Daily Press

Who's backing the GOP candidates?
Fortune (blog)
The new normal has given rise to so-called super PACs: political groups all-but-officially linked to candidates that are able to raise huge sums from donors who, with a little paperwork, can remain nameless. Beyond the headlines, the groups have ...

Fortune (blog)

'We've Got Bigger Problems Right Now' - by Benjamin Pauker
Foreign Policy (blog)
I think it's appropriate because we're not at the new normal yet. The new models have not shown up. Nouriel and I both believe that we're presently at a G-zero, where there isn't global leadership, and that is articulating itself economically [with] ...

Obama's 2012 SOTU promises: mostly same unrealized dreams of 2008
... to overlook—"change" in Obama's terms, which in 2008 he called "the change the American people need", was often a change back to something viewed as having been lost, instead of adjustments helping Americans change in accord with a grim new normal.

Dawson College students show marked increase in drug and alcohol abuse since ...
Montreal Gazette
But even with the help of counselling, she has not fully recovered from the shooting. “I'll be somewhere crowded and I'll just get this overwhelming feeling that someone has a gun and I have to leave right away,” she said. “It's my new normal.

Altona's tiny celebrity arrives
Red River Valley Echo
But after two days, she couldn't wait to get home so that life could get back to a “new” normal, and so that Jonathon's daddy and big brothers could get acquainted with the new little addition to the Fehr family.

Bull market or bull trap in European bank shares? (blog)
Is valuation still at depressed levels – or the new normal? The average European bank trades at expected Price-to-book (P/B) of 0.48 and has expected Return-on-Equity (ROE) of 6.6% for 2012. But as you can see in chart 1, the dispersion is quite large. (blog)

Guest post: the world needs to develop missing markets
Financial Times (blog)
Global institutional investors are playing a story of the “new normal”, the expectation of increasing weight in EMs over the next few decades. This process is accompanied by deeper integration of the EMs into the world economy.

Priorities shift
Winnipeg Free Press
Homeland defence, in fact, has become the new normal in the United States, even if Americans today are fixed on the economy. Iran's nuclear program is also growing as an issue, with 28 per cent saying it poses a grave threat to the country, ...

Egypt's Brotherhood Blazes Central Trail
Tablet Magazine
... this week columnist Jackson Diehl made the case: “The reality is that, like it or not, 'Islamist-oriented' governments are about to become the new normal in a region dominated for decades by secular autocrats and pro-American generals,” he argued.

Tablet Magazine

Sen. Kirk's colleagues express concern, solidarity
"He will have to adjust to a new normal," said South Side Congressman Bobby Rush. Rush is living the struggle that lies ahead for Sen. Kirk. Beginning three years ago, 10-term congressman Rush missed eight months of work in Washington as he underwent ... - Ontario finmin sees slow growth as 'new normal'
Ontario must live with the 'new normal' of slower economic growth, while at the same time work to reduce its debt burden, the finance minister of Canada's most populous province said on Wednesday.
XE Forex News

Top 12 IACP 2011 Workshops: Where Will Yours Be in 2012 ...
By IACP Blog
Mitigating the Threat of Clandestine Labs in Your Community; Policing in the New Normal: New Economics, New Opportunities, New Strategies: Balancing Services and Technology to Address Community, Crime, and Terrorism; The Future of ...

Finding Alzheimers World
By Bob DeMarco
"new normal". Once again it came to me in a flash, my new world, our new world would be called. Alzheimer's World. Next, I did something I could never have expected. When I knew that I needed to shift gears, to get into the World, I started ...
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Key Business Strategies for AV Business in 2012
... towards improvement for 2012, others remain less favorable. Flat is the new up, and running a leaner, more efficient operation is the new normal. Profitability, rather than revenue and employment growth, is the measurement for success.
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MN Politicians React To State Of The Union « CBS Minnesota
By Eric Henderson
The new normal. He touted job creation … Just after he shot down a pipeline that would have created more than a thousand and brought down energy prices… He should lead by example. Also – He speaks about Income Equality – Isn't that ...
CBS Minnesota

Have Fun • Do Good: Martha Beck Interview: Finding Your Way in a ...
By Britt Bravo
Turns out there really is a new normal! I keep meeting more and more people who feel themselves to be part of a transformation; wild animals keep treating me like a friend; information and circumstances keep aligning to help all of us create ...
Have Fun • Do Good

A New Normal
You know that friend you want to talk to but haven't for years. As each year goes past, it becomes harder and harder to reach out. That is what has happened ...

Land Prices… The New “Normal” | LandThink
Remember several years ago when gasoline skyrocketed to $4.00 per gallon? Of course you do, but did you quit driving, or even change your driving habits ...

noodls® › gateway to facts | New Normal plan delivers strong results
Nordea Bank Polska SA noodls® › gateway to facts | New Normal plan delivers strong results.

The Changing Tech IPO Market - Business Insider
THE NEW NORMAL: Alex Cocotas|January 18, 2012|. 92|3. (Business Insider Intelligence). We had a few blockbuster IPOs last year, but it doesn't mean the tech ...

Chapter 2. The New Normal: Profiting When ... - Safari Books Online
Chapter 2. The New Normal: Profiting When Resources Are Limited - Small Town Rules: How Small Business and Big Brands Can Prosper in a Connected ...

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