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The New Normal Expanding Wealth Of Washington

The Expanding Wealth Of Washington
Only now do we see a “new normal” where Washingtonians, like the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm, seem “a bit more equal” than the rest of us. Will this trend continue? The outcome of the election may prove determinative. In a second Obama term – which ... 

Matt Weiner: "Mad Men" is about today
This is the new normal! Ha! Exactly. Maybe it's because I'm 46. Is that why I'm feeling this? But people way younger than me do too, about the getting back to normal. We are suffering such deep national self-esteem problems, that we are turning on each ...


In California, high unemployment, higher taxes, permanent state deficits, soaring unfunded liabilities and suffocating regulation has become the “new normal.” He is proposing to raise taxes on the wealthy to the highest state income tax rate in the ...


Sumner says thanks for help
Gisborne Herald
This is the new normal for Christchurch's earthquake-hit Sumner Surf Life Saving Club but, accompanied by chairman Craig Todd, manager Andrea McKendry and physiotherapist Alison Pritchard, the visiting team's spirit was not dimmed at the National Surf ...

Housing Can Turn the Tide
That's the “New Normal” paradigm advanced by investing titans such as Ray Dalio of the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund, and the bond salesmen at PIMCO. It holds that the massive accumulation of debt over the last two decades must still be unwound ...

The Naked Face Project: Two Women Give Up Makeup For Inner Beauty
ABC News (blog)
Boyle, who is pregnant with her first child, said one thing that surprised her is how quickly her natural look became her new normal. “We really think we need all these things,” said Boyle, “and all these things make us the woman that we are.

ABC News (blog)

Star union gains raises, can't stop job cuts
Indianapolis Business Journal
“We have to be realistic and know that this is the new normal,” King said. “We're going to continue to fight tooth and nail, and claw for what we can, but I'm not sure we're ever going to get that back in a lump sum.” Newspaper management directed...

Indianapolis Business Journal

Making sure out-of-sight (aka virtual) employees are top of mind
SmartPlanet.com (blog)
Doing so will prepare your organization for the 'new normal' of remote employment.” As I was reading through the book, the central theme that emerged was this: the more “engaged” a company can keep an employee, the better the chances that a remote or ...

Volunteers say they feel blessed by helping others rebuild homes
Times Daily
It won't be like it used to be, but we give them a new normal.” “You see the disaster and you realize the losses that people have experienced,” he said. “You try to show some compassion, and if you're a Christian, you're asked to love God, Jesus Christ ...

G2-Honey Fox Preview
And Down The Stretch They Come
11-New Normal (20/1): Despite the brutal post position, I like New Normal a little in this spot. She's got the speed to clear this group if she's able to break well from the gate. At 20/1 on the ML, she might be worth a light play and inclusion in some ...

Views on UK housing market brighten but job fears increase says BSA
Property Wire
'I believe that both consumers and lenders are currently in a period of adjustment to a new normal. A market that will be characterised by broadly flat or slow price increases; one where transaction volumes are lower than over the past ten years;...

Property Wire

Later retirements call for new transition strategies
Canadian HR Reporter (blog)
Working past age 65 may be the new normal for individuals who want to shore up their retirement income. Proactive organizations will be able to navigate changing work force realities with greater ease. Claudine Kapel is principal of Kapel and ...

Canadian HR Reporter (blog)

Befriend, support someone with MS
Delaware News
The new normal is what our lives become as we adapt daily. I asked Grove City businesses for donations of sweets to deliver to the Columbus TV stations, along with information about March being MS Awareness Month. Tim Horton's on Broadway quickly ...

Yoshikami: Two Wins for Apple's CEO Tim Cook
CNBC.com (blog)
I suspect that CEO Cook's belief that having adequate inventory is now the new normal at Apple. We consider this a great move forward for Apple and their supply practices. Scalpers now are not the ones to benefit from the demand for Apple product; ...

Stryker vets disagree on role of multiple deployments in massacre
The Seattle Times
He worked through its exercises, discovering his "new normal." Renschler now uses the manual to help guide group-therapy sessions. "The soldiers I work with at Fort Lewis and at the VA system as well, they have places they can go," he said.

Birthers, Racists, Sexists and Homophobes: 13 Toxic Endorsers of GOP ...
That the corporate media have failed to note most of these quotes -- or to challenge the candidates on accepting the support of these luminaries -- speaks less to any willful complicity than to the fact that "hatefully insane" has become the new normal ...

The Recovery Looks to Housing and Cheap Stocks to Watch Tomorrow
Active Investor
Maybe they did in 2006, but not in this new normal. The low rates though have enticed homeowners into refinancing so the number sin applications may get heavily skewed by that. Outside of housing, China will come into focus with its banking reports.

Maple syrup producers wrap up wild season
Elmira Star-Gazette
With climate forecasters predicting milder winters in the future, producers will have to adapt as warmer winters become the new normal. If the winters of future decades prove warmer, Chabot said, producers will have to adjust by tapping earlier.

Former Lewis-McChord soldiers weigh in on Bales
Sacramento Bee
He worked through its exercises, discovering his “new normal.” Renschler now uses the manual to help guide group-therapy sessions for soldiers who've suffered trauma. “The soldiers I work with at Fort Lewis and at the VA system as well, ...

Your vote for the North Penn YMCA can help local cancer patients
The Reporter
It states that the program utilizes physical activity and well-being to help adult cancer survivors become physically and emotionally strong enough to attempt to return to their normal life or “new normal.” “We are thrilled and honored to be selected ...

One year after his son's death in Libya, local dad looks back
Martinsville Bulletin
As the majority of Libya finds a new normal, Bensadik said his only regret “is the amount of people who died for this revolution. But that is life. People sacrifice for others to live. Because they, like my son, say, 'Enough is enough.'”

The Numbers that Really Define Us
Governing (blog)
Two sets of issues arise from this: First, the fact that the "new normal" in government is not a brief recession and quick recovery but a long period of fiscal scarcity makes it ever harder for governments to use the usual devices to skate by in a ...

Salon Today 200 Members Attend Strategies' Incubator
... Wake Up! The book is split into 144 articles (8 different topics) and is comprised of Ducoff's Monday Morning Wake-Up columns that are full of fast, relevant use-them-now strategies that help salon owners survive and thrive in today's “new normal.

How Kids Fit Into Your Freelance Life: Part 2
By FreelanceSwitch.com
After my mom died and life got back to a new normal, I settled into a routine—but knew I did not want to be a stay-at-home mom for too long. It did, however, last for several more years than expected and after Julia came along, I had to take the ...

Time for a Profitability Tune-Up - Attorney at Work
By Frederick J. Esposito Jr.
Here are a few numbers that are particularly important to monitor under the “new normal” of today's law firm economics. Billing rates. Whether you use hourly, blended (average or effective), fixed fees or other alternative fee arrangements, it is ...
Attorney at Work

Fewest LSATs Administered Over 10 Years
By Steve Schwartz
Is this the new normal? 1. What happened? There's a simple explanation: college graduates and other victims of the recession sought refuge in law school to wait for an economic recovery, but it turned out that it wasn't the safe haven they ...
LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT

Is The Instant Gratification of the Internet Making Americans ...
By dandunlop
After reviewing their work, I would argue that we are not becoming impatient, rather, we seek out conveniences and efficiencies. One could also argue that there is a new normal when it comes to accessing information. Look at the graphic ...
The Healthcare Marketer

Shanky's Technical Analysis and Market Commentary: Morning ...
By Shanky
The new normal is if things are bad that's good, if things are good that's OK and if things are murky and unclear that good as well. In case you missed it, Apple Announces $10 Billion Share Repurchase Program, $2.65 Quarterly Dividend, ...
Shanky's Technical Analysis and...

Soft Strength | My Blog
By admin
How in this world, this “new normal,” were we supposed to hold onto our authentic values and our dreams, especially if we wanted to be comforting with others and ourselves? Amid the bottom-lines, deadlines and headlines, how could we ...
My Blog

Frequent Turnover is the New Normal
Many employees now stay with an employer for only a few years. To cope, organizations are changing their recruitment and retention practices.

Financial Advice: Investing In The New Normal | KCUR
On this Monday's Central Standard, we discuss investing strategies.

Intergenerational living–the new normal? | Babs Ray
It's starting to get hard to keep up with the new wave of stories about young adults moving back home. This round, though, I'm happy to report the articles are ...

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