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Dangerous Growth of State Dependence on Fed Funds

The Volokh Conspiracy » The Dangerous Growth of State Dependence on Federal Funds
By Ilya Somin
... that fiscal policy will return to “normal” as the economy improves. But state governments are likely to lobby for current grant levels to continue even after the recession ends. Current federal subsidy levels could easily become the new normal.
The Volokh Conspiracy

Conservatives retain the lead nationally; Is this the new normal?
Left Foot Forward
Labour must be extremely careful not to let these standings become the 'new normal'. The real concern, however, isn't for Labour as a whole, but for Ed Miliband in particular. Insofar as there was a cause for the change, it seems to have been his ...

Left Foot Forward

The New Normal? Don't Tell That To Gartman
Financial Advisor Magazine
The second is that we're in the new normal of a post-apocalyptic world of slow growth. The third view—and this is my view—is that it's not as bad as we think.” Wesbury noted the doom-and-gloom scenarios that naysayers believed could throw the country ...

State Unemployment Tax Must Reflect 'New Normal'
Hartford Courant
In the post-recession "new normal," when people are laid off, it is usually because their jobs are gone forever — often replaced by technology or shipped overseas. As a result, the average American job-loser is unemployed for more than nine months ...

Rethinking the row home (blog)
“This is going to be the new normal because it makes sense.” With backgrounds in engineering and real estate, the couple deliberated for years before deciding in 2008 to launch Postgreen Homes. “We put our life savings into it,” Chad Ludeman said.

Invited to Occupy
Charlotte Observer
By Carolina Sonshine on 01/24/12 01:34 At no other time is the weight of B's loss felt as intensely as when our 'new normal' changes. It makes no difference whether temporary or permanent; any shift throws off the delicate balance we barely achieve on...

Charlotte Observer

Fourth Quarter and Year-end Report 2011
CisionWire (press release)
“Our focused relationship strategy and New Normal plan has delivered increased efficiency in cost, capital, liquidity and funding while we have maintained strong income growth and solid profit development. We have reached a record number of ...

'Weil See': Private Equity Law Firm Predicts A PE Shakeout
Wall Street Journal (blog)
“There is no 'new normal,'” said Weisser. “The story remains to be told.” Weisser notes that some trends from 2011 are certainly likely to continue, particularly a focus among LPs on fostering deeper relationships with the top performing managers.

5 Technical Setups to Trade This Week
But don't think that we've reached a "new normal" in volatility just yet. Europe is continuing to be a black cloud for US investors as drama starts to heat up again between Greece and its private creditors. Overnight, the euro lost ground against a ...

Stroke survivors describe road to recovery
"He's going to have a new normal. How he gets to that new normal is how his rehab goes, how he accepts it," she said. Clancy says that she is still recovering, likening stroke rehab to an alcoholic who spends the rest of his life in recovery.

Security for State of the State Address
"I think there's probably a new normal now,” he said. “We've had a number of different events at the Capitol over the past year and a month or so and so we've got a plan down for how we handle those things." Schoenherr wasn't able to give us specifics ...

2012 economic outlook for West Michigan: 'Slow and steady'
The Saginaw News -
Singh said good times will return, but at a "new normal." West Michigan is positioned well in some areas for continued recovery: health care, specialized services, education and a resurgent manufacturing sector. Increased demand, improved confidence ...

The Saginaw News -

Regional council checklist
Niagara Falls Review
This seems like it will be the new normal for council's Thursday get-togethers. * New Kid on the Block: Welland Interim Mayor Paul Grenier was sworn in as an alternate regional councillor before Thursday's meeting. He'll be sitting in at council and ...

New England 2012 Housing Market Outlook & Forecast (press release)
According to Jay Hummer, executive vice president and regional director of RE/MAX of New England, the real estate market is now experiencing the “new normal,” and homeowners can expect modest stability with limited appreciation in values for the ...

Dubnyk earns another start
Edmonton Journal (blog)
Maybe there is a new normal for him,” said Renney. “The issue with Whit is having to maybe re-invent himself as a player and that's not easy to do, especially coming to Edmonton (from Anaheim in a trade for Lubomir Visnovsky) and being lights out.

Reuters Seeks Out MetalMiner's Stuart Burns on Aluminum Production
Not only will Stuart be at MetalMiner's upcoming conference (Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for a New Normal, which will tackle the issues mentioned above), but one of the world's leading minds and voices in aluminum market analysis will be ...

How To Work From Home And Be Productive, Happy and Fabulous!
Huffington Post (blog)
This is indeed the new normal. I work from home about two to three days a week. It's how I like to roll. In fact, its how a lot of us like to roll. So how do you stay charged up? How do you stay motivated? How do you make it all work efficiently so ...

Verizon suffers $2B loss on pensions, iPhone costs
"Is the iPhone margin effect transitory, or is it a 'new normal'?" Moffett said that an endless string of Apple upgrade cycles could keep margins from rebounding for far longer than anticipated. In this scenario, he said that the "earnings pop will ...

Cook up an Oscar-themed party
Kansas City Star
In fact, some are heart-wrenching, such as the closing shot of “The Descendants” involving ice cream, a signal that this family's tumultuous life is slowly finding a new normal. When it comes to finding a theme for an Oscar party, not every movie has ...

Kansas City Star

Am I Antisocial?
Huffington Post
How has this happened to so many of us? It seems that all the hyperconnectedness in today's society is siphoning away our energy for real-life interaction. Some people might call my lifestyle antisocial; I'd prefer to say I'm living the "new normal."

ED GOLDMAN: Readers reflect on funerals
Sacramento Business Journal (blog)
Then we work our way through re-weaving our lives and creating a 'new normal' without that person, even while holding them in our hearts. The only proper burial is the one decided on by the family. Sometimes exhaustion and grief make the decision, ...

Forest Service confronts another no-win choice
Payson Roundup
... but we must also acknowledge that they have consistently raised legitimate points backed by mostly solid information. So we hope that the recent board meeting represents a never-to-be-repeated low point and not the new normal for the board.

Cats Get Tongues Wagging Among Industry's Top Dogs
It's easy to dismiss the severe rise in claims as an anomaly, but a number of those at the Forum are worried that this could be the “new normal.” The US experienced a terrible cat loss year in 2011 even without a major hurricane hitting Florida or the ...

Thinking locally as Legislature returns
Minneapolis Star Tribune
"This is the new normal," said Rep. Carol McFarlane, R-White Bear Lake, who hopes the Magic Act will spark other collaborative efforts statewide. "We need to build relationships, build bipartisan support, be more flexible." The legislation would allow ...

The State of the Union 2012 -- We've seen this movie before
Fox News
Mr. Obama will likely be optimistic on the economy pointing to a three year low in the unemployment rate of 8.5 % (the new normal) and expanded payrolls. Missing in his report will be the housing and foreclosure crisis that still looms large over our ...

George Schroeder: Will Oregon's power brokers forgive Chip Kelly and forget?
The Register-Guard
... and perhaps the most important fan — a certain trust is gone, maybe, and we'll have to see if it can be recovered. Business as usual? Maybe. But it might be a new normal. Follow at ...

California food workers union reaches agreement with Food 4 Less
World Socialist Web Site
After nearly a decade, the lower starting wage has become the new normal. The UFCW facilitated the end of the strike by ordering thousands of workers off the picket lines. In reference to the new contract, Local 135 President Kasparian, said, ...

Cloud Computing: The Great Disruptor
IT Business Edge (blog)
Small Business Computing editor Lauren Simonds predicts that the cloud, "imperfect as it is, will become the new normal for small business in 2012. Pressure's on to compete, and SMBs that do not have the resources (ie, people, budget and time) can be ...

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee
Spend Matters
This compendium serves as a companion piece to our upcoming Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for the New Normal conference to be hold March 19 and 20 in Chicago. Participants will also learn ways to manage the P&L, create longer forward-price ...

No smooth housing ride
Stockton Record
... banks are holding back foreclosure property as they attempt to prop up prices. All of which is to say there are still many "distressed" sales - foreclosure and short-sales - out there and until they're out of the system, this is the new normal.

Julia Olmstead: Climate Insurance
With climate change making extreme weather the new normal, it's prudent to do everything we can to protect our food supply. Published on Jan 24, 2012 - 6:09:47 AM. Printer friendly page · Tweet. By: Julia Olmstead, OtherWords. Jan.

Israel Matzav: Soccer Dad's Middle East Media Sampler
By Carl in Jerusalem
The reality is that, like it or not, “Islamist-oriented” governments are about to become the new normal in a region dominated for decades by secular autocrats and pro-American generals. So the crude bias about Muslim movements that is baked ...
Israel Matzav

Top 7 Stocks to Own in 2012 | Stock Market Newsletters
By admin
This New Special Report is Yours FREE Here`s the ugly truth that no one is telling youthe extreme market volatility we`ve been living through is the new normal. And as you`ll discover in my shocking new report, “The NEW Rules on Wall ...
Stock Market Newsletters

The Duck of Minerva: Bad Predator?
By Charli Carpenter
We must now accept that technologies that remove humans from the battlefield, from unmanned systems like the Predator to cyberweapons like the Stuxnet computer worm, are becoming the new normal in war. And like it or not, the new ...
The Duck of Minerva

Digital Urban: When Atoms Meet Bits: Social Media, the Mobile Web ...
By Smithee
The Arab Spring, UK Riots, Occupy and many other protests and so-called “flash-mobs” are all massive gatherings of digitally-connected individuals in physical space; and they have recently become the new normal. The primary role of ...
Digital Urban

How Cyber Monday Has Adjusted Our Holiday break Looking ...
Without a doubt you may think of whatever you have seasoned in your life and regarded which adjustments became the brand new normal and which ones became regrettable reminders that assisted outline a decade (you are aware of, those ...
welcome to

The online directories: Where are they in 2012 |
By Dave J.
... as well as consider the struggles of the goliath of paper directories, Thomas Publishing (now ThomasNet). It's been almost ten years, and I hardly blog about these companies any more. The paradigm shift of 2002 is the 'new normal' of 2012.

Fourth Quarter and Year-end Report 2011 | Nordea
By nordeapressreleases
New Normal plan delivers strong results. CEO Christian ... Great customer experiences remain our most important value and constitute the key to our relationship strategy and strong financial results also in the new normal. Our ambition is to ...

'Peak Timber' Is The New Normal State of Human Resource Usage ...
Researchers say that the Solomon Islands had been warned for decades that they were cutting timber faster than it could naturally regenerate, but they didn't ...

New Normal News: Uncertainty is the new normal
But the industry will get used to the new normal. If you take the currency volatility, it will impact every sector. The company's profits will become volatile.

New Normal On Wall Street: Smaller And Restrained - Ourscompany ...
Latest News - Global News Accumulator ― With firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley reporting weak results for last year, Wall Street is having to ...

2012: The New Normal Charles Engros. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. 2012 JEGI Media & Technology Conference. January 19, 2012. 2012: The New Normal ...

The New Normal? Don't Tell That To Gartman -
There's cautious, there's bullish and then there's super-bullish. Three panelists at this week's Inside ETFs conference offered different forecasts for this year's ...

Heavy weather and the new normal
Tweet Tweet I often tell people that the mid-century will be about “old people in big cities who are afraid of the sky.” Bruce Sterling, the science fiction author, on ...

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