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Work life balance: a New Normal in the Workplace

Only a quarter of employed men and women seeking to move job, despite ...
"We're looking at a new normal in the workplace," said Corcoran. "A key finding is that the desire for work life balance is no longer gender specific and features highly as a priority for both sexes. The challenge for employers is to help employees ... 

Analysts: Traders Lament Mostly Low Volumes In Asset Classes
MNI News
Traders fret that this new low volume environment will become the "new normal" for 2012. A look at the volumes traded in the Dow Jones Industrial Average suggests that things are definitely not optimal. Since the start of 2012, while share trading ...

West Genesee's proposed school budget calls for 3 percent spending increase
When proposing the 2012-13 budget Wednesday, Brown said he hoped to establish a “new normal” by continuing to adjust staffing to enrollment, working within the state-mandated tax cap and adjusting existing resources to support current and future needs.

Emerging-Market Engines Falter
Wall Street Journal
In 2009, he helped coin the term "new normal" to describe a global economy where emerging markets would consistently outpace developed world growth. Mr. El-Erian said his theory holds, though the onus is on European policy makers to resolve the ...

Wall Street Journal

The New iPad Display and the End of Paper
Over time, I think the 6×8 page could become the new normal (or the new as the tablet with a high-resolution display with a diagonal of about 10” becomes the default way of reading. (Other tablet makers will eventually catch up with Apple's ...

Beware the cost of all this 'communication'
Chicago Tribune
In fact, the opposite was true: There were too many tweets about Wikileaks, and they were so constant Twitter started treating Wikileaks as the new normal. The bottom line is, you can use Twitter to talk obsessively about Justin Bieber (in 2010, ...

The Dynamic Supply Chain
And, this constant change that is part and parcel of today's macros business environment is the "new normal." It is creating a situation that is placing unprecedented pressure on how businesses source, manufacture and distribute products.

YMCA vying for new Livestrong program
YNN Hudson Valley
The 12-week program is designed to help cancer survivors transition from treatment to returning to their new normal. "When you're diagnosed with any kind of cancer, you sit around, you do your chemo, you do your radiation and then you say, 'OK.

US, Pakistan Take a Breather
What seems likely after the dust settles is what a US official terms a "new normal," in which the two nations still cooperate but with less intensity and visibility. The watchword for each side will be "stop driving yourself crazy," jokes the official.

Beijing Predicting Slower Growth for the Year Ahead
Meanwhile, China's acknowledgment that The New Normal will not allow continued double-digit growth (even if that were desirable) may weaken a little of the bull narrative for metals that has been such a feature of the last decade.

Brooklyn Museum will Present BACK WALKING FORWARD, 3/18
Broadway World
They have an extraordinary experience to share about their journey to “a new normal.” Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Sandra Chapman, City Council Member LetiTia James, and the filmmaker will also be there. Representatives from the Brain Injury ...

Castelli Holds State Budget Forum in White Plains
The Daily White Plains
“As soon as the crisis hit, we really realized that the times had changed and we needed to budget according to that new normal,” Davis said of the region's median tax levy increase of 2 percent during the past three years. “The first year, you make ...

Expert Roundtable – Consumerization of IT: A Call to Arms for HR?
Software Advice (blog)
Fulton: Things that we used to treat as exceptions are becoming the new normal. From road warriors to an increasing number of workers working from home–mobility is huge. Add to that the generational expectations of a workforce who are digitally enabled...

Software Advice (blog)

Pension funds are not absentee owners, says NAPF Investment Chair
Pension Funds Online
With interest rates at a new low and no real growth predicted in the near future there was a fear that this was becoming "the new normal", which means an unsustainable future for any DB schemes or the annuity market. Mannion's comments come at a time...

Pension Funds Online

Stinchcomb announces investment plan in state-of-city address
In the past few recession years, she said, there have been cuts in services and projects and that has become the new normal under which to operate. “The bottom line is that we ended 2011 in the black by more than $2 million,” Stinchcomb said.

Editorial - Campaign rhetoric goes
Waikato Times
After all, global financial crises are the new normal. We have endured years of this and now the dreaded double dip appears to be upon us and with it news that the Government has overestimated the tax take for 2011-12. It seems the coffers will receive ...

Roger McNamee
Roger is the author of The New Normal, published in 2004 by the Portfolio imprint of Penguin Books, and The Moonalice Legend: Posters and Words, Volumes 1 & 2, published in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Roger serves on board of directors of Wordnik and ...

Prime Time's Class Warfare
Vanity Fair
... it's FX's Louie, a first-person urban prowler written, directed, and performed by stand-up comedian Louis CK, which seems almost suffused with insomnia and the battle fatigue of dealing with the shrunken, inhibited, post-9/11 “new normal.

Vanity Fair

Nonprofits join forces to fight money crunch
Times Herald-Record
Douglas Bauer, executive director of the Cooperstown-based Clark Foundation, listed a number of ways both doners and nonprofits can adjust to a "new normal" of decreased public and private funding. Community organizations should pursue alliances and ...

Lori Sturdevant: Toasting Tom Gillaspy
Minneapolis Star Tribune
As the shorter half of the "Two Toms" speaking duo, Gillaspy teamed up with state economist Tom Stinson in recent years to help Minnesotans understand the "new normal" that is dawning in the wake of the Great Recession. (Stinson one-upped Gillaspy on ...

WV National Guard deployed to Afghanistan
It's really the new normal for the National Guard Guard members are scheduled to return home in four months. A second group will head to Afghanistan Sunday and the third group will head there next Tuesday.

Japan recovery: Heroic bid may yet fall short
... held at several key structures across Japan, including at the Tokyo Sky Tree — a yet-to-be opened observation tower standing 634 meters (2080 feet) in height. A day after that, it will be back to the new normal of aggressive electricity conservation.

What worries me ... (blog)
The ceremony was just the latest in a long line of PR ruses to maintain business as usual; to make the unprecedented, unsustainable and unchecked growth of the Tar Sands the 'new normal'. A few years ago Greenpeace hung a banner in Calgary calling for ...

The Road Back: Josh Geer, Cancer, and Starting Over
Chicken Friars
Now, with all that behind him – the surgery, the cancer scare, and the rehab – Geer has returned to spring training, returned to the Padres, and returned to his new normal. He will always care about baseball, but his perspective is forever changed.

Chicken Friars

Should the U.S. scrap the dollar bill?
Bob Opiela, a tourist visiting Washington from Pheonixville, Pa., said he likes the coins -- until he found out they might become the new normal. “I think that would be terrible,” Opiela said. “I think people are used to dollar bills.

LA County's Court System to Adopt New Austerity Plan; Layoffs for ...
By Stephen Frank
The memo calls major reductions “the new normal” for California's trial courts.” Maybe less Wednesday golf games—a real 9-5 schedule, five days a week. Use of the Internet for filings, web camera's, illegal aliens deported, keeping criminals ...
California Political News and Views

2012 Forecast for Corporate Buzzwords and Phrases
By Matt Davis
What we're really talking about here is a new normal, where it's important to balance use of words that are on the way out with the hot new verbal trends in the corporate jargon toolbox. As an action item, I took some of my thoughts on these ...
Matt Davis

The Green Outdoors » Blog Archive » Earthtalk: More earth-friendly ...
By Chris Bosak
Sustainability is also the new normal in snowboards. California-based Arbor Collective uses sustainably sourced bamboo, natural wood veneer and poplar, respectively, in its three lines. Protective top layers are made from a 30 percent castor ...
The Green Outdoors

TaxProf Blog: NALP:
By Paul Caron
NALP, Law Firm Recruiting Volumes Inch Up, Making Modest Gains After Recession-Era Declines: After losing more than 45000 jobs during "the Great Recession," the legal sector continued to erode jobs, albeit at a much slower pace, through ...
TaxProf Blog

NAMI Blog: The New Normal: Actress Claire Danes, "Homeland ...
Showtime's original series Homeland is one of the first TV shows to feature a female protagonist living with bipolar disorder—and one many say isn't wholly ...

Sustainability is 'The New Normal' (Allen) |
Business leaders around the world are touting sustainability as the new normal for business and industry. The New Normal business environment will create a ...

THE NEW NORMAL PART 3 « The Burning Platform
As jobs continue to flee our country, more and more people simply can't find work . After a few weeks or months, they simply give up. Regardless of what bullshit ...

Early Learning Center [Update] | The New Normal Project
homepage_slider_farmer. This weekend we talked a bit more about the Early Learning Center and answered some of the most asked questions. Read this the ...

UPTICK: Indexing the New Normal
The new normal, SWIFT chief executive Lazaro Campos says, is we don t know where we re heading. But his cooperative could signal the next disruption, ...

Essay: Feeling the blues while adapting to winter's 'new normal ...
About three miles up the ski trail I start thinking about the "new normal." In Montana this February this new reality leaves out winter as we know it. It's a state in ...

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