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New Normal: The Age of the Shadow Bank Run

The Age of the Shadow Bank Run
New York Times
THIS entire package of problems seems to be part of “the new normal” — it's not going away anytime soon. Some economists, like Ricardo J. Caballero of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , have called for extending governmental guarantees well ... 

Jail's 'revolving door' frustrates agenices
Mail Tribune
The problem of forced releases has been worsening for years, said Budreau, who described it as the "new normal." On St. Patrick's Day weekend, 78 suspects were lodged in the Jackson County Jail, but 70 inmates, including two facing charges of felony ...

Roots and Wings
ChicagoNow (blog)
He soldiered on, embracing his "new normal" with spirit. He walked the walk of making every day "tip top". He was never self pitying, not for a moment. He had a great life: good kids, adequate golf, Florida Winters and a cupboard of Scotch.

ChicagoNow (blog)

March has meant 6000 weather records broken
On the other hand lettuce is supposed to be a 'cool weather' crop so I'm pretty much hoping that we'll return to "normal" temperatures soon and certainly hoping that we aren't looking at a new "normal". It would be easy to offer up remarks about global ...

The Rebirth of Christchurch
Santa Barbara Independent
Meanwhile, residents live with the daily uncertainty of the “new normal.” Many adults have lost homes and jobs, not to mention places of worship. Children have lost their schools. People have become compulsive about visiting, a website that ...

Santa Barbara Independent

Ron Kaye: It'll be hell to pay when the bills come due
Glendale News Press
If there is a “new normal” evolving, as many economists believe, than how in the world are we going to pay the salaries of our public employees and the mammoth pensions and benefits guaranteed by the state constitution to current and future retirees?

Final Four-bound Buckeyes take cue from coach
Yahoo! Sports
This was his new normal, a daily struggle to do the things that he once took for granted. Now 43, Matta decided he'd stop hiding it. He spoke earlier this week to about it and figures the issue might as well be out in the open.

Yahoo! Sports

Partnerships between city, community entities are key
Unemployment remains stubbornly high and the new normal for unemployment and underemployment are yet to be understood. With those somber facts as a backdrop, the time was deemed ripe by the City Council to update Bristol's economic development strategy ...

People's exhibit
Business Standard
In India, the bus museum also aims to create a new normal. If the peedit (injured) of different parts — such as, Lakshmi says, those affected by endosulfan in Kasargod or water pollution in Ludhiana — can see and hear the experiences of others, ...

Tornadoes raise home insurance rates
“Insurers are starting to say, 'maybe this is the new normal,'” said Steve Weisbart, chief economist for the Insurance Information Institute, an insurance trade group. “They're building into rates a little more margin for catastrophic loss.

Markets Quiet Ahead Of Quarter End
Seeking Alpha
This comes as oil remains in the trading range of $102 - $110 that I have identified as a "new normal." It underscores the general weakness in commodities outside crude oil, as well as suggesting that financial markets are adapting to prices above $100 ...

My Word: Responsibility not adequate birth control
Orlando Sentinel
Evidently it's the new normal. OnTim Allen'snew show,"Last Man Standing,"the eldest daughter is an unwed mother with a toddler. Two jokes were made about it by the mother during a dinner scene in one episode. Where Griffin and I disagree is that I ...

Tom Shea: West Springfield's Guindon family keeps battling with, again and again
Vomiting, headaches and chemotherapy became the new normal. Six months after Jack was admitted, there was another death in the family. His mom's brother died, a suicide no one saw coming. “I remember sitting at the (D'Amour) Center for Cancer Care with ...

Pasadena lawyer says passage of initiative would reverse public school crisis
Pasadena Sun
“The governor's plan makes this the new normal.” The governor's proposal calls for a temporary quarter-cent hike in the state sales tax and an income tax increase on people earning $250000 or more. The money, an estimated $2 billion in the first year, ...

If gas prices rise much more, local economy could slump
The Northwest Florida Daily News
“Higher gas prices are going to be the new normal,” Goetsch said. “They're not going to go down to where (presidential candidate Newt Gingrich) said to $2.50 a gallon. Because demand is going up, the key to fighting (higher prices) is the worldwide ...

Backyard Birders Spy Something New - Unusual Bird Counts ...
As Earth's climate warms, these balmy years could become the norm, he says, meaning last winter's bird patterns could be a preview of the new normal. Because GBBC observers are amateurs, ornithologists do have to be careful about ...
Signs of the Times

Daled Amos: Barry Rubin: France: Here Comes the Whitewash
By Bennett Ruda
In an article in Foreign Policy, The "New Normal" in France?, he claims that Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse terrorist, is sort of a sad sack character who is merely seeking to take his fate into his own hands and to emerge as the defender of ...
Daled Amos

Andy Smith Illustrator Blog: New normal
Apparently the 'new normal' is all about realising that things aren't going to get better and be back to how they were so we just have to accept it and get on with it ...

Manor House Quarterly » A New Normal
I must have listened to his last album – {a narrative} – at least 100 times through. This music has been cathartic, inspiring and empowering to my creative pallet.

The Marietta Daily Journal - Around Town The new 'normal' will be ...
Around Town: The new 'normal' will be just fraction of old economist warns - THE ECONOMY is slowly getting back to normal but the housing sector won't be ...‘nor... Leadership and the NEW Normal: Slide Deck
Slides from John Spence's presentation of "Leadership and the NEW Normal" hosted by in Auckland, New Zealand - March 15th, 2012.

The New Normal, Or, Pinch Me – I Must Be Dreaming! | A Morning ...
The new normal involved counting cycle days, and taking medications like Clomid, Metformin, Prometrium, Follistim and Ovidrel (the last two being injectable ...

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) General Discussions at ...
I've been struggling lately with my "new normal" and trying to come to terms with the fact that I will never be the same person I ...

Navigating the New Normal of Mainframe - YouTube
Mainframe applications are responsible for many critical services that we take for granted in our everyday lives. But, many of the people trained to manage t...

The New Normal « Living On Tilt
I have commented before that I observe a massive cultural change in the USA. Our country was founded by people who believed in God and considered the ...

Tucson airport takes a new look at airline, development opportunities
Inside Tucson Business
“We need to evaluate where we are today with the new normal and what skill sets the airport needs for our long-term development of air service, marketing and business development,” Davis said. “We need to determine realistically our new opportunities.

5 World Football Owners Who Are Bigger Than Their Clubs
Bleacher Report
In modern football, billionaire owners are becoming the new normal. And with all their money, power and influence, the owners are becoming celebrities. These are five of the most notorious. Or, if you're a fan of one of these clubs, they might be five...

Bleacher Report

Lodi swimmer defies odds in recovery from spinal surgery
Lodi News-Sentinel
But returning back into pre-surgery shape involved just as much mental discipline as it did physical toughness, because Bowman's entire way of exercising underwent a makeover — as Merrill called it, Natalie needed a "new normal.

New Residential Home Sales Decline, -1.6% in February 2012
Economic Populist
The average home price is around early 2004 levels and simply has not come down enough to meet that new normal of low wages for most of America. Homes above $750000 didn't register sales for the last two months. February's the median price was $233700, ...

Backyard Birders Spy Something New
Science AAAS
As Earth's climate warms, these balmy years could become the norm, he says, meaning last winter's bird patterns could be a preview of the new normal. Because GBBC observers are amateurs, ornithologists do have to be careful about interpreting the data, ...

IGT Doubles Down
Vandemore concedes that the company is preparing for the "eventuality that this is the new normal" by cutting costs and operating more efficiently. IGT intends to repurchase $100 million of its stock (2% of shares outstanding) this fiscal year with its ...

Facebook takes action against employer password requests
Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
With Facebook becoming the new normal of how people share and communicate, some employers have folded Facebook into the candidate screening process -- asking to access a job applicant's account, either by using a subscriber's password or by "shoulder ...

Economic Headwinds from Real Estate Moderate
Global Economic Intersection
I see this effect in a few other economic pulse points also – and I continue to wonder if this is a New Normal effect. Major home price indices are still showing declining home prices other than the artificial improvement period seen during the...

Global Economic Intersection

Traffic alert: Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct weekend closure
West Seattle Blog (blog)
206-293-6302, or e-mail @Draagro we got stuck in it too. northbound 99 was slow with no obvious cause. i'm alarmed to say it might just be the new normal. Permalink Supermarket changeover in White Center!

Interest rates: the market has it all wrong.
Is this the new "new normal" or is it simply a dose of mean-reversion? The governments and weak banks and over-indebted companies need very low interest rates to continue to carry and roll their gigantic debt loads, so the this interest rate question ...

What if women don't need guys any more?
Globe and Mail
The New York Times reported last month that, in the US, having children outside of marriage is the new normal. More than half of births to American women under 30 now occur outside marriage. One mother, Amber Strader, 27, told the Times she was in an ...

Globe and Mail

Dark comedy 'Ampersand' debuts at Actors Theatre, raises questions of cloning ...
The Grand Rapids Press -
Yet, as a crowd of about 100 theatergoers discovered, the world of “Ampersand” quickly becomes the new normal and was surprisingly easy for patrons to follow. Three actors anchor the play, and they don't miss a step.

The Grand Rapids Press -

But you don't look sick
Portage Daily Graphic
I can live with the chest discomfort and the coughing associated with Bronchiectasis (a condition I had never heard of before, and I'm guessing you hadn't either.) The fatigue, however, changes one's life. You adapt and begin to accept your new normal.

Two houses under one roof
National Post
A letter sent to literary agents earlier this year details the new normal: Manuscripts to be considered by Thomas Allen are to be sent to senior editor Janice Zawerbny; manuscripts intended for Comorant Books are to be sent to Bryan Ibeas, ...

National Post

Grocery Geek: The New Normal?
By Jessica
As I try to improve the nutritional quality of our diet, I find myself having to play with our grocery budget and find the new normal. This week I went over budget. Oops!
Good Cheap Eats

US Airport Scores Nigeria Heroin Bust | American Renaissance
By Henry Wolff
“The amount of pellets and heroin this woman ingested is incredible, a serious health risk, and very troubling if these numbers become the new normal,” said Christopher Hess, CBP port director for the Port of Washington. {snip} ...
American Renaissance

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