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New Normal or Muddle Through Economy?

3 Paths to Outperformance
Instead it has earned monikers like "The New Normal"or "Muddle Through Economy". (I prefer the latter). Because investors are so used to the previous boom and bust cycles they keep misreading the economic signals. That causes them to predict looming ... 

Throwing Your Money Away: Why the Safest Investments Are the Riskiest
Seeking Alpha
Back in May of 2009, Bill Gross – Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Pimco – forecast a “new normal” in the investment landscape characterized by slower growth in the developed economies, higher unemployment and orderly deleveraging. 

US Construction Industry Loses 13000 Jobs in February
Construction Digital
While some of the job loss can be attributed to seasonal causes, namely unfavorable weather, many are wondering if these stark economic figures are the industry's new normal - are pre-2008 construction jobs ever coming back? Despite the thousands of ...

Wall Street Beat: Tech Rides Market Optimism
On Friday, the Hackett Group released a report, "2012 IT Key Issues: Coming to Terms with the 'New Normal," that said companies "may see some breathing room in IT budgets and staffing in 2012." "After several years of stagnant or negative growth, ...

Holton residents pursue new normal in aftermath of tornado
The Republic
By Chris Schilling HOLTON — Keith Swinney stood on the front porch of his home on the east side of Holton and pointed to a large pile of rubble diagonally across the street. Broken tree trunks, strips of siding, ...

Tom Humphrey: Social conservatives rule state's GOP electorate
Knoxville News Sentinel
Coming out of Super Tuesday, just maybe a new normal has been achieved wherein the conservative wing of the Republican party can believe in better. Back in the old normal, or maybe the ancient normal, Tennessee Republicans were pretty much a united ...

Economy has resulted in several notable trends
Statesman Journal
Are they passing trends, or will they become the new normal? The first is a trend toward more people moving in with relatives. There was an 11 percent increase in the number of Americans living in multi-generational households between 2007 and 2009, ...

Interest in new homes helps Pardee mark 60 years
Las Vegas Review - Journal
As the company begins its seventh decade building locally, executives say the market shows hints of a turnaround, even as Southern Nevada's new normal means we're unlikely to ever see a return to peak sales. Any market improvement requires a reversal ...

DynCorp International Supply Chain Team Recognized by Supply & Demand Chain ... (press release)
In many cases, a strong supply chain can be the difference between success and failure in today's “new normal.” Barry Hochfelder, editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, spoke about the winners saying, “Their efforts in developing the tools ...

Lost and found: Japan one year later
CNN International
"The way we live now -- such as scanning product labels for sources of ingredients and searching farther afield for 'safe' items -- this is now the new normal," she wrote in her iReport. She opts for locally grown produce or imported foods to cut down ...

Walk-through exhibit lets visitors look inside the human brain
Peoria Journal Star
"It helps people that have had a stroke transition from an old normal to a new normal." Schaer credited Nunley with helping the entire stroke community due to her love for her husband, and Nunley claimed the MEGA Brain is just the beginning.

WTVI's fate tied to CPCC
Charlotte Observer
"As regrettable as it may be that WTVI would cease operation, it is important to remember that WTVI has had multiple years to redesign and reshape its business model to reflect the new normal," Jones said. If the county doesn't come up with money to ...

How Can We Help President Obama Today?
Esquire (blog)
No, nobody's happy with 8-percent unemployment as the new normal, and the stimulus should have been bigger, and the Obama administration was hamstrung because it was trying to get started and listened to the people everybody said were the smart guys, ...

Esquire (blog)

Joseph Friedlander's Thoughts Inspired By Alexander Bolonkin's Writings On How ...
Next Big Future
There should also be rival journals so if this kind of behavior happens the corrupt journal will be bypassed as the center of real work in the field instead of redefining corrupt as the new normal. If this is not possible 100% then there should be ...

Brittany Norwood Lululemon murder: One year passes since yoga shop murder
Throughout the investigation and the trial, Murray's family, including mother Phyllis and father David, tried to transition into what Phyllis called a "new normal." “There are aspects of this death I cannot accept,” Phyllis said on the day Norwood was ...

Volunteers flock to Piner for cleanup
“We're just trying to help out any way that we can to help people get back to whatever our new normal is going to be,” said Kim Cook, a church member and volunteer organizer who has lived in Piner for 30 years. “The outpouring of volunteers has been ...

Camp4u: Two if by land
By The Sen.
(The governor, incidentally, has used the slogans "new normal" and "believe in better" in slightly different contexts.) But it was not to be. Santorum swept 37 percent of the vote, 10 points ahead of Romney, and Gingrich came in with about 24 ...

Dwight Rose Blog » Development of your Live view screen ...
By author
Our prime explanation multimedia system interface (High-definition multimedia) is usually a brand-new normal regarding hi-def wires, that is a simple program in which mixes each auto music system in a one higher music group width.
Dwight Rose Blog

By Michael Shaw
Today, marking the year anniversary of the catastrophe, this photo feels like its electronic cousin, emblematic of how that invisible malignancy — as “the new normal” — has been hung around the next generation's neck. (photo: Toru ...

Is the Economy Broken? | Women's Voices For Change
By Kathleen Rogers
The new normal economic asceticism we are experiencing will take some adjustment on our part, given the excesses of our past.
Women's Voices For Change

'The new normal' - Ka Leo (University of Hawaii): News
A Marine who began his deployment under “don't ask, don't tell” recently came home to a country where he is free to kiss his boyfriend in uniform in front of the ...

Shows That Stack Up On My DVR: Californication | The New Normal ...
“Eddie Trunk Rocks” Debuts on Tom Leykis's New Normal Rock · “One For The ... “The Vans Warped Tour Radio Hour on New Normal Rock” Debuts. Tom's Blog ...

If this winter is the new normal, how would it change Syracuse? (blog)
What if this winter is the new normal? What if our winters deliver fewer than 50 inches of snow with temperatures in the 30s and 40s? How would this change Syracuse, and would those changes be for the better? Some of the benefits are clear. (blog)

Multiple jobs is 'the new normal' for many Southwest Michigan workers
Michigan Business Review -
By Yvonne Zipp | Ian Maule | Kalamazoo GazetteLisa Poole-Woldring, one of three Kalamazoo-area workers profiled in this series, opens the Epic Theater for a performance. Working as house manager for the Epic Theater is one of five jobs ...

Michigan Business Review -

The 4 Forces That Will Shape IT Economics in 2012
Wall Street & Technology
Since the economic upheaval began in 2007-8, it has been clear that the historical models of managing a firm's technology and related economics don't fit with the new economy or the “new normal.” Now it is even clearer that four major forces are at ...

Dana-Farber appoints Partridge as director of adult survivorship program
Navigating the "new normal," when both their bodies and view of life have changed, is tricky for most people, Partridge said. "There are all the social issues, like maintaining employment. But there's a huge psychological challenge to getting through, ... Platform Blog
The study entitled "2012 IT Key Issues: Coming to Terms with the 'New Normal'", finds that companies may see some breathing room in IT budgets and staffing in 2012. After several years of stagnant or negative growth, most companies are now projecting a ...

Bucks 119 Knicks 114: Ersanator -- Starring Ersan Ilyasova
Brew Hoop
Then again, climactic fourth quarters at the Bradley Center might just be the new normal, if we are to trust this week. If this was the first week of the season, you would be telling your friends who "only watch college basketball" that the Bucks are ...

Harnessing the Power of Integrated Marketing to Engage 75 Million Baby Boomers ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
"I'm excited about this opportunity to discuss the power of integrated marketing in The New Normal, namely a virtual online world of unlimited options for communicating with a target audience," said Mason. "We follow Boomer trends, and Boomers have ...

" VIDEO: Maddow's 'GOP War on Voting' Update - And an Important Error in Her ...
Brad Blog (blog)
TODAY: Iran talk jacks gas prices, GOP cheers; VA Supremes deny climate denier witch hunt; Tornado season's 'New normal'; PLUS: BP settles w/ plaintiffs... Constitutional concerns overlooked in controversy over Limbaugh's attacks on female law student.

Can An Early Spring Confuse Nature's Clock?
Bees are buzzing, the squirrels are out, and if the climate change is running its course, is this sort of the new normal for us? What do you think? Our number, 1-800-989-8255, is here. Let's talk about what you're seeing that's happening in your ...

Guest Viewpoint: Health care 'reform' doesn't solve deep-seated problems
Ithaca Journal
One of the most telling symptoms of the "new normal" is that visits to physicians' offices have dropped a stunning 17 percent from the second quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2011, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report.

Signs Of Improvement Visible In Henryville 1 Week After Storms
WLKY Louisville
Things won't ever be the same, but they will find a new normal," said volunteer Billy Jean Phillips. The school board will hold a meeting at 5:30 pm Friday at the Safe Harbor Church on Murphy Road to answer community questions.

Pac-12: 2012 Pac-12 spring preview
ESPN (blog)
Big salaries are the new normal in the Pac-12 after the conference signed a $3 billion TV deal with ESPN and Fox. Karl Anderson/Icon SMI Washington State went from paying Paul Wulff a $600000 salary to paying new coach Mike Leach $2250000.

Hot sexy events: March 9-14
San Francisco Bay Guardian
... reproductive health, but in an era of our country's history when soaring unemployment rates look to be our new normal, every breath conservatives spend on their outdated ideas of sexuality takes them one vote away from ever taking the White House.

Canvas salon scene
The Press
The new normal in Christchurch is sitting in a tent, wine in hand, watching a fashion show. A crowd braved the autumn chill on Thursday night to take in winter collections at the Ellerslie International Flower Show. The Canterbury Runway Winter 2012 ...

Re-Thinking Your Nest Egg
AARP News (blog)
Unfortunately, smaller nest eggs are the new normal. And costs for all of us are going up. That's why it continues to be important for younger generations to start saving as much and as early as possible. Folks who are 50+ also need to amp up their ...

AARP News (blog)

Pearls of Wisdom (subscription)
"There's a new normal here that's been defined, and this is it. Eight-point-one, 8.3 percent unemployment, that's the new normal. That's why we're celebrating. The new normal has to be defined in such a way by the media so that it is not in any way ...

Annual Construction & Design Survey shows continued pickup in projects, with ...
... will continue to shrink, and where $250 million was once typical for hospital construction projects, he says that has decreased to $100 million and adds that this will likely fall further and that $50 million to $75 million will be the new normal.

More Young Single Moms In Bibb County Seeking Higher Education
41 NBC News
Single motherhood, once considered illegitimacy may be considered today's new normal. Child Trends finds more than half the number of births to women under 30 in the United States happen outside of marriage.

PA Heartland ARC Notes
Gant Daily
For the people of West Liberty, KY, including Martha Hall, finding a new normal will take many days. Adding to the already overwhelming circumstances many face, snow was predicted for much of the affected areas. Thanks to the American Red Cross, ...

Romney mocks pro-Obama film as 'infomercial'
8.3% is the new normal, eh? That is a net number and even includes the many Government jobs that were cut. Dennis, I see a graph, but I don't see anything to back up your analysis. kevin, because we lost jobs starting in Dec 2007--remember, ...

Mike Fleming Rants… And Is Really Lost
Movie City News
Now that the bubble burst, there is a new normal… but agents hate it. They want to know how they are going to get back to the bubble. And execs saw their studios get hurt. The slowest to respond to the shifting revenue picture got hurt the worst.

Lehigh Valley home prices plummet, pending sales soar
The Express Times -
The tempered outlook is widely described as the “new normal," meaning the boom of the mid-2000s has been replaced with more modest expectations. "In all, I believe the surge in pending sales is a positive sign that the Lehigh Valley is pulling out of ...

The Express Times -

Energy Recession Is Already Underway
Global Economic Intersection
Could it be the new normal economy is currently adjusting / re-balancing to changing energy inputs – and the degradation in the year-over-year growth is not a recession warning as the non-energy components appear relatively strong.

Global Economic Intersection

App of the Week: The Launch Centre app promises to save us time
The National
Fortunately, there's Launch Center (iPhone, iPad; Dh3.67), a smartphone short-cut app that promises to give us yet another speed advantage, at least until it, too, becomes the "new normal". Launch Center sells itself as a kind of "speed dial for ...

The National

Tax Preparers Threatened over Tax Refund Delays
Accounting Today
If the timeliness of tax refunds is going to fundamentally change as the 'new normal' of American taxation, the taxpaying public must be informed and educated. Changing citizen expectations and behaviors took 10 years to produce a conversion from paper ...

Repost: Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains Our Four ...
By sundancecracker
A period of national rebranding transition where people are so overwhelmed by the change they become numb and begin to accept a 'new normal'. This period of normalization lasts indefinitely as the progression is continually advanced and ...
The Last Refuge

Latest Borrower Trap? Trial Mod Offers With No Permanent Mod ...
By Yves Smith
Lisa says there are many she's seen or heard of like this, it may not be the new normal, but it has become common awfully fast. This example is useful because it allows you to see the old mod template (scroll back to see the amount of detail in ...
naked capitalism

Mainstream Media Distorts Obama's Economy, Even the Wealthy ...
By Vicki McClure Davidson
The Obama-adoring liberal media is hoping Americans will buy into what radio pundit Rush Limbaugh is calling “the new normal” of Pres. Obama's 8.3 percent unemployment, whereas they brutally assaulted Pres. George W. Bush's ...
Frugal Café Blog Zone

The Union News.: Obama's Labor Statistics Lie
By Harry Meanwell
Obama's Labor Statistics Lie. The New Normal sucks. Video: Posted by Harry Meanwell @ 9:00 AM Labels: Obama, unemployment · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home ...
The Union News.

New Normal News: Gay Marine kiss portrays a new normal in US
Leonard Pitts Jr: Gay Marine kiss portrays a new normal in US Detroit Free Press By Leonard Pitts Jr. A few days ago, a US Marine returned to the US after six ...

Slower Medicare spending growth—'the new normal'? - The ...
Although federal health care spending is a serious fiscal threat, two health care experts predict that recent Medicare spending slowdowns may foreshadow a ...

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