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The New Normal: Mobility, Collaboration, Cloud . . .

Meet the New Normal: Mobility, Collaboration, Cloud, Unified Communications
IT Business Edge (blog)
By date: It's difficult to know precisely when something passes from being a trend to being the normal and established way of doing things. While the moment is difficult to identify when it happens, it is relatively clear to see in retrospect.

Around Town: The new 'normal' will be just fraction of old, economist warns
Marietta Daily Journal
“I don't expect housing to be 'normal' again until we get back to those levels, so 2014 is probably the next target for normalcy, but even there, the 'new normal,' take the level of activity that you had and knock about a third off, and that will be ...

'Crisis mode' the new normal for battling mental health nurses
Melbounre Times Weekly
BY CHRIS HINGSTON MENTAL health workers are operating day-to-day in "crisis mode" with not enough resources to properly service the community, a union representing mental health clinicians claims. Health and Community Services Union state secretary ...

Donnelly Construction LEEDS the New Jersey region in sustainable construction ...
Business Review USA (press release)
Markets are changing rapidly, and companies unable to quickly adapt to the new normal soon find themselves left behind. For Donnelly Construction - a leading general contractor based in New Jersey - evolution is the name of the game, as the firm was ...

Solid Foundations of China's Mass-Market Developers
Wall Street Journal
By TOM ORLIK There's a new normal in China's property sector, and it favors mass-market developers over their luxury rivals. For two years, China's government has waged a war against real-estate speculators and the high-end developers that build for ...

Wall Street Journal

ABN Amro Ends Bullish US Stocks Bet After S&P 500 Rally
Bill Gross, who runs the world's biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., has used the term “new normal” to describe a world of below average economic growth. ABN Amro manages 164 billion euros ($217 billion) for clients.

American Idol's James Durbin Talks About Living With Tourette's — Exclusive
Durbin recently appeared in “Different Is The New Normal,” a documentary that takes a look at the syndrome through the lens of Tourette's Youth Ambassador, Ariel Small. In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Durbin talks about the ...

The Dashboard Beckons Them
Radio World
Los Angeles' New Normal Music is another Internet-only station that is eager to get into cars. The reason: “Radio, whether it be distributed through terrestrial or satellite means, is consumed in the car more than anywhere else in terms of one-on-one ...

The Canadian winter that never was
What no one can deny is that a pattern has been set: “Given the fact that we know our winters have clearly warmed up, I suppose that is the new normal,” says Phillips. That is to say, the winter of our youth—with snowbanks so high you could climb onto ...

Ridgewood Teachers Feel 'Lack of Respect'
Monday's message cloaked in a shield of maroon red "REA" shirts was the clearest message yet – there's certainly a sizable gap between both parties in the age of 'the new normal'. "There has been a dramatic change in our public school system," said ...

'Meth babies' more prone to behavioral problems
Omaha World-Herald
(LiveWellNebraska) The new normal: Young adults are more receptive to having children outside of marriage, but they still want their kids to have two parental figures. (The Atlantic) 24-hour gyms: Night owls, insomniacs, shift workers and other ...

How Will India's Gold Import Crackdown Affect the Market?
Wall Street Daily
In the short term, it's likely that gold demand will fall, as Indian consumers adjust to the “new normal.” Additionally, the new, broader annual budget will result in some adjustment to household spending. Over the longer-term, however, gold is deeply ...

High-Tech Hospitality - The 21st Century Green Concierge (press release)
The New Normal " for The 21st Century Concierge is " High-Tech Hospitality ". Becoming savvy about Green will become an integral part of a Concierge's capabilities and marketability. In this new Century, Green and Sustainability will increasingly ...

Take advantage of each part of the LSP ratio: Dhiraj Rajaram
Business Standard
A new normal has emerged post the 2008 crisis and the world has become increasingly complex with economic crises (currency, policy, etc.,) occurring more frequently. Organisations need to manage risk, comply with regulation, and develop new ...

Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Doomsday?
Seeking Alpha
We believe the "New Normal" concept was one of the best marketing jobs in history. We feel it caused institutional and individual investors to overload bonds and avoid stocks in the very normal bull market of the last three years.

A Major Shift Could Drive Stocks in Coming Years
Looking ahead, this should be "the new normal." Year-over-year profit margins are expected to fall slightly in the first three quarters of 2012 and rise only modestly in the fourth quarter. The clear takeaway: to boost profits, companies are ...

Kass: The Market Is Overvalued
Importantly, I depart from some of the (newly) converted bulls in that I do not expect that P/E multiples to reach their historical multiplier (of about 15x) experienced over the last five decades, as the new normal of slower and below-trend economic ...

Henryville students prepare for return to school at alternate locations
"We want to do that because these little kids need some kind of normal, so we're going to go with the new normal," Horton said. "That's how we're hoping it will work out." Now more than ever not just learning, but stability is needed in the world of ...

Culture is destiny
Lawrence Journal World
... this happens to them, they have no clue. I didn't either once upon a time. As for the change in what is acceptable language, whether or not anyone likes it, I expect it is just more of "the new normal", along with insufficient jobs and low wages.

If Israel bombs Iran: Forecasting the next 24 hours
The Week Magazine
Because a sustained, retaliatory onslaught would tax any missile defense system to the brink, it is hard to say if 90 percent is the new normal, or a best case. An additional Iron Dome battery will be deployed near Tel Aviv next month.

The Week Magazine

Commodity EDGE Day 1: How to Hedge, Use Advanced Sourcing Technologies and ...
... hedging options (natural, physical or financial hedging). And that brings us full circle. Themes weaving through the three sessions became apparent — one, namely, standing out above the rest: volatility, and, indeed, uncertainty, is the New Normal.

Commodity EDGE: Forecasting, Statistical Modeling and Building Internal ...
Spend Matters
As Omer remarked, this ongoing volatility is the new normality -- a fact we state in our event's tagline, "sourcing intelligence for the new normal." Have some of these commodities gone off the Commodity EDGE? Absolutely. But Omer's overall point was ...

How expensive will gas get?
Louisville Courier-Journal
Roger Boyd, a spokesman for the local AAA, said he expects the “new normal” for fuel prices in Louisville to be an average of at least $3.50 per gallon. At Thorntons last week, Wright Steenrod, a principal at Chrysalis Ventures, said he commutes 10 ...

Paying up your $10000
Belleville News Democrat
We can start the change by getting used to the idea of a new normal for the state's retirees and from the state's health plans. Our rules: Do not post anything that could be taken as threatening, harassing, obscene, libelous, sexist or racist.

Update: CPV Startup Energy Innovations' Assets Acquired in One Lot
Greentech Media (blog)
The new normal for solar startups and struggling public solar firms is investment from Asian and European strategic investors. (Rob Day recently weighed in on the topic.) Examples of the strategic investment from a corporate entity include Total's...

Greentech Media (blog)

Housing's purchasing power surge
Business Spectator
I would, therefore, characterise current credit growth rates as the 'new normal' as opposed to a harbinger of economic Armageddon. One word of warning. There is an important downside to the far higher housing debt-to-income ratio.

The New Normal | Making it Lovely
By Making it Lovely
Brandon has been home for nine weeks. That's nine weeks of adjusting to our new normal, or at least the normal for right now. It doesn't feel like it has been that long, but the days sort of blur together for me lately. Without the routine of my ...
Making it Lovely

CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST: Public Higher Education Gets Less ...
By Timothy Taylor
As the report states: "In the past decade these two recessions and the larger macro-economic challenges facing the United States have created what some are calling the “new normal” for state funding for public higher education and other ...

The new normal… polling across 2011 and into 2012 « The Cedar ...
By WorldbyStorm
The new normal… polling across 2011 and into 2012 March 20, 2012. Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left. trackback. Given that we've now reached the first anniversary of the new dispensation it's perhaps useful to briefly look ...
The Cedar Lounge Revolution

White House brings mop down on news agencies worldwide for ...
By Say It Ain't So
But, again, this is considered quite normal in the Obama new normal. Lastly, there is something rather troubling, even frightening, in the way that the full spectrum of media outlets could so quickly be brought to heel before the mighty Barack.
Quite Normal

Hedgecock: California Death Spiral
By Stephen Frank
“In California, high unemployment, higher taxes, permanent state deficits, soaring unfunded liabilities and suffocating regulation has become the “new normal.” Gov. Jerry Brown has an answer. He is proposing to raise taxes on the wealthy to ...
California Political News and Views

Essay: Rites of spring | Aquafornia
By Maven
But this year that something is a new realization: Change, especially with the weather, is the new normal. … “ Continue reading this essay at the Sacramento Bee by clicking here. March 20, 2012 · Filed Under Agriculture, Climate change ...

Welcome to Evolve the RIA Growth Blog | Trust Company of America
By acollatz
This information will help you to navigate the “new normal” of the industry which requires advisors to adapt to rising client expectations and greater competition. Hopefully, the blog will inspire you to take a fresh look at your firm and bring new ...
Trust Company of America

Holding One Thought « Swim Well and Live Well: The Blog of Total ...
By Terry Laughlin
I thought about little else but head position for three months, and didn't feel that a neutral head position had become my 'new normal' for six months. By then, I'd formed two invaluable new habits: (1) To swim with a neutral head position.
Swim For Life

Counterpoint Review: 'The Hunger Games' Is A Tired, Overlong ...
By Gabe Toro
Katniss' little sister Primrose does not question what seems to be The New Normal as far as gender roles. Into town comes the Hunger Games committee. Led by “Velvet Goldmine” outtake Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), they come to each of ...
The Playlist

Newsweek goes retro for Mad Men season premiere | Awards Daily
By Ryan Adams
This is the new normal! Ha! Exactly. Maybe it's because I'm 46. Is that why I'm feeling this? But people way younger than me do too, about the getting back to normal. We are suffering such deep national self-esteem problems, that we are ...
Awards Daily Leadership and the NEW Normal: workbook
Workbook to the "Leadership and the NEW Normal seminar hosted by RESULTS. com and delivered by John Spence on March 15, 2012 in Auckland, New ...

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