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They call it the “new normal”

TOP 10 business stories of 2011
They call it the “new normal.” The term's broad application extends to employment, education and social fabric in general. But many of the problems can be traced back to the falling housing values and mortgage problems that caused the crisis. ...

Banking's New Normal: Is Your Team Ready?
US Banker
That's the new normal and, as bank leaders are acutely aware, it means significantly reduced return on equity for a long time to come. The question is not how to get back to the good times, but how to move institutions forward under these vastly ...

DIY cesium scanning store may be 'new normal'
The Japan Times
The surreal sight of a do-it-yourself radiation testing facility standing next to a hardware store and an Internet cafe raises a question for Japan: Is this the new normal? The March 11 earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear disaster set the ...

The Japan Times

Oklahoma City reaps positive effects of economic development
BY STEVE LACKMEYER  Is this the new boom, or just the new normal? At a time when many cities across the United States still were struggling to recover from the Great Recession, Oklahoma City in 2011 went on an ...

Harvey Mackay | Just how 'weird' are we now?
Louisville Courier-Journal
Probably not, but small businesses should pay particular attention to this phenomenon because they can most easily adapt to selling to the “weird.” Call it what you want, but Godin makes being “weird” the new normal. Mackay's Moral: If you can't be all ...

New Years past, and New Years yet to be
Herald and News
By MARK McCRARY It seemed that people were struggling to come to understand a "new normal" in the face of worldwide social and economic turmoil. Slight economic upsurge and continued social unrest both here and worldwide. ...

'Design for Liberty' important book in 2011
Daily News - Galveston County
Where the press blasted the previous administration when the unemployment rate exceeded 6 percent, today it touts 8 percent unemployment as the new normal for full employment. Some blame the heavy hand of government, especially the federal government ...

Resolutions versus meaningful expectations for your business
Smart Business Network
To start with, if you assume increasing revenue as fast as possible as the “new normal” for future revenue expectations, your business could grow broke. Especially during these challenging times — when accelerating and/or realizing any growth seems to ...

UP CLOSE: Clark Schweers
Business Insurance
As long as it continues to adapt to the new normal, the future is quite bright. BEST THING ABOUT A BAD ECONOMY: It allows for exceptional service providers to rise above average performers. FIRST MARKET EXPERIENCE: Assisting state insurance guaranty ...

Most Overused Words of 2011?
Boise Weekly
Other nominees this year were "occupy," "shared sacrifice," "blowback" and "mancave." Other vote-getters included "the new normal" and "ginormous." The school began its list of words proposed for banishment in 1976, when it named "at this point in ...

Outdoors: An outdoors-related wish list for the coming year
That the weather we experienced last year will not become the new normal. Not only was 2011 the wettest year on record, it seemed like the rain and snow came at all the wrong times and sometimes all at once. The resulting flooding, in particular, ...

Shelby County recovery has been slow for once-booming area
The Birmingham News - (blog)
That's enough to cause people like Dedes to embrace the notion many analysts have expressed -- that there is a "new normal" when it comes to the economy. "In terms of recovering from the recession, I believe we are not seeing a recovery as defined by a ...

Rand Paul dings Santorum, Ron Paul sets expectations
Politico (blog)
This is the New Normal of the race, where Santorum will be firmly in the sights of his rivals, with fewer than three days to go until caucusing begins. “I may come in first. I may come in second. I doubt if I'll come in third or fourth," Paul said on ...

12 people to watch in 2012
The Desert Sun
With political brinksmanship the new normal in Washington, and in a presidential election year, Bono Mack will have to try to satisfy the increasingly rigid demands of her party while appealing to Democrats as a voice of moderation. ...

College daughter returns to the nest
Asheville Citizen-Times
Martha laughs at the suggestion that, after one semester, she and Lee are now embracing the “new normal.” “Logan is still doing his school thing, Chief is going through this stuff (which included a cancerous leg amputation), making this move with the ...

nowhere to go but up
It attempts to justify a belief that the old order no longer applies and that a “new normal,” to borrow another faddish phrase, has taken hold. It's almost never true. The widespread shunning of stocks has been remarked upon so thoroughly that it ...

Ray Titus repositioned United Franchise Group to overcome financial uncertainty
Smart Business Network
“We have consistently moved forward as an organization,” Titus says. “I don't want to say that it is back to normal because what is normal? We're in a new normal. So things are improving. Store volumes are up. Franchise sales are up. ...

Sumter had strong 2nd half in 2011
Sumter Item
Following up on last week's column, here are some more of what we're calling "The Most Annoying and Overused New Normal Expressions On the Planet," these submitted by an old friend and famed arbiter of justice, Judge Buck. He offers: "I was like; ...

"Occupy" makes annual list of most overused words
... Obama) and the right (Republican White House hopeful Newt Gingrich). Other vote-getters included "the new normal," "ginormous," a mash-up of gigantic and enormous, and "thank you in advance." (Reporting by Ros Krasny; Editing by Cynthia Johnston)

Signs of hope for Memphis real estate
Memphis Commercial Appeal
"Then we had quite a few agents in our industry at that time who weren't necessarily in the industry as their main profession," Dickson said. The market is correcting itself to a new normal, he said, adding that real estate is becoming stable again.

Observers expect slow growth for county economy in 2012
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
“I think most businesses have adjusted to this difficult new normal,” Coe said. Carolyn Stark, the group's new executive director, said it has launched a business promotion effort similar to one developed in Austin, Texas, which the Milken Institute ...

Police deaths skyrocket in US; Glenn County sheriff alarmed that most are by ...
"We've become numb to violence, and we accept this as the new normal." Jones said officer vigilance is one of the few things law enforcement can do to stem the alarming death rate. "I remind my deputies and jail personnel every day to employ all of ...

The New Normal « Korea: Circles and Squares
By Emanuel Pastreich
The New Normal. Leave a Comment Posted by Emanuel Pastreich on January 1, 2012. Like this: Like. Be the first to like this post. Uncategorized · ← Reporting on North Korea. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here. ...
Korea: Circles and Squares

NewsDaily: "Occupy" makes annual list of most overused words
By Ros Krasny
Other vote-getters included "the new normal," "ginormous," a mash-up of gigantic and enormous, and "thank you in advance." (Reporting by Ros Krasny; Editing by Cynthia Johnston). Copyright Reuters 2008. See Restrictions for more details. ...
NewsDaily: Top Headlines

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money: Top Five Posts For 2011
By John Richardson
As I wrote at the time, shall-issue is the new normal. 2. Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Two This post was also the result of research by Rob Vance. The graphic in this post plotted the decline in violent crimes as shall-issue CCW increased. 3. ...
No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

2011 in review.
I maintain control and work to see the joy of his "new normal". I resent what has happened to our brilliant son, and yet I am grateful when he smiles at me. I do not ask myself "Why me?" I tell myself, "Why NOT me?". Good things come to good ...
MIZCATHI's SparkPeople Blog

JWT 100 Things to Watch in 2012
Want to see the consumer's new normal? The slide show is a comprehensive look at major trends and entry point in consumer good from JWT 100 Things to Watch in 2012. It sets into a visual, the reality of the new normal for the consumer. Food & Beverage

Is worst over for county's economy? | Watch Sonoma County
By PD staff
“I think most businesses have adjusted to this difficult new normal,” Coe said. Carolyn Stark, the group's new executive director, said it has launched a business promotion effort similar to one developed in Austin, Texas, which the Milken ...
Watch Sonoma County

I cant take how BF = bb always wif u, =(
By @llli*emeline
And this IS what motherhood looks like. You will find your new normal, but it wont be your pre-baby normal. Things change. ... Your new normal involves your life revolving around your child. And you will not be able to shove your child into the ...
La Leche League Mother-to-Mother Forums

Market Insights: Buyers and sellers happy with 'the new normal' of 2011
Summit Daily News
Take the time, and you will learn insights such as: Just about a year ago, in the January 29, 2011 issue of the Summit Daily News, the Market Insights article was titled “Welcome to the new normal.” In that article I wrote, “The title of this article ...

Investing in turbulent times
Hindu Business Line
As we near the end of the calendar year, the “new normal” continues to be instability and uncertainty. Global market volatility is here to stay as we realise how nonsensically small and connected the world indeed is. India's growth forecast has been ...

Hindu Business Line

One More Post for 2011
Enterprise Irregulars
We have often referred to this as the new normal and I think that we are starting to have a much clearer picture of what that really means for tech, for software and most importantly for businesses. Four key trends, or pillars as my IDC colleagues like ...

Enterprise Irregulars

Live Webcam | The New Normal Project
thenewnormalproject_logo.png · About · Get Involved · Progress · Live Construction Snapshot · Blog · Media. Live Webcam. Home » Live Webcam. Press Reload ...

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