Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Your life begins again. It becomes a new normal."

Iraq war veteran loses limbs, not courage to pursue dreams
Gabrielle Giffords, occasionally returns to Walter Reed to visit soldiers and their families. "I tell them they will be able to work, and there is light at the end of the tunnel," Kolfage said. "Your life begins again. It becomes a new normal." 

Art Cashin On Technical Indicators Turning Red | ZeroHedge
By Tyler Durden
Readers know that among the things the we find most meaningless in the New Normal are those anachronisms known as 'charts' - after all when it comes to central planners exclusively running the market, this has never occurred before in ...

"Normal' adjusts in bankruptcy filings here
Buffalo News
By Jonathan D. Epstein New bankruptcy cases in Western New York continued to fall in February at a much more moderate pace than last year, as the level of filings approaches what may be a "new normal" in a continuing bad economy.

First Spot On Tom Leykis' New Online Show Up For Bids On eBay
All Access Music Group
Who will be the first advertiser heard on TOM LEYKIS' new online daily radio show when it launches on APRIL 2nd through his NEW NORMAL NETWORK? The honor is up for grabs in an auction on eBAY, and the bidding has reached $560 as of early MONDAY with 17 ...

Abracadabra: Briggs & Riley Luggage Introduces Bag That Plays "Presto Chango ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Compressing down or expanding up based on exactly what is packed; this innovation is Briggs & Riley's version of the new normal -- or as they call it, the New Baseline. No more zippered expansion! Meet the luggage collection that once it's packed and ...

The GIS Report Card
Golf Course Industry Magazine
I had promised myself that I would not use the now hackneyed term “new normal” in this column but that's exactly what the Vegas show was. The reality is that fewer supers and employers feel they can justify the money, time and risk (ie, “Why the hell ...

European Stocks Rally on LTRO
The Epoch Times
(Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images) AMSTERDAM—Last week was another good example of a trading week in the so-called “new normal,” where classical economic and market theories do not always play out and volatility is rampant.

The Epoch Times

Tell Me About It: Miscarriage, job woes have her blue
Philadelphia Inquirer
I know everyone has ups and downs, but I feel like I've been down so long, with nothing changing, that this might just be the new normal for me. How do you continue feeling hopeful about anything when so many things go wrong? I have seen a therapist.

Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune
There is no good reason why Utah should be behind the times in adopting the new normal in energy-efficient home building practices. Thirty other states have adopted the 2009 code, and Utah has updated eight other construction standards, including the ...

Review: Louisville Rep's Fuddy Meers reflects the strength of the city's ...
Today, however, that which functions as the “new normal” is interrupted, as a masked man with a limp (Sean Childress) crawls out from under Claire's bed and kidnaps her. The plot twists and thickens in wildly comic ways as Claire is taken to her mother ...


Children's Memorial will move kids 1 by 1 to Streeterville site
Chicago Sun-Times
“So this is a new normal for him.” The patient move starts at 6 am June 9, and it's expected to last anywhere from 10 to 18 hours, as ambulances make the trip east on Fullerton Avenue and then south on Lake Shore Drive. Fullerton will be closed off to ...

Carl Welser: Human families in the jungle
Livingston Daily
Writers Jason DeParle and Sabrina Tavernise conclude what used to be called illegitimacy "is thenew normal." Where's dad in all of this? Researchers have consistently found that children raised in fragmented families "face elevated risks of falling ...

Volunteer Efforts Drive Tornado Recovery
Kirk explains, "Unfortunately, we've had, from what I understand, at least 15 of the families that we just got back to their new normal have been hit again." But even in the midst of suffocatingly sad circumstances, enthusiasm abounds for helping those ...

MLB Fantasy Baseball 2012: Top 30 First Basemen
Bleacher Report
Skinny: Strong track record with OBP/SLG suggests 30 HR and a .295 average could be Morse's new normal. Skinny: Free-agent migration to Colorado's thin air and comfy Coors Field spur this respectable ranking. Skinny: Bulked up in the offseason.

Bleacher Report

Public education supporters ramp up rallies with call-ins
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Tom Corbett's proposed budget would make that the "new normal." Kathy Newman of Squirrel Hill, a parent of a Pittsburgh Linden K-5 student, said cuts being made at that school "jolted me into action." The Corbett administration maintains that he has ...

Investment management industry bullish about growth opportunities, says KPMG ...
The rush of regulation that has followed the financial crisis is now bedding in, and business leaders now tolerate this environment as the 'new normal'. However, there is still the risk of over-regulation and if the pendulum swings too far the net ...

Make this a place where kids flourish
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Legislative Auditor's report on the flaws in child protection cannot succumb to "this is the new normal" due to budget constraints. We need no more letters from 16-year-olds asking to be freed from their parents, nor from 8-year-olds with an escape ...

Trends in physician office visits shift as money worries affect behavior
American Medical News
"It's not clear whether we've reached a new normal or this really is a function of the economic downturn," said Larry Levitt, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation. "Even if the economy comes back, cost-sharing is not going to go down.

The Network
By Andy Weissman
She calls it our New Normal. More than that, to me this whole process is the story of a networked community. Almost 8 years ago when we found out that Eden was allergic to 7 of the 8 FDA determined most common ingredients to trigger an ...

discarding the forced, formal and faked | Madame Pickwick Art Blog
By Dave
In a literary sense, this could be expressed in D.H. Lawrence, where the love hate relationship was canonized as the modern normal, the new normal, where all is separate and passionate unions, without any in-betweens or free passage ...
Madame Pickwick Art Blog

Senator states obvious: iOS, Android should ask before uploading ...
By Erica Ogg
... of the financial markets. What we are seeing are the opening salvos in a splinter war between the big tech companies who are in pitched battles with one another now to own our data—breeches of the old idea of privacy are the new normal.

European Stocks Rally on LTRO — Clearing and Settlement
By RSS Feed
AMSTERDAM—Last week was another good example of a trading week in the so-called “new normal,” where classical economic and market theories do not always play out and volatility is rampant. However, the long-term refinancing ...
Clearing and Settlement — Clearing...

Macro Man: RBS goes British Rail and hikes fares
By noreply@blogger.com (cpmppi)
Brilliant, TMM thought, that means that they will reduce overheads, figure out what is going wrong and restructure their businesses to deal with increased competition and the so-called "New Normal", helping taxpayers get a decent return on ...
Macro Man

ALS is the new normal for this Hinesburg family | Burlington Free ...
The human body doesn't normally bend in the directions Frank Provost's body was bending Friday morning.

New Normal | millsavenue
I'm trying to get used to a new normal over here. Stuff like.. Leaving my baby every morning… This will never be normal. Sucks {and i don't usually say that word} ...

New Normal | Jubak Picks
It's not the “New Normal” forecast in 2010 and it's actually even more dangerous than the new “Paranormal” sketched this January by Bill Gross of PIMCO.

The New Normal | K12 Insight
The current economic crisis has introduced many Americans and nearly all of our public school districts to a New Normal — the idea of having to do more with ...

The New Normal of Social Sidling - Social Business Community Blog
Remember that great episode of Seinfeld where Elaine was plagued by an annoying officemate who seemed to always appear at the right moment to mistakenly ...

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