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Sundance new normal - a sense of seriousness

Sundance new normal - strong films, cautious, steady buying
It seems that the independent film world has finally gotten used to the new normal of the challenged marketplace, and are responding. "There's a sense of seriousness about the movies this year and in the meetings that we're having with agents and ...

The new normal on Wall Street is smaller
Economic Times
With firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley reporting weak results for last year, Wall Street is having to confront doubts about itself. Is this a temporary slump? Or will the moneymakers never get to go back to their high-rolling ways?

Turkey's government is the new normal in the Middle East
Washington Post
The reality is that, like it or not, “Islamist-oriented” governments are about to become the new normal in a region dominated for decades by secular autocrats and pro-American generals. So the crude bias about Muslim movements that is baked into the ...

Accountability: The new normal?
Hopefully, after this impeachment trial is over, irrespective of the verdict, the new normal would be the mind-set of accountability persisting in the minds of all stakeholders, including public servants. No exception. Instead of debating which of the ...

More of same seen for 2012
Westfair Online
Office brokers, tenants and owners are getting a “re-education” in the “new normal” in commercial real estate, members of the Westchester chapter of the Building Owners and Managers Association recently heard from BOMA's annual market forecast panel.

Newt Gingrich's rise — in one chart
Washington Post (blog)
Nothing captures that ascent as well as Gallup's latest tracking poll, which, when viewed from even a slight distance, captures the new normal of the presidential race. The orange line below tracks Gingrich's standing in the Gallup poll since early ...

Bingham Ray, Indie Film Veteran, Dies at Sundance
Also read: The New Normal at Sundance -– Strong Films, Cautious But Steady Buying "On behalf of the independent film community here in Park City for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and elsewhere, we offer our support and condolences to his family," the ...

Home market 'slogging along'
Highland Park News
Don't count on it, say area Realtors, who will be grateful if 2011 prices become the new normal and prospective sellers can come to grips with what their homes are now worth. “Let's hope this is the bottom,” said Jane Pickus, a Realtor with Coldwell ...

Directors' alert: The six top issues for 2012
The Nation
Today, waiting until conditions return to "normal" isn't an option - after more than three years of uncertain economic and market conditions, this is the new normal. Boards should adjust accordingly and develop the necessary strategies to help keep ...

O'Malley under scrutiny as he serves in two roles
Baltimore Sun
The high-profile travel schedule is becoming the new normal for O'Malley, who took on a second year as chairman of the governors group in December. As Maryland's 90-day General Assembly session was ramping up last week, the governor zipped down to ...

Spike Lee's Sundance Tirade: 'Hollywood Execs Know Nothing About Black People'
Also read: The New Normal at Sundance -- Strong Films, Cautious but Steady Buying Lee also looked into the audience and said, "Is Brooklyn in the house? We doubled the black population of Utah, maybe tripled it, up in this room!

McCarthy: New CBA Undermines Player Development
Bleeding Green Nation
Whatever the fact, these are the new rules for the next 10 years, so players and coaches alike will have to find a "new normal" and innovate some new ways to make sure player development doesn't suffer.

Lower Your 'State of the Union' Expectations
Fox Business
Wouldn't you agree this is not the new normal, but the new abnormal? Should the focus be that taxpayers shouldn't want the federal government wasting anymore tax money from even rich Democrats or Republicans, including Democrats such as George Soros, ...

DiNapoli: Cuomo pension plan 'not the smartest move'
“To make decisions about changing the parameters of the system, under the label of reform, assuming that that worst-case scenario that we're going through now is going to be the new normalmight not be the smartest move.” Governor Cuomo made it clear ...

Recession report - MEA sees double dip recession in 2012
Unfortunately, the new normal is upon us, as a fairly high level of geopolitical uncertainty combines with what some would say is a lack of effective economic and political leadership around the world, yielding an economy very much in limbo.

Housing still searching for its 'mojo'
Broker News Australia
"It has finally sunk in that weak credit growth may be the 'new normal'. With the Eurozone crisis also haunting the horizon and rumours of Japanese competition in mortgage markets, 2012 may be a tough year for the finance sector," the report forecast.

Future seen bleak without clear road map
In a presentation before the Philippine Business Forum over the weekend, Diokno also said that, in the medium term, the Philippine economy would grow below its previous peak, in line with slow, new “normal” growth rate for the world economy.

Wants vs. needs and reality
Czech Position (blog)
Jobseekers also have to adjust to shifting economic realities and there does seem to be a new normal. Everyone has a list of what they need or require when they consider a new job. They also have a list of the things they would like to have.

Czech Position (blog)

Saudi's oil target and long dated futures
Financial Express
Saudi Arabia sent a crystal clear message last week to the oil market: $100 a barrel is the new normal. For some, it is a green light to bid up forward-dated crude oil futures. In an interview with CNN, Ali Naimi, the powerful Saudi oil minister, ...

America's Emerging Military Posture
Huffington Post (blog)
... economies and budgets are strained to the breaking point, and where electorates have less patience for military adventurism, the answer is that future US presidents and Congressional members will need to adjust their world view to the new normal.

Armie Hammer gets a big boost from 'J. Edgar'
Tucson Citizen
The nomadic life is a new normal for the actor, who has managed to double down on his success from last awards season, when he was hitting a treadmill of red carpets as part of the lauded Social Network frat pack. In a double performance, Hammer played ...

PIMCO: Asia-Pac Growth to Be Below Market Consensus
PIMCO has become increasingly vocal in its cautious view on the future of the global economy, popularizing the idea of a 'new normal' and urging investors to expect lower-than-average historical returns with greater regulation, lower consumption, ...

2011 Was the 11th Hottest Year on Record
Blasting away past average summer temps, 2011 stands as proof that hot is the new normal. NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies director James E. Hansen suggests that there is potential for rapid climate change this century, including multiple...


Daybreak: Islamists Set to Capture Egypt Gov't
Tablet Magazine
[NYT The Caucus] • Jackson Diehl argues that Turkey's Islamist, anti-Israel government has also been an important US ally and represents “the new normal” for the region that can't be wished or denounced away. [WP] • Reports have it that the United ...

Tablet Magazine

Triple Point Technology Joins 'Commodity Edge' as Gold Sponsor
“Commodity volatility is the new normal, and more and more companies are realizing that it's critical to have a comprehensive commodity risk management strategy and technology platform in order to maintain profit margins,” said Michael Schwartz, ...

The Best Mortgage REITs To Buy Now
Seeking Alpha
As discussed above, the "new normal" of sub-par, uneven growth with structurally high unemployment will likely persist for years to come. We believe that this is an ideal environment for mortgage REITs, which benefit from a steep yield curve with low ...

Cost Subtraction « Old Lean Dude
The phrase “new normal” is used to describe a recent sea change in the world economy. “Cost subtraction” marked a less obvious sea change in the 1980's, but one that arguably has contributed significantly to our latter day new normal.
Old Lean Dude

MommyCoddle: hello again
By mommycoddle
How it takes a bit to determine your new normal. Figuring out how you'll manage to still do laundry, make dinner and vaccuum the rugs, even though you have this little baby to care for. I know a routine will develop and I'll find ways to carve out ...

Is the iPad the Real American Idol? | Covenant Eyes
By Daniel Lohrmann
Since the early days of working with (Michigan) Governor Synder's transition team in 2010, it was clear that iPads were more than a cool new fad, they were the “new normal” in government. Over the past year, I've seen the same trend ...
Covenant Eyes

University of Alabama News » UA Real Estate Center's Conference ...
By Bill Gerdes
The new mindset of interconnected global thinking is considered by some as the “new normal” and is the focus for this year's Alabama Center for Real Estate conference to be held Friday, Jan. 27, at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in ...
University of Alabama News

cryptogon.com » Is There a Single U.S. Mainstream News Story ...
By Kevin
The new normal? Nothing to see here? Via: Daily Mail: It's a practice more closely associated with third world countries, but in bleak times in a Chicago-area suburb, 30 people were buried in a mass grave on Wednesday. The pauper's burial ...

Theo Spark: Must Reads!!
By GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD
... Wings Over Iraq: World Briefing; Saleh leaves Yemen, bound for medical treatment in US; Rising strife threatens Iraqi stability; GsGf: Taliban Demetia; Diehl: Turkey's government is the new normal in Mideast; Donnelly: The Obama way of ...
Theo Spark

Adaptation of the Day: Nuke Romney | Steve Brodner
By Steve
Mitt “Zelig” Romney, will, I suspect, adapt to the new normal; show up unkempt, uncombed, 50 lbs overweight, affecting a gassy, nasal wheeze and immediately begin to gnaw on Brian Williams. Bon app├ętit! Filed Under: POWER 101, ...
Steve Brodner

Brazil Times: Blog: Political Crises
Apparently, there is a "new normal" when it comes to presidential politics. It seems that the campaign is now two-and-a-half to three years. I don't know if most people manage to tune it out until the end or if they are fatigued by the end. The only ...
Hear me out by by Charles Hear

Innovation in outsourcing | European CEO
By michael
Both radical and incremental innovation types are delivering major benefits to businesses. The foundation for “a new normal” is built on three pillars: A new generation of highly distributed and virtualised business models; a new generation of ...
European CEO

Risk Management: Welcome to the New Normal - Article from ...
The potential risk of supply chain disruption has never been greater. In fact, it's become the new normal, say authors and educators Robert Trent and Greg ...

Philippines: The 'new normal' | Al Jazeera Blogs
Al Jazeera/Marga Ortigas The nightmare hadn't changed much in a month. The main roads had been cleared as much as they could be, but everything else was ...

Sundance new normal - strong films, cautious, steady buying ...
From Yahoo! News: PARK CITY, Utah (TheWrap.com) - The Sundance action got under way over the weekend with numerous films sold or about to be sold, and ...

Are CMOs in denial of the new normal - The Performance Ideas Blog
The 2011 IBM CMO study provides insights for marketing professionals. This post highlights two key findings that relate to social media.

Leading Change in the "New Normal" - HBR Mobile - Harvard ...
As we watch business leaders struggling to adjust to the "new normal" of the global economy, we can't help thinking of the economic transition India began ...

CHEJ: The New Normal: Earthquakes « Green Buckeye RN
CHEJ: The New Normal: Earthquakes. January 17, 2012, 2:59 pm. Filed under: News. Since March 2011, 11 earthquakes have shaken the Youngstown, Ohio ...

Turkey's government is the new normal in the Middle East ...
Turkey's government is the new normal in the Middle East. by Jackson Diehl, The Washington Post, January 22nd 2012 -. It would be nice to think that Rick ...

A New Normal — the tale of three mangos
Man…if I thought I was bad at blogging before, I'm really horrible at it now. I go days without even opening my laptop, and when I do, I've rarely processed ...

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