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High oil prices are a "New Normal"

High oil prices? Here's the lowdown
Medill Reports: Chicago
All signs are pointing to this “new normal” price for oil in the US, and in the end, the price you pay for gasoline. Most economists estimate the price for crude will continue to bounce around the $100-per-barrel price for at least the next year.

Medill Reports: Chicago 

Global deal volumes settling into new normal
Globe and Mail
The new normal for transactions seems to be markedly quieter, which means that investment banks are likely going to have to cut their expenses to adjust. The planned combination of Glencore and Xstrata helped boost merger values, and new stock sales ...

Editor's blog: what is the 'new normal' for UK social housing?
The Guardian (blog)
There's a new buzzword knocking around the housing sector at the moment: everybody's talking about the "new normal". The latest to sling it casually into conversation is David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation.

The Guardian (blog)

For the female leader, chaos is the new normal
I find myself part of a panel at the Australian British Chamber of Commerce International Women's day event. I look around me: Ticky Fullerton of ABC Lateline is interviewing Cathy Harris, chairman of Harris Farm Markets, Helen Conway, director of the ...

5 Rules for an 'X-Files' Market
By Jim Jubak, Senior Markets Editor, Forget the 'new normal.' We're in an era of volatility, with swings from fervent hope to cold terror and back again. But the returns are out there, writes MoneyShow's Jim Jubak, who also writes for ...

$100 a pop? No big deal for tickets to popular DC shows
Washington Post
The $100 price isn't exactly the new normal for local not-for-profit theater, as distinct from touring commercial hits such as “Wicked” and “Billy Elliot” (which can command Broadway-level prices here). But a psychological barrier has been broken.

US sees "no fracturing" of Assad regime
CNN (blog)
But being the darling of the "progressive" and "intellectual" elite, whatever he does is now NEW NORMAL. He has elevated what Bush did - and was condemned for - into an acceptable, even lighhearted modern, yes-we-can kind of levity.

Analysis: All about 'CHARDON'
Said senior girls basketball standout Halle Herringshaw, who had a front-row seat for the Crazies' most memorable performance yet: “We want to get back to a new normal. It will never be the same, but we do.” The “new normal” allowed for laughter to be ...

All Left Turns
But if Daytona taught us anything, it's that the new normal might be what we saw last Sunday, not what we might see this Sunday. Consider this. In 2010, a pothole almost ruined the Datyona 500. Jimmie Johnson won his fifth straight title.

All Left Turns

Winterlike weekend, followed by a taste of spring
Minnesota Public Radio
For the months of December, January and February the Ice Box of the Nation, International Falls was nine degrees warmer than the new normal. International Falls tallied three days of 20 below zero or colder for overnight minimums.

How to Deal With Globalization's Job Losses
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
By Chad Stone I continue to think that most of the excess unemployment in the wake of the Great Recession reflects inadequate demand for goods and services and an economic recovery that is slower than it needs to be, rather than a "new normal" for the ...

Shanghai copper stocks at highest since Aug 2002
NEW NORMAL China's refined copper imports fell to 335480 tonnes in January from a record-high of 406937 tonnes in December, customs data showed last month. With the arbitrage window staying shut, giving the Chinese no incentive to import copper, ...

Education Outlook
Nevada Business Journal
“We're in the new normal now with the expectation that we'll have to do more with less,” says Heath Morrison, superintendent of Washoe County School District (WCSD). The district's financial situation has been in a freefall for around five years during ...

Group helps military spouses cope with deployments
The Augusta Chronicle
Henderson said during a lunch break that these types of story-sharing experiences are going to be crucial as families re-adjust to a new normal following multiple deployments. The openness shared among all the ranks and services during this period ...

Top economist weighs in on Bernanke's new take on economy
... regional Chief Investment Officer weighed in on Bernanke's latest economic analysis on 9NEWS 5 am He also offered his opinion on ideas about protecting investment portfolios during a time when heightened market volatility is the 'new normal.'

GULLIXSON: Supervisors show backbone on fluoridation vote
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
But fluoridating our water would be a major step toward creating a new normal, particularly for children who don't know what it's like to live without pain. As this debate rages, let's not lose our resolve to go there. Our Friday editorial reported ...

Construction Spending Rises From the Grave in January 2012
Global Economic Intersection
This is the best of the bad options available to determine month-over-month trends – as the preferred methodology would be to use multi-year data (but the New Normaleffects and the Great Recession distort historical data).

Global Economic Intersection

Editor's Eye on Baltimore: Surveying Baltimore's Innovation Community by Newt ...
Citybizlist (press release)
Last week, we discussed that to succeed in the "new normal" we all have to run differently not simply faster like the Red Queen. This week, we're going to sort through the results of the Innovation Alliance survey to gain some sense of how our ...

'By Blood' by Ellen Ullman
She describes an America in which the Zodiac killings and the Hearst kidnapping are simply incorporated into the culture as the new normal. Could that be what it was like during the Holocaust for the Germans? Book clubs of America, take note.

Stopping those homework distractions
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
While many kids, and some experts, say media multitasking is the new normal, research suggests otherwise – confirming my own gut feelings (and probably yours, too) about what gets lost when kids aren't focused. Here's what can happen: Learning isn't as ...

Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)

Mobile Computing: Federal Agencies No Longer Technology Luddites
Formtek Blog (blog)
Mobility is the 'new normal' for Federal employees. Employees increasingly expect to be able to work anywhere and at any time. Agencies responded first by deploying mobile devices, and now they are enabling use of personal devices.

January 2012 Personal Expenditures Unchanged, But Income Falls
Global Economic Intersection
Econintersect has concerns that seasonally adjusted data is not accurate in the New Normal. The above graph plots year-over-year data instead of month-over-month which is likely a more accurate approach to understanding PCE. Again, this is seasonally ...

Global Economic Intersection

Annette John-Hall: Extra pounds: Esteem is OK, but watch the health
Philadelphia Inquirer
Among African American girls, obesity is the new normal. Research shows that 97 percent of black girls born this year are projected to be overweight or obese by 2035. "That means that by the time they finish college, they have no chance of being ...

Worries arise along with blooms in early spring
Online Athens
Other scientists wonder if this year's early spring is simply the new normal as the earth continues to grow warmer. Even the conservative US Agriculture Department has taken note of warming temperatures, changing its plant hardiness zone map for the US ...

Shrinking wetlands expose Delaware to storms, rising seas
DFM News
“We are choosing how to respond to the new normal,” she said. DNREC Secretary Collin O'Mara urged participants at the Dover conference to help the public understand how wetland loss will affect people's everyday lives. “This isn't some greeny, ...

March 2 Open Line
Jacksonville Journal Courier
Bigfoot, aliens, mountain lions in Illinois, Santa Claus, tooth fairy, gay is the new normal, government can create self-sustaining jobs, stealing from one person to give to another is acceptable. All things that are more believable than an almighty ...

Cattle prices at highest levels ever and moving
If a person could cut those figures in half it would probably look a lot more normal, but maybe this is the new normal! With the market as good as it is, it sure looks like a great time to do some rearranging. Those old cows ought to go to town and get ...

MARIA BARTIROMO: In The End, It All Comes Down To Being The Best
Business Insider
It goes back to education, and constantly staying ahead of the curve—not to just survive, but thrive, in this new normal. I think the gender gap is becoming blurrier and blurrier. When will we see a female CEO of Goldman Sachs?

Business Insider

Danny Gardner: Are you voting for Utopia or Liberty?
Cleburne News
Welcome to the new normal. Mr. Obama has grown the federal government with borrowed money to the extent we're $5 Trillion more in debt today than we were when he entered office. The interest on that debt is consuming more and more of our budget leaving ...

Five medical device sales strategies doomed to fail in 2012
MedCity News
“While you are trying to maintain your margins, once those prices see the light of day for various reasons … that becomes the new normal,” Wessels said. Companies that use this strategy need to take a long, hard look at their overall pricing strategy.

Call it the new “Paranormal” market–you'll need some new investing ...
By Jim Jubak
Remember the “New Normal?” It was the phrase bond-fund legend Bill Gross and PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian coined back in 2010 to describe the financial world after the 2008 global financial crisis. Everyone would deleverage to get rid ...
Jubak Picks

March 1, 2012 « Linda Halcomb's Blog
By lindahalcombfineart
Now I am attending a new type of support group and those councilers talk about that particular “new normal”. Two major changes in my life during the last 20 months have me thinking about the stages we all go through. Some have crisp, clean ...
Linda Halcomb's Blog

Why We Built Innergy | The Well-Being Journal
By Nathan King
It threatens to become the new normal, but the new normal carries with it $150 billion in annual costs. Further, addressing obesity can positively impact other serious health risks increased by excess weight, such as diabetes, heart disease, ...
The Well-Being Journal

Windows 8 CP (Build 8250) Wallpapers Now Available | The ...
By Mahmoud Al-Qudsi
It seems Microsoft is focusing on providing backgrounds that span the resolution of multiple-monitor setups, so there are only four new “normal widescreen” wallpapers, though the other two can still be used in crop mode easily enough.
The NeoSmart Files

Strength Friday 03/02/12 & Fight Gone 'Holy Crap ...
By Mel
I'm so looking forward to figuring out a new routine — while I'm also well aware that my “new routine” might actually be somewhat crazytown all the time. The new normal might just be served up every day with a healthy dose of whackitude.

For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage – The ...
By Joe Carter
For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage. March 2, 2012 | The Gospel Coalition Blog. Why has having children out-of-wedlock become the "new normal"?… Read More ...
The Gospel Coalition Blog

Okay… So I'm NOT “Normal” | Kauilapele's Blog
By kauilapele
Abnormal is the new normal and what is normal now will be considered abnormal from here on in. ☼. Reply · david pirie says: March 1, 2012 at 12:08. You make such a simple statement and, as with most simple, basic observations,it provides ...
Kauilapele's Blog

Are Workers Unhappy on the Job? Yes, But Now They're Planning to ...
By John Hollon
“We're looking at a new normal in the workplace,” said Nellie Borrero, Inclusion & Diversity lead at Accenture, in a press release about the survey. “Employees are defining success in a variety of ways, customizing their own approaches and ...

A Girl And A Gun » Blog Archive » Drinking Water Purifier ...
By admin
The brand new normal water health standards from the original 35 to 106, following some technological indicators are all qualified in the big city tap water, according to the new common measure, but it is difficult for individual indicators, the ...
A Girl And A Gun

Play Like A Girl Raising Strong Confident Female Athletes 03/01 by ...
The Girl Scout Research Institute, The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living (2006). • The more physically active girls are, the greater their self-esteem and the more satisfied they are with their weight, regardless of how much they ...
Game Ready Mom! | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Monty Pelerin's World » The Economic Crisis is a Sideshow to the ...
By Monty Pelerin
For those accustomed to linear change, there is a new normal. Mr. Drucker described a discontinuity as a change so profound that normal extrapolation of the past would produce misleading forecasts. The most profound change the world ...
Monty Pelerin's World

Maria Bartiromo: We'll See A Female Head Of Goldman Sachs ...
By Aimee Groth, Business Insider
It goes back to education, and constantly staying ahead of the curve—not to just survive, but thrive, in this new normal. I think the gender gap is becoming blurrier and blurrier. When will we see a female CEO of Goldman Sachs? Wall Street is ...
The Jane Dough | News and Opinion...

Does Work/Life Balance Mean Sacrifice? » The Glass Hammer
By No Byline
“This is what I call the new normal. Companies realize that in order to keep top talent they have to adapt and be responsive. And this is very good news for people in the workforce.” She continued, “Companies have a real opportunity here to ...
The Glass Hammer

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